Good day met now the other day I send in this story. And can u believe the duty gal them still a tek the three fool them.
And all a f**k in a car outside a party.

Now u tell me met why them girl here so fool at least I didn’t get f***k in a car. I was f**k in a house. I guess them go to a next level. No man can’t f**k me in a car outside a no party.
Mi say fool me once but u can’t fool mi twice. These guys must be expose for the dog them are.
Yes them work but a gal give them things.
Special the bleach out face one. And him make me sick more. Thank God my eyes r open now. And what I come to notice no educated girl no want them cause u never see them with one yet. Just the dancehall b**h gal them. Who is a nobody.

Who a f**k rich one and a tek the money give them. The girls these guys hand out with ten man in a one party can say the girl can suck d**k good. I am so lucky my eyes r open r I would be one of those girls. But my friend is still one of those fool. Every party she at a run back them sound.

75 thoughts on “BOW WOW

  1. D 1 inna D middle think him could a f**k me him get trick.. I find out me friend give him a f**k and she never tell me. Him no stop text me and send him Hood come give me. All now me no look. Till him get D message block him rass..

  2. Whoring sender you so stupid….u sound like one of the ediot dancehall gyal dem…..I know these guys like my hand bk… bowing thing to them name…d man dem work n buy wey dem want….tru dem clean a woman a mind dem…..gyal ho bathe yah….u get f**k n duck…..take your 1 f**k n move along…..go cry to god n beg him a better pussy….is what u did want wifey position…..dancehall gyals just bear in mind these 3 man have dem first lady…so u only ago get f**k n no knowing

  3. All d 1 name candy from mudford road wey a run behind ruxie, n him Nuh want har,a lef har Pitney wey Nuh have Nuh a watch d man a nite time.gyal go sign up with heart n go get a skill..n leave d man alone….fi young gyal har skin tan bad n buss up buss up,bout unique, kmt uniquely wrong up,uno is something else dun that place

    1. Whosoever u be building 10 let me tell u something u think me careless fi run behind man get u facts str88 me n dat man lef 3 months ago so nuh mention me bloodclaat name pon dis suck cocky gal a 2yr n add me n him deh for n me knw fi a sure da bou deh did want me u soind hurt nuh bbc go look a bbc life sad gal bout my son weh nah nuh fada him nuh short a fada roll get bloodclaat dat in u head go pon candy unique n search me son clean a than u stinking rotten pussy dutty fuk out gal

    2. Big f**k out gal weh a mention me name unu sick me stomach bcuz me nt even knw some a unu but unu a call up me name bout run behind man unu knw when gal a run behind man a 2yr n add me n ruxie deh for n me knw fi a fact him did want me n me n him lef 3 months now sender u is jus a fukin hater bay false hate full up inna yuh u life miserable bcuz i dont knw who u be but yuh comment me name n bout son nah nuh fada him fatherless but but him nuh hungry him well taken care of big pussy gal suk cocky like dog

    3. Big f**k out gal weh a mention me name unu sick me stomach bcuz me nt even knw some a unu but unu a call up me name bout run behind man unu knw when gal a run behind man a 2yr n add me n ruxie deh for n me knw fi a fact him did want me n me n him lef 3 months now sender u is jus a fukin hater bay false hate full up inna yuh u life miserable bcuz i dont knw who u be but yuh comment me name n bout son nah nuh fada him fatherless but but him nuh hungry him well taken care of big pussy gal suk cocky like dog

  4. Senda this is ur cry for help so I hope the proper authorities reach out to u.Clearly these guys won’t as much as spit on u.

    You n ur car fren put together doan mek one full eediot.Unno go seek out Dear Pastor but go get help asap.

  5. Ediot sender gal, didn’t I tell you last week that you weren’t going to discourage any of the dancehall skettles dem from talking to them by labeling them as players or users. In 2016 if that isn’t attached to your name, your typical run of the mill Jamaican gal ain’t going to want you. Nuff girls in Jamaica phuck for hype and attention so as long as these scrubs have retarded bytches like you pestering MET and pink wall about them they will always have a groupie following. Unnu run down hype too much from man who can only buy out the bar if the bartender is accepting the lint in their pockets as payment. Go get a scissors and cut out yah front and glue in a new one with pattex ole duppy bat gal.

