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The power of when!
I am certain many of you reading this right now can agree with me that it has become unbelievably hard to be and to stay positive in such a negative and depressing world. In fact, it would appear that for every good thing that’s happening to you, there are about twenty negative things that are hurled at you.
With these common occurrences, it would typically compel the most committed Christian to speak or confess without thought that negativity that’s frequently happening to him.Therefore, even though the Christian would confess while among fellow Christians that their trust is in God, and all things are possible to those that believe. The truth is, their minds are consumed with an abundance of doubt, unbelief and uncertainty.
Well, the purpose of this article is to encourage and biblically instruct those that are challenged with this condition and how to overcome such behavior and thought pattern.Firstly, the key to breaking this wavering condition is acknowledging the fact that even though the Christian physically exists in a physical body meaning he is physically confined to this present time and space. He must always be living mentally in the future as it relates to his mind and his thoughts for his future should be consumed by what God word says about all of his matters.
This now brings me to the word when! The word “when” speaks of a specific time, period and season, the opposite of this word would be the word “if”. The word if would be the evidence of a mind that is saturated with doubt, unbelief and uncertainty. “Well, if it happens it happens” “if I was rich” “if things could only be better” “If I had a college degree” If I had a good man/woman”. These are but few of the myriad of confessions that Christians make that they ought not to be making. The power of when dictates that we must confess with concrete belief of what God has promised us in our future concerning our doubts and uncertainty. Therefore we must eliminate the mindset of “IF” and replace it with the mind set of “WHEN”.
As a biblical principle we must call or speak of those things that do not exist now as though they are in existence already, Romans 4:17. The power of when demands that I speak in opposition of what I am not presently pleased with consistently or confess positively futuristically what I see about my unpleasant now situation. The following is an example of how one ought to speak, not, “if I own my own home”, instead “when I own my own home” not if I become wealthy but when I become wealthy.
We must begin the process of intentionally resisting that doubting mind set and speech by replacing the word “if” with the word “when”. Scripture reminds us of the following, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ”, Ephesians 1:3. Upon further study of this scripture I’ve discovered that the word “has” is used in that particular text, which is a word that speaks of things that took place in the past. So, if we’ve already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ, then why do we speak of our now situations with the word if as if it might change? Blessing, suggest that we have been empowered to do what we could not do before. Therefore we have what it takes to boldly change our IF’S to WHEN.
I want to encourage you today by motivating you in the process of replacing your, if’s with the word when. Scripture commands us to not become focus on what we see (those things that are visible such as our problems and challenges) for they are temporal. Instead focus on what we do not see physically (the changing of our dislike situations), 2 Corinthians 4:18.
The reality is this my friend, you have to renew your mind and not your act. The renewing of your mind will automatically change your act. Your situation has the potential to change based on what Christ has blessed us with and that is the power to literally speak our desires into existance. However, I can assure you it probably won’t happen with the doubting word if, instead search the scriptures about what God says about your situation and declare it with the power of when and not if and watch the transforming power of the word of God change your situation.
Heavenly father I decree and declare the power of when as it relates to your word over the readers of this article. I break by the power of your word, every spirit of doubt, unbelief, and uncertainty in the name of Jesus Christ. I speak might, courage and boldness over the readers of this article to declare the power of when with confidence in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
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