0 thoughts on “THE PRENUP

  1. MET GOOD MORNING! You know met Mi not looking your way inna di early morning ya. Mi na axed you weh you find them illiterate people ya mi a keep it moving. A weh OBAMA Deh him need to give JMG a visit. YAWDY u have a brother mi can merry tell him no worry :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 no prenup.

  2. This was taken from Andre Noble (owner of Universal Resort) page.
    Its a running JOKE between him and a Guyanese girl. Please do not take it literally.

    1. morning not sure why u thought it was from that page…someone named dex jones posted this last year..they may have taken it from someone but thats where it originally came from

  3. Mi a silent laugh so hard till wata a come outta mi aye. Sorry seh a wuk mi deh mi caah get fi laff like mi wan to. I just know this is a joke. :ngakak

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