  6. Morning Met and Metters

    These are the type of men you should be ashamed to seh yuh F*ck….. all when dem put a gun Ina yuh mout mi woulda seh I don’t know them.’
    A pare fagg*t looking men lately,unuh fi have shame!

  7. Blingaz suck pussy like dogggggggggg bloodclaat idiot payneland gal weh a comment

    Yaa wah?? Sender soun like she get f**k n duck yes…but at d end a d day ..blingaz is exactly wat she is saying..all he does is try to get the women to be afraid of him (the ones him rate tho)

    Yes blingaz suck pussy nuff pussy to..blingaz is a freak long long time..n if a girl not freaky he isnt really interested in them what does that make him?????? A f**n freaaaaakkkkkkkk

    Him guddaz all start f**k batty yahnow n suck cocky dwfl

    To how him freaky fi a time i see him give a girl some bldclt beatn at nipples tuesday all because d gal dont want him cause me hear him wuda kill r wid beatin

  8. Lol me just look pon the picha and scroll right to the comments….suspicions confirmed, not again sendah duh me a beg you.

  9. Oh please you people need to stop why people so jealous and always try to bring down hard working people. Women or to be blame you girls run down man too much and when you get hurt you do things like this to draw people good name in the dirt. You see you girls desire what you all got. Cause I bet you don’t know the man them real name. Go post on them wall and tell them and stop hide and I can bet if the same man them see you today and start look at you again you would be up to it. Sorry ass people you all be. And you a talk about who send dick and all send in the picture and if sucking happen send in the proof too. Cause the biggest a stars right now suck pussy suck dick and is a freak in the bed room where it must be not in the street. You girls f**k the same type of men all the time and the men them know each other. Stop run down the man and leave the people them please. The man them don’t look at you don’t try to push up in them. And sender you say you never see them with anyone educated so why you go there I guess you not educated. I use to talk to blingas for about three months back and him can f**k good and him never suck my pussy yet and I bring it to him and I suck his dick that is why we break up he was that much of a freak for me. and him buy mi things and treat me good.

  10. Nasty candy….a u suck cocky ruxie, him Nuh stop piss n shit Inna Yuh mouth, stop gwane like u a goal…bout Google, like u nice, memba u n ur cuzzing breed fi d same man, dancehall couch, kind candy u is a No body,is a who fool u bout want,,1000dollar fi go a ray ray ground,a red bull n magnum a nite time dat a wen u a follow him up a night time a dance DAT a want. A you pay that bitch….tell the world d amount a belly u dash wey fi bout the belly wey u dash wey the other day using the cycotec, u almost dead a use home remedy, come here a gwane like u a somebody…ruxie Nuh stop fart pon you…..u cranny like stand pipe, is weh u Ansa fah, n wen me c u at that weekly event, I’m going to show u that u must have manner

    1. Big suck cocky gal anytime yuh ready me ago deh a big daddy monday later n weh yuh seh bout 1000 dolla f**k out ruxie cyah gimme thousand dolla bitch you is nothin but a hater stop use payneland name f**k out bcuz a must towile u cum frm u is nothing but a silent hoe like ruxie fuk u inna yuh mouth to n u vex… dats all unu do walk n hate gal weh look better than unu bout go ray ray a which part dat deh gal u lie eeh n bout dash weh belly yuh stink like yuh fi stop hide n show yuh self stop use fake name bcuz yuh bad

  11. I did the same thing took one glance and went straight to the comments… Well sender you seem to be visually hurt and men can be some dogs and do not care about a women’s female we all know that to be a fact but sweetie you must move on and just learn from your mistake and do better next time, no reason to continue to bullsh*t with sending these three fools in at all… Better judgment next time, sometimes we fall short because we want things to go well but just another bad apple to get to the good apple sweetie that’s all…

  12. Mean to say he was not much of a freak for me so I leave me. Need a freak and him was one. The only think that freaky about him I suck his dick and his not him ask me to do it. So youget that wrong about the ffreak part you just a hater. And Cardo is a nice guy so why post him up. I can see why they would post Ruxi cause him have about 10 freaky gal a run him down all Chin that keep her party back April f**k them and come back and talk a tower hill say she didn’t get her pussy suck and a that she was looking for.

