Met my granny always say badmind worst than obeah. After five long years in this power couple relationship people still a watch and a badmind the people dem. Mi hear seh from eversince a Serina a mind her man Mula but met let i tell the media this im a close friend of both so i can tell the story. Mula is a hard working man even a street nigga and go-getter with only one child in Jamaica Serena on the other hand has no child plus she makes money so both come together make it really work. Thats the type of couple anyone could dream of trust me. So when people talking about who a mind who is just badmind straight why them neva talk about the BENZ truck that Mula get her for her birthday how dem neva si dat! A di woman man dem want but mi and di world know that impossible. Dem fi leave the people dem relationship and go mind dem own business. Badmind f** dem. Di gal man hot and a dat dem noh like and di gal want har man look good l8kewise Mula go the extra mile fi him woman and if him a f**k a bi**h out deh a unuh a d8 whore because no gal cant match up to serena. Weh dem know bout the man? Some a dem big p**y gal yah fi leave the people dem good good relationship and go dead because dem nah lef



  1. yuh eva read something nd guh back tuh a certain line a weh yuh read nd seh really…well ppl dis smaddy seh talk bout de end truck suh unno task cuz mi nuh get dis ….outsiders ago always talk whether good,bad or indifference

  2. Mula remind me of Aidonia anyways deh Serena sorry we miss the excitement when him buy yuh Benz truck thanks for bringing that to our attention and yes you look good but there will always be someone than can look better and go harder than you both Unu gwaan more power to you too though

  3. Ok sender lol …u wanted people to know about the truck people people Serena got a Benz truck for her, birthday congrats girl @mula u pants tight no rasss :kacau: :kacau:

  4. Ah dat mi ah seh KC, dis sound like Serina send this in HERSELF!!!

    But trust mi, dem man yah business bout love? or loyalty & who did deh deh fi years ah struggle wid dem? or bout who ah di better looking woman? or bout which woman have the better education or job???

    Nuff ah dem man yah, when dem ah pick up did likkle skirmage dem it’s USUALLY A DOWNGRADE from dem woman ah dem yaad! But dem nuh care!

    All when dem woman/wife is independent, dem will gwaan like dem like it but deep down, nuff ah dem LOVE when ah woman dependent pon dem!!! Dem feel NEEDED more dan when ah woman independent & dem know seh she nuh haffi put up with dem sh!t cuz she can do bad by herself & do it on her own! Dem waan di dependent one weh will tek dem bullsh!t because DEM HAVE TO in order fi live!

    As the sender claim seh dis Serina don’t have no kids, so that’s why she have her money, who’s to tell if maybe she CAN’T have kids (not to talk bad about her or about infertility) but you will FRIGHTEN fi see him leff her fi one idiot gyal JUST BECAUSE she breed fi him!

    So no woman should EVER GET COMFORTABLE & seh well dat woman don’t look like me or have whe mi have so him nah leff, cuz NUFF GOOD WOMAN GET LEFT & PHUKK PON EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

  5. Who are these people? A first me a see them. When I read the title I thought it was paparazzi princess and da pink panther prince J.

  6. Mula ave a very good job an serena is a well known stylist in mount vernon with her loyal customers.they been together for awhile.but bun nuh partial to noooooo woman..all the best wid unno relationship…

  7. fuss me a see them, bout bad mind. No one knows you silly woman. So it sound like u a tell the side piece them say u a di wife, or u a try convince u fren and fambily say a nuh u a mine the man. Him looks very cruffish tho, like u cant take him to certain places cause him wont know how to behave. If u love u man and u man love u u shouldnt have anything to prove. So u need fi look into yuh self and try find out why u feel insecure inna yuh relationship.

  8. This gal name browning met. She is the biggest liar. A must she send in her own post because she is an attention seeker.walk and tell lie bout she born a,england. She loves mind man fi through she use to mind fret the man wey call himself Mr nice. A love she love are ugly dress and want people fi si it. She a one so call hairdresser she use to work into Tina Jetset shop.this boy she with looks like a fagot. Fi him clothes tighter than hers.lied browning nobody don’t care how long you with this man .get lost

  9. This gal name browning met. She is the biggest liar. A must she send in her own post because she is an attention seeker.walk and tell lie bout she born a,england. She loves mind man fi through she use to mind fret the man wey call himself Mr nice. A love she love are ugly dress and want people fi si it. She a one so call hairdresser she use to work into Tina Jetset shop.this boy she with looks like a fagot. Fi him clothes tighter than hers.lied browning nobody don’t care how long you with this man .get lost .browning stop lie a you trust the old Benz truck bout man buy it for not stop walk and tell like fi big woman.

