Apparently a thieving goblin is ruing Frans Ngakane’s business.
Ngakane says his spaza business was once a great success but now he may have to close down.
The thieving goblin reportedly hisses in the ceiling even during the day and groceries and money keep disappearing.
“Once it stole R800 of the week’s taking of R2000. I was angry, thinking my children stole the money, but I discovered it wasn’t them.
“Sangomas told me this tokoloshe was sent to make me poor,” said Frans of Lebanon in Mabopane near, Tshwane.
The desperate dad of three said this goblin has tormented his family for more than 10 years.
Frans said when he hears the hiss, his whole body trembles.
His 22-year-old daughter left home as she couldn’t stand the noise and now Frans says he battles to raise cash for stock.
“Sangomas told us it is a very aggressive mpundulo (zombie). Inyangas, sangomas and prophets have all failed.
“Our problems just get worse. Now we want churches to pray for us.
“Maybe with their prayers my business can be saved,” Frans said.
“I can no longer afford a car. I’m a joke to my business rivals,” he added sadly.
And to make matters worse, Frans claims the evil thing even has sex with him!
“This leads to fights with my wife of 14 years. This tokoloshe has made me lose interest in sex,” he added.
His business once did so well that he also started a brick-making business but it collapsed.

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