  13. No sah mix up hot yah now!!!,candy do wah yah now!!!!!!….a cycotec, u use yah now!!!!!….me n ruxie a Fren n him Neva want u….so what u talking about….girl go find a even class n go n go rest Yuh pussy yah now!!!!!woeiiyow…candi get duck yahnow!!!!!

    1. a how unu likkle bit n sad suh yuh seh u n ruxie a fren n him neva want me poor soul unu hot fi me tho

  14. But wait fight you people about to go fight over duty Ruxie the one out of the three that look like money. I would tuck Cardo over him any day. Then Blindas but not Ruxie him skin look like Cick z too much and him f**k any thing that way on two feet. His dick too common. Well if u get a one f**k from blingas u lucky cause as bad as things is him don’t look at any and any type of girl. And him don’t want anybody more then for a month. If you go two months you pussy tight. Now cardo is the nice one but don’t think him that nice him just f**k you and tell u don’t show up yourself cause him get give woman. That him not dissing. So all in all you girls that run them down know all a that. So stop fight with yourself when you get use.

  15. Wait den Miss Annoy which Chin you a talk the same one that keep Blitz at pilly block plaza. So is not blingas she a f**k is Ruxie she look nice but a real waste gal that. Use a done out. Cardo is real the nicer one please snake under grass that. I don’t know Blingas as no gallis him run joke with the girl them yes but him always on his phone to notice anybody. Ruxie now is the wore the man bitch. Is him a bring down the crew. Every week him have a different bitch behind him. Him chat girl like wow but which selector don’t anyways.

  16. Dwl you girls are so crazy big up blingas always clean and fresh and the apartment clean to 2 years and counting

  17. Senda yuh stap pay yuh pawdna so how yuh fi get yuh draw… got to get your money up b lol…. yuh think Mi coulda gi nuh man my money an dem han no leff inna dem mumma an have nice trang parents an can go look wuk lol no sah… if a man naw pay fi di draws yuh affi pay fi di Laundry soap fi wash di draws oh.. No free touch

  18. Unu waah si when mi deh pon mi headtop wid mi foot Inna d air n mi man pon top woooooeeeeiiiii!!! a weakkkkk big up my nice clean man yep yep Kevin aka blingas,n yes mi know him real name all him address too… well sender is not every woman is lady like if u is a dog that’s how u gonna be treated, weh freak a guh?!nooooo not my man Kevin he’s a f**r cause him can f**k,sender u stated that if u not a freak he doesn’t look at u.suh how u get f**k n duck then if u is not a freak like d rest?! sender shut d f**k up n go look a life I can bet u and win u that these three men u put up for the second time r very ambitious n independent n have their heads on their body.u need to tek ur foolish ass head out other pplz ass n think for once that u look stupid sending in these guys trying to bash them d Shame is on u contrarying likkle bitch attention u looking?!this only let u look stupid,insecure,paranoid, obsessive, and a f**ng nitwit I pity u.all men r dogs but sender talk weh guh suh don’t lie to look good cause I can honestly tell that a want u want piece a one them lol…

  19. Anonymous two years and counting you and blingas a talk for I am the same two years and counting and with a belly now. But I am leaving Ii can’t put up with this too much for me. Thank God I am going overseas so he would have nothing to do with my child. Ruxie is a man pleaser too love people things

  20. Kevin Dennis yo need to look in your self your a big man cause it look like yo going around sexing everyone without condom be careful anyway girl do what you of to do cause am out also

  21. no sah Kevin me Neva knw u ave bby mada nw a who she n aweh she come frm oh me nuh knw bout that lawddddd!!!it get serious nw some anun weh a tlk bout unu knw address u tink the 26 pon the door a di adress

  22. Well news flash any one can know is name cause that is what he has up on his IG and FB page Kevin but what about his last name. Yea u know him address what the name of the road bitches. You three that a put up say u and Kevin aka Blingas a deal or f**g fool and a lie on years say you know him but what that mean to him. Did he give you all wife roll NO but u run come and a comment behind false name if you a wife state your name in full and your man name in full. Mines is Samanatha Dawkins. Was with Kevin but not any more. So come on now people come claim your man. Real name if you think you good like that.