  10. Yo Serena telk di ppl dem how yu dash weh yu first belly and can’t breed again …smh tell u bout unu gyal …tell dem how dat a haunt yu fi years now nuh ..Mek mi go mind mi business ya

  11. @ anonymous 2:59….. a boarder is someone who is renting a room…..a border is a line of separation between two things or the final edge of a single entity……as for the power couple……arrrm……the girl looks nice enough and mi woulda gi her couple beatin still……hard beatin at dat……….. but mi not so sure how power couple it is when di man is wearing capri pants….im just saying……

  12. @kiss mi teet

    I tawt it apple too..
    I’ve been reading this wall fi a while n NEVER saw these people..

    @ Met
    What ever happened to Bellybang, Luvtrace, Danhai, and a # a di other bloggers? Is like dem just vanish.

  13. @anonymous 5:13pm, what were you trying to do, correct @anonymous 2:59? Well you didn’t correct her, you just gave somewhat of a definition. She was correct she just happen to spell “boarderline” incorrect “borderline”. So if you are correcting her follow through and let her know its “borderline personality”.

  14. How people business drop in tho! Kmt boy badmind get the best of dem gwaan press gass mula u a di general.

  15. Serena dem always going to hate you for your colour ur money and ur handsome man. Take care of him yes if u love him. Dont meck dem stress u happy life.and mula gwaan love u woman same way dont leave her a inch a want dem want u and dont want to see u guys together.

  16. Serena is one of the prettest girl trust me dem aggo badmind i mi gal dont let dem break u down read a psalm a day and keep the devil away and stay with your handsome sexy man. Stay and beat di dutty heart people dem bec i dont see where u trouble anybody this is clear badmind.

  17. Serena Dem a talk bout old benz truck when u driving one of the latest benz the pussy weh meck da talk deh a straight badmind. Mi bomboclaat how people tan soh!

      1. __________________________________________________:tkp

        yuh mi feel a she deh yah a kill up har self cuz as the sun a dip a mek way fi de moon no1 knows dese damn brand new sed tuh last hand couple a swear :ngakak

  18. *Sender Attention*
    You forgot the mention that Sarena also works for the FEDS….u forgot to mention that about your friend…Remember she send her ex man in prison?….Remember immigration hold on to her and she been working for them????girl u better know who Sarena is…Wink wink


  20. Serena PRETTY WHERE ??? SERENA UGLY NO BLOODCLAT AND HER BODY STAY VERY BAD !!!!!! Pretty where ????? Serena ah u send dis innnnn but mi deh ya fi buss d secret cuz u a fck JAY from chillz and this is a fact !!!!!! Bout u deh wid man fi how long talk bout d bun Weh ya give him to my girl …..


  21. Dutty wicked gal Serena! Tell the people dem how yu send yu ex man sperm from mobay guh a prison yu dutty bitch. Yu walk and f**k down the whole a Bronx… Remember you send fi the boy name Shawn from Jamaica and him walk and tell Marie them how yu pussy stink that’s why him don’t want yu! Dash weh belly Serena tell yu man say a back way yu womb turn back way! Wicked gal stop send in story bout you and man deh fi five years must in your dreams! Wait till sperm hold yu. Serena that walk with her pussy on her forehead.. You do belly,batty and breast and you still don’t look good!

  22. Mi nah lie dis a straight badmind First dem always say serena noh have no papers and get deport now she have her green card and fly to jamaica twice now is a total different topic yo badmind gal u worrying about someone who set in life already

    1. Browning when and where did you get green card?? Browning mula alone guh Jamaica! Facts mula can’t give you green card because him just get fi own! Browning yu fi stop tell lie you need God! Green card deh pon yu mind and a it yu cah get!

  23. Nasty Serena yu pussy is like a revolving door from Bronx to mount Vernon and the whole a New York,who nuh f**k you a who don’t want you! Mula you will make man f**k yu,because yu licky licky fi clothes and shoes you leave your nice clean decent wife! Serena we all know you like to mind man! Remember say a you send fi Shawn and him dis you up with everyone chat you with the people dem from up a Kirk shop tell everybody how yu ole a rotten on yu smell! Nasty Serena when and where you and mula deh fi five years?? Dirty girl nuh man nuh want you,a pure buy yu buy f**k. Tell mula the amount of man you a f**k different from him! Batty man mula when you walk with browning a nuff man a laugh off you! Browning just remember sey your name nuh in a the good book! Bitch nuff a yu costumer them chat how yu smell and a because them cah do nuh better!