  23. Your name fool call your name if you good like that or just shut the f**k up. You can’t give your name that means you and one a them that him hide. I know cause we use to chat you all sorry ass together every we break up. And Kevin will always belong to his babymother so you all r just space keepers for now. If you can’t give your name that means he see you as nothing. And go learn how to spell Miss. And you that a talk say him dem on top a you. How you find time to text on pink wall. Smh. U all r just fool to the thing. If some a you call him now u get his voice note. Just to show you him don’t want to hear from you all. You girl that have belly why you a run way with the man child he can take care of his kids. Don’t let these bitch turn you off. Kevin don’t want them. State names no hiding thing. And if you can’t state names Kevin don’t want you. If no matter how you fool your self.

  24. Dwfl some a unu come on this thing ere a write one baggage f**ry unu can hardly spell to help unu self n unu come on ere a cuss over man what about a school?!what about a job?!it nuh look goood “MET”need fi block some a unu comments them man a failer never u brag about a lizard cause hes definitely gonna change his skin put god first n live some a unu goodly have children n bet unu never one day guh a unu pickney them school yet guh have a one n one wid ur children teachers but unu a chat shit bout man n everybody have d same story d man a user…so y r u ere then?!!!mi si bigger fire burn on ere n it out this too shall pass ladies wise up n get ur facts n life together ok.

  25. Nt even ago follow up unu trashy bitches cuz all I can hear is u used be wit blingas so y u all up in it if u used thank god u get out bf him di freak u out n fi the rest anun seh unu n him deh enjoy it while it last big up to me man Kevin dem nuh understand n get wit jokes dem u mean the world to me nuh boy unu caah break him cuz a Neva unu build him n nuff mre ago get f**k dispute all s wen unu a post unu weh a post cudda get f**k again to Kevin bbz keep dem pending it nuh get nuh betta than this u thing up famous boy u r

  26. D man them this n d man them that unu Lowe d man them unu fling up unu pussy pon d man them n f**k it did they tell u any strings attach?!u chicken heads need to just know sey some man fi get a one f**k n move on one f**k that nuh mean sey Yuh dead ants follow fat n my mother always say any hand join by god no man r gal pull if these men were all u ppl own none would be on here cussing look into it unu sound stupid mek d man them live mi nah bash them n some a unu a bed f**, car f**k,apartment f**k, real name f**k, real address f**k,liad chro pussyclaat unu upset mi a simply one two fi a man talk him real name n if unu guh them yard as unu sey is another simply one two three fi get d address unu would be a fool to not know these things wise up young ppl it nuh look n sound good

  27. Poor kevin its all about u mi brother but mi know a bare lie lol wi close wi grow wi a come from too far if bby did Inna d pitcha I would be d first to know differently from ur dad cause u love ur dad u guys share everything them women ere tho smdh unu need fi stop speak deceitful things up on d youths them wid unu lying tongues boyyyy more time mi a fi just kick back n laugh still enuh kevin is a plain youth a one two fi him tell unu those simply things about himself like his real name he’s real like that all address from Yuh once a guh one man yard Yuh a fi pay attention to Yuh surrounding a serious time now mi brother kevin big up Yuh damn self ya galise from ya youth mi brother a better Yuh f**k bay gal than man f**k weh d f**r them a fi sey if u never a duh supm good they wouldn’t be talking bout u n Yuh team dweet youths a unu response fi d streets love unu bad

  28. bitch u state u full name n used to be wit him so weh u a seh u shuda still ina the picture f**g fool n wen u a talk bout spell look again cuz it looks like a somebody a read if u miss darkness that me a call u

  29. U state u name n him still nuh want u so a who a fool bitch me nuh need fi state me full name him knw exactly who is unruly bitch

  30. N if there’s a letter is missed spell like my pervious message where I said wat else n the y at the end of it if u can read u will knw wat that word is so miss darkness come again n me can understand u a talk all these things like space keepers u were jus one of all these things so y u come ere a gwan like u di make wit him n him love n want u all nw get a hold of uself u look fool drakness

  31. Miss A mi brother I found out I am pregnant just Sunday gone didn’t tell him yet but when I see all of this is better I take my self out and my child. Special like how I am going overseas I was think on coming back for him but not going to. And you Miss Unruly keep on fooling yourself

  32. Unless u live overseas that is Kevin next girl so please you can’t call you name cause if you do you know you will get shame. So u just a prove it more Miss unruly say u is nothing but a sorry ass gal. Get lose fool Kevin don’t know you. We here laughing at your comments

  33. Ahhhh u coming like the rest a dem weh a rite the lie dem bout u ere laughing u sad bad n confusing u stated early that u used to be wit him so oh u there laughing nw try again bitch n plz make urself clearly for me plz Sammy n FYI that’s the name of my dog

    1. Big up all of kevin overseas woman dem. But mi haffi big up the one up from the great white north aka CANADA. Mi give har maximum ratings all you unruly talking is one bag a lies pon top a lies. If you and him deh like that n stuff why you not out with him n going places or driving his car??? What kind of wife or gf you be then. Why you don’t go to side chick tonight n own him up n hold on pon him inna public?? Or guh magnum Wednesday n leave with him? ? You knowing his name n address don’t make you a wife or gf jus know that! !! Why you can’t state you name like Samantha? Come a side chick tonight n prove u deh wid him or magnum Wednesday or anywhere his sound a play since you a so call wife.


  35. These comments are something else I swear. Big up kevin n his overseas girl them.. but most of all I gotta big up his girl from the great white north aka CANADA bitches uno better recognized all the girl weh a say dem a breed god guh wid you n unruly u need help. Unruly you talk the talk but he ain’t making the walk with you. If uno still deh how you not going places with him or being seen with him. You not going to events his sound play at. I’m sure you know them a play at side chick tonight and magnum Wednesday tomorrow so come show who you are nuh. Knowing name n address don’t make u a wife or gf!!! You guys need to come off him name man.

  36. unruly is the one that send in the man them in the first place and then a run come and a comment a bag a things how many times Kevin tell him dont want you. you people need to stop. Kevin high but him dont have all these girl that you guys a put on him. please come on you r so sad to a go so far. what you trying for the girl him talking to now to leave him. please she not even a read the comment them.

    Ruxie a look to go USA so him always a put up this big woman that him call his wife so is not one of you all.

    Cardo woman dem overseas to and him no mix with any and any one that is why him name no call.

  37. U miss recognized u a talk bout own up all wen unu come frm foreign him still nuh left me out cuz y unu a Instagramn fb pussy that’s all unu do search fi man on social network so wen unu come n get unu f**k unu get a one par u knw oh was bf u n still gone be after u so shut the f**k up so get that n mek me tell u this me nuh falla up fantasy every weh it go bt wen I do him acknowgled me u Sammy doggie a that u deh deh fah u a dear pastor rite nw u cash seh ntng to hurt me a sorry fa u a look and wen u seh tek him weh come again fake bitch look oh u fool u a seh fi call u me knw u frm nuh weh ediot gyal. Much less fi ave #fi call u a attention u a look bt me nave nuh fi gi u

  38. Dem seh who knw betta do betta so that’s what I’m gonna do one ting unu caah change my engery bye

  39. All who a fight and a fight send on a next post with you and Kevin in it and it have to show say you guys in a one relationship. So we can know for sure who is the big fool or a just hide you can just hide and talk say you and Kevin in things. Cause unruly I know who u r and sorry to say you or not one girl u r not one. By the way show have hands who talk to Kevin today me me me me me Who see Kevin today me me me me me who rub is head and feet down today me me me me me me dwl dwl dwl lol lol all you haters can die now.