  24. Hom mi not hearing nothing about mula obviously mula a good man mut the gyal been f**g. Mula serena a old whore jay from chillz f**k her plus few more man i know in the bronx. As for the sender who said she didnt know serena have a man. Yes she have a man they always together and dem in a relationship for years but that cant stop a dog from f**k. When her man deh jamaica jay f**k it out but she fraid to leave mula because she seh mula will mash her up

    1. @linky thank yu! A nuh jay a lone a f** the ole dog shit,shi a f*** stretch wha own the car wash an a few other man! Mula yu nuh know the woman wha yu deh wid! Browning yu a man tea bag. The time yu a fix yu body yu need fi turn round yu womb wha turn back way to see if God will bless you with a child! Browning Marie dem hate yu because yu know yu nasty f** out suck hood fren sheen did a f** Marie man,and everyday yu a laugh in a the woman face! Browning yu need a new pussy!

  25. Pink wall were made for badmind people to hide and spill their gutz. Iy was made for cowards who cant stand up in their enemy face and tell them whats on their mind. Badmind people glad fi pink wall

  26. MET I swear I love your clapbacks… I’m just here for the comments. I just told my husband you keep me updated on everything. Even though him just tell me I’m nuff inna ppl business and don’t know them. woiiiiiii. A because me inna house and just work and take care of my daughter, your tea ever a sweet me. Nah haffi leave my yard fi fast lol

    1. Imagine mi wake up fi see over 20 comments in this post..One person with 20 different name, all night and the person have di nerve bout badmine

  27. Dem people yah glad fi di chance to shell. Mula let the keep talking seh serena a mind u all the better fi u mi and u know what is what already. U a general youth. Dem fi do do dem research and find out who is Mula. A man a mind some a dem and a woman a mind u so who a di faggot kmt. So i want to know if a serena buy u bike buy u car and house plus a mind u family so weh ur dutty money deh kmt. Badmind people fi dead straight longtime u and u woman deh and from unuh deh mi a hear negative and unuh still noh left so wah dem a try now noh cut it. Keep wipping di pussy dem a nuff a dem want suck u dick now u tig up u f**k

  28. Nuff a dem when dem go out with dem man the man fava old mango seed and tan bad noh rass some time when u go on the picture sight u afto wonder y dem noh take no pic wid the man but a hide dem affi hide dem man bec the man noh have it worst the woman noh have it to buy good clothes put dem man inna worst dem noh look like mula noh day. If u notice a serena dem a attack bec dem want fi distract mula fi goh suck him dick because dem hear wah a gwaan and di man sexy noh f**k. Mula a face boy and thats why serend highlite him and pose wid him bec him name noh dutty bout yah and a educated youth too, for the bitch who said him look crufish how can u look at a man who in straight versace and said him look crufish go flush u stinking dutty mouth yah gai.

  29. mi want fi know why dem seh serena a mind mula that mean serena rich den because mula have a fairly new car a brand new bike serena have her house a ja likewise mula plus serena have a new benz truck plus she pay all three insurance pay the rent light bill cable bill plus take care of all family member. Wow serena u rich u f**k mi need u in my like lol. Badmind people will always have things to say when dem see progress

  30. Boy it look like serena and mula out fi put dem in ER room a mount vernon health centre she a beat dem bad trust me i can feel the agression in the few weh talk bad bout dem lol keep wipping the pussy dem meck dem talk up di tings. Dem only a turn u into star as if u goin to cry and feel sad kmt. Mula gwaan do u ting mi neva know seh a dem good work deh u a doo a money ting dat man gi mi some a di work noh!

  31. Serena where yu get house a Jamaica?? When sperm dash out yu things dem! How you and mula fi deh fi five years when yu call Feds pon sperm and send the man go prison!

  32. Met make me tell you bout this wicked mix up gal! A mobay mi come from use to live a England this gal can’t keep one man, she f**k out the whole England and mix up the people dem and run weh wid a boy name Shawn! Get stuck a Jamaica,mi hear shi deh a NYC still a walk and mix up people and still take every little boy shi think cute! Serena we all know a you like to mind man!

  33. Anonymous 56. Yes man around that time dem deh fi true if anno five about four i know it for a fact and i dont know bout she and sperm situation but she do build up her house on ochi for her dad and remember mula a ex-police sergeant a him use to gwaan wid a bag a tings a town and run weh so him ting kinda up longtime mi nah pick up fi him but a old kc bright boy and him. build up a big house over portmore fi real man. As mi seh the fire can out off him because mi know him background anno idiot stil.

  34. @met I been told you that is serena aka browning send in her own story seeking attention. Nobody even a look pon her. Serena yuh send it yuh own story to pink wall then yuh tan a yuh yard a beat up yuh keyboard and a change up yuh name a Meck all kind of comments fi big up yuh irrelevant self. You just lie and always act like you rich. You nor mulla don’t own no house in America Nor jamaica .serena stop tell lie you don’t have no green card and you have been to Jamaica in years and yuh nuh born a england and a trust yuh trust the played out Benz wey yuh have. Serena you really crazy. Nobody likes you are even thinks about you and mulla. @met a through serena si pink wall Meck so much people famous like, robbas, apple , kerryann, and few more she run come a look fame serena try again fi the winter a summer now with want to read and watch top topics.

  35. As mi seh serena do get her green card and her new york state drivers licence she went to ja twice check her IG and facebook page and i see. Im sure u jamaican so u can tell the background is not USA. Im nust speaking the truth even tho we not like that. And the last time mula go ja mi hear is a piece a land him go buy so dem a do dem ting yah nobody cares about her past tho bec nobody anno virgin mula f**k down the whole a jamaica too before him come yah plus america

  36. Serena you are a sick demented psychopath. You need help attention seeking whore! You live in a delusional world! I guess you get the attention you seeking. You talking about pink wall a fi haters,if you know pink wall a fi haters,why you send in your story? Serena we know you don’t have any green card!!

  37. Ok. Serna u unda a bag name a big up uself.stop it u know Dat mula don’t have no money. Di likkle $15 a hour at the county chair can barely do nutn. We know u mind di man.u mekdat 1 frock get to u n now di,ppl dem a read u file.body nuh look bad,but chill. Dis nuh fit u. Gwaan stay in a u hair line cause Mula soon done u again. Him Nah left doh. Cause him love di nice things dem,n u spoil him. Mula nuh have dry shit. We know a u run things big muma. Tina jet set teach u how do mine man n u learn good. Mula nuh buy nuh benz. No bother wid it. Ur money spend . Big up pin Dat,u treat uself. Stop give di licky licky boy credit.

  38. Dis get really boring now. Can these haters say something else. This mind man ting get played out now mula been hearing this from years now so it’s nothing new vex dem vex because the general look better Dan dem man because if dem did have it dem would buy dem man good clothes to wear and smell good. Tums up Serena any man would want a woman like you God know it’s a man’s dream to find a woman who can take care of dem trust MI so no listen badmind talk u man a ambitious you longtime and him tan really good dat dem a hate fah and u a keep him too Atleast u just want know him a work and nah put him self in a trouble and do him little 9-5 job weather a 15 a hour or what bec a natty nuf a dem a f**k fi tings and ur man straight and clean. MI know mula ting already so all the better when dem say a u a mind him it better fi him. Dem can’t tech fi si him that’s y dem a hate. Dem just fi come off the dawg back because a ghetto youth dem so when dem si him clean dem fi stop badmind did ting because all a WI a sufferers And MI know if him know a who a meck dem talk yah a problem. But mula keep kill do one draws people dem

  39. Yes laset all MI a hear a people who concern about the people dem relationship. A what if the woman a take care of her man now fi har cockey,not fi har man MI sure know mula anno cruf and him noh bruck either and MI sure know him must a do something in she relationship too so weh him do wid fi him money because the last time MI check mula tell MI his bills alone is over how much thousand a month so MI want fi know if a Serena a pay him bills too. That would be something different but u can’t kill a woman if she want her man look nice. Probably dem want dem left fi dem take up Serena and another ting any woman would like a man who get up and go to work everyday because fast money nah cut it inna foreign yah people want dem man fi get old wide dem no jail or grave ordeportation.a just some bad mind talk a meck. Unuh know how much man mula help bout yah how much man the dawg meck eat and have a job? Dem man deh a good youth trust MI but people just bad mind the general because him come show up the little hungry no clothes boy dem bout yah and deh with a good woman who know to take care of a man.if Serena go deh with another man is the same story if mula go deh wid a woman who love him is the same story. When black man a rise dem see either batty dem a f**k or a Pussy dem a suck or a drugs dem a sell. People start think bout Unuh self because dem two defiantly not hungry because dem both have a job and can do whatever dem want to do. Just saying u guys just badmind and grudgefull. U noh did man and him woman happy so dis nah go no we kmt