  40. Me naah lie everbady jus a falla me up me a hitlist n u wanna be mrs.dennis show u title fi u name gweh rug rat

  41. Show your name and state who you been Unruly all day you a comment so that means you no work. I am on leave now and a enjoy my time with my man fool. Tyesha Green – Dennis aka Sexy Ty is my name nice to meet you what is your name Miss unruly. And I notice you talking a bag of shit but cannot state you name and your claim. What cause you know Kevin don’t want you so if you state your name you know u would get a beat down fool. You is a nobody and again you is a nobody.

  42. Lol who is on Kevin IG pic a post up dwl dwl dwl the man put him claim. Don’t know them. Could be is family too but you all who a fight over him should know Unruly a wonder if your pic up there l. Girl go look before you dead. If we don’t hear back from you we know why.

  43. Unruly u dead girl you didn’t see your pic poor thing poor thing OMG she gone and never to return or u don’t have him on IG.

  44. bitch me n Kevin knw who me be n I’m a hairdresser for ur info n I get quality time wit Kevin so miss wanna be Dennis go suck u mada

  45. nuff aunu glad fi this cuz all u a weh u come frm Mrs.Dennis u a man n woman 1ina cuz a weh u get that name frm the 3 years we deh together him Neva mention nuh wife n if u was wife u wuda name miss Dennis nt Mrs.Dennis n the only woman weh ave Dennis to r name a him daughter so f**k u Kevin is nt gay Mrs.dennis

  46. wooiiee u nuh see seh u Mrs.Dennis a ediot cuz talk bout claim me ina claim u talk bout family dem if u so deep wit Kevin u wuda knw who a family n nuh family nuh up deh so girl so me nuh need fi argue no MRE so bye sorry ass bitches

  47. No one have nothing to say now Roll calll
    Mrs Dennis
    Who say them have belly
    Who say them a two years
    Who say them a three years
    Do you know the two girls him post on him IG who them a him family or a him overseas girl them or is one a you fool that a comment. Come state you claim you all r so quite.

  48. So unruly a which one a you cause one girl up there look good and mi not hiding that. The one in the dress look bleach out. Look like she and Ruxie in a completion. The next one look good yes pretty face but look too fake and look like she just come out a high school. Kevin that no too young. The one in the picture with him don’t know if a his girl or a friend or his sister. And unruly is not Mrs Dennis say a wonder if a family is me. You get it mix up girl. Unruly it look like you don’t have his IG account cause which girl would sit comfortable with them man a post up other woman.

  49. Miss unruly you still can’t state your name. In all and all say you still can’t state your name girl. So stop u didn’t get pick. Go comment on your pic of one a them a you girl. And reading through all the comment someone say a you and in the three men cause you jealous how comes you don’t say anything about that girl so is true you send them in on pink wall shame on you girl. A bet you didn’t know about all the other girls. The girl them who pic up come claim your man please.

  50. OMG this makes my day one man good so. Anyways I went on the IG page and I saw the post. Him no put no comment on them so why you all think and him woman. No desrescept but I will agree with DWL is one a them look good. And is the one in the white pants but she don’t look like someone that would talk to blingas. Her face pretty yes but her belly big in that top.The girl in the dress please baby girl word to the wise stop bleach it no look good. The girl in the picture with him must be family or some good friend then again she could be the one who a take care of him. Cause him always clean and up. I will tell you all this ladies run and run fast from this man. If no mean you all no good. Man like this should grow old alone. And one thing I notice all the pic a party picture so them must be the dancehall use bag them. No work no education no nothing.

  51. Now on to Ruixe why u a do yourself so my youth cool down with the bleaching it look like a you more fit the bleach out one that Blingas post. Your dick use drop off stop f**k down town hill good God man. Is what them see on you. You get still with the music not lieing any were CD Fantasy a play I want to go that party cause mi sure to enjoy myself. But don’t let the hype get to you head youth.

    Cardo Cardo Cardo you are my baby so sweat boy I would f**k you over blingas and Ruxie any day. But I hear that you a snake under grass. You f**k girl and no knowings them no get not even for a min. Don’t know if a true but we just here taking.

    Unruly you dead for real cause you can’t state your name or claim your man on IG.

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