  40. Ok after reading all these comments i finally came to a conclusion. Hear what setena stop mind mula and let the people dem sleep in peace ok dem noh like fi si hem just tell him fi wear some dirty clothes and start beg ok and then they will come off ur back or lef him then meck him dead fi hungry. What else can i advice you lol smh

  41. Is longtime i dont see almost 70 comments on pinkwall a must reall power couple of wall street this lol not even celebrity noh create such a impact watching to see if these two going to break up after this

  42. Mi nah lie if a did mi like mula mi lef da dutty gal deh because a u cause all of this u mix up u own man so who u wouldnt mix up.a u walk and talk dem tings yah bout the man bout a u a do dis and dat fi him when really and truly di man did good before u know him. When u and di man war u carry di man business inna di road and gi enemy tings fi seh. U neva know a who deh round u is ur enemy u can tan deh because all a dem personal comment yah is u same fren dem. F**ka yuh dutty moit poison mouth gal u deserva a box inna u face if a did mi like mula. Even chillz talk mi remember when mula a warn u bout out deh but because u a big muma and noh rate di man u still itch up out deh and meck di man look like a clown now u kname a call pon man out de. Sometime mi wonder weh di man a wait pon fi dash u weh bec di dawg noh need dem excitement yah inna him life. Dawg need fi focus pon him ting and low u out bec u meck di man look like punk every day bec a weh u gi people fi chat seh because nobody neva know di man from adams until u come f**k up the youth life wid u sad history. Up to now mi noh hear bout him and no gal but a ur name a call pon man this no look good fi di man trust mi. Stop talk bout u a mind di man and stop meck people feel like di man anno no wast man bout yah u know from when mi know dem man deh before u even half fi exist. F*k u a f*k di dawg character trust mi

    1. Mula mi glad you a talk how you really feel!!! Is the worst gal yu pick up,this bitch nuh have no pussy principle! A Sperm fi tell uno bout her gal nasty and f**k like dog! Mula wi know yu did good before you meet this jezebel a woman like this the bible tell yu bout my youth! Mula we all know you’re a hard working youth,but because you love likes and you licky licky a this yu get!! Power couple my ass browning remember a you same one talk in a the shop say mula hood likkle bit and him cah f**k,but him suck yu pussy good!! When mi hear you say mula suck yu pussy,mi a fi really wonder if a true because the way how Shawn tell the people them up a Kirk how your pussy stink mula stomach would a strong fi suck your pussy!

  43. I’m deading with these materialistic bitches girl by. And Serena if it’s u also by too. Ain’t no body checking for u and ur man, That f**k he she and the old lady. And ever other week u all break up. Power couple my ass

  44. Serena you wicked and evil bad only God alone can tell me a nuh you obeha Shawn an kill him! Serena if Shawn did listen to me him wouldn’t leave Jamaica fi you set up him life! Gal you need fi dip 70×7 in a river Jordan fi wash weh your sin wha deh pon you! You a talk bout you come a Jamaica two times. Wicked gal just remember Shawn have family and we love him (tears running down my face as I write this) youth mula are whatever your name is just becareful. My advice run while you have life,if you have kids and and family and you want to live for them to see you run. Can’t say you never get the warning. Serena you come with Shawn a Jamaica act like you’re s lady,act like you love him you mind him the whole time he was in Jamaica. You send for my family (Shawn)when him reach a New York you have a man that you live with, you leave my cousin in the house and gone a California with the other man,remember Shawn never know anyone but you! But thanks to the people them at the salon you use to work. They treat him good and look out for him! May God continue to bless them and keep them covered under his blood! Serena remember every dog have them day and the longest liver see the most! Just know Shawn dead but that doesn’t mean you’re secrets dead! Shawn tell his wife and I everything!

  45. Serena this is how I know your a wicked woman. When you friend back Shawn and start mind him again! But you had a plan,Serena Shawn told me you was setting him up to rob the man you live with,and he told you he couldn’t find it in his heart to do it, you keep pushing him! I was the one tell Shawn to find away to tell the man he’s was sleeping with the enemy! I will leave the story at that! Serena you remember next month is Shawn bday? You kill him off leave a child that you couldn’t give him! The reason you walk and mind man because you are compensating for your womb! The way how you wicked and evil God will not bless you with a child because that poor child would be haunted by you sins!

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