The purpose and process of witchcraft

Witchcraft is an evil spiritual system operated by a witch or wizard to spiritually hijack and program a person’s life to experience perpetual hardship, failure, depression anti-progress etc. However, the programming of the system of witchcraft cannot be achieved outside of what is known in the world of witchcraft as an evil altar or shrine.

An altar or shrine is a place where divinity meets humanity or the visible meets with the invisible to forge evil demonic covenants with evil spirits specifically targeted at the lives of others. The life of the altar will be depending on the sacrifice made at the altar, which in turn will summon specific evil spirits to attack a person. however, because spirits are not omnipresent the practitioners of the evil altar will require something personal of the intended target such as a photo, finger nail clippings, worn clothing, hair, blood etc. Such items, except the photo of the victim carries the DNA of the victim so that spiritually the assigned evil spirits can locate their intended target in the spirit realm. This why it is so important to cover oneself and your love ones daily with the whole armor of God and the blood of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! Now, when these evil workers of witchcraft can not retrieve such personal items of their victim. Then, through the consultation of the evil spirits from the altar the witch or wizard would mix a concoction to either bury this evil on the intended victim’s property or set it in a place where the victim will make some contact with this concoction. Other methods would be, placing it in the victims food, drink clothing items or projecting evil spirits from the evil altars in the victim dreams. Therefore, dreams where one is always being fed or they’re eating in their dreams, drinking in a dream, having s*x in a dream or interacting with dead people in their dreams are all means of evil spirits being projected from demonic altars to begin the prossess of spiritually oppressing the life of the victim.

I am sure you’ve hear where someone was said to be “fixed” but it wasn’t intended for them. In such a case, because the witch or wizard was unable to aquire anything personal of the intended victim, the witch or wizard made the decision to place it in the path they believe the intended victim would either travel or placed it in their food or drink hoping that they would consume it, however, someone else consumed it or walked on it and as a result the person that have either walked on the concoction or consumed it the concoction has now become the point of contact to begin the evil oppressive spiritual cycle of the system of witchcraft onthat person.

The scriptures says, “Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards to be “DEFILED” by them, for I am the Lord” Leviticus 19:31. The word defile inthe above text means to corrupt or change the original of something. Therefore, the purpose of wizards and witches and their attempts to enslave their victims spiritually to the system of witchcraft is to change God’s original purpose for their lives. It is to ensure they become the opposite to God’s original purpose for them. According to Genesis 1:28, God original plan for man is for him to be fruitful, multiply and replenish. In other words God always wanted man to advance in his earthly journey. Well, the system of witchcraft is design to bring man’s natural process of advancing in every area of his live to slow and progressive end.

Some of the most common signs of witchcraft operating against a person would be overwhelming panic and anxiety attacks. This is usually accompanied by a progressive state of confusion with an abnormal inability to focus or concentrate on everyday normal activities. The purpose of these initial attacks would be to begin the process of slowly disabling the victim from progressing in every area of their lives, which would include losing the desire for people, places and things that they once loved and had a passion for. However, the origin of such attacks is via spiritual manipulation of course caused by the calculating efforts of evil spirits. The second phase of witchcraft attack on a person is to cause the victim to see, hear and experience things that others cannot see, hear or experience. Thus, if the victim decides to speak of their weird and strange experiences to other, they would appear crazy and strange. The purpose of this is to cause the victim to isolate him or herself from friends, family etc. because their experiences are too incredulous to be believed by others.

Of course it is at this point when the victim have fallen into the trap of becoming a recluse due to the efforts of evil spirits, that the assigned spirits from the demonic altar where they were summoned from begin projecting intense evil thought spiritually at the victim which the victim believes are their thoughts such as consistent negative thoughts, suicide, depression etc. Unfortunately, it is the ignorance of the victim as it relates to the system of witchcraft that literally becomes the fuel of this demonic system. In other words, the victim cannot fight what they’re not aware of or they simply dismissed because of their unbelief.

Again, the idea, intent and purpose behind the system of witchcraft is to ultimately challenge God’s original intent for mankind and that is to resist man’s natural God given ability to be fruitful, multiply, replenish and to subdue the earth,. In other words for man to always advance according to Genesis 1:28.

In essence the will of God is for man to continually advance and progress as long as he exist in the earth. On the other hand, the system of witchcraft is designed to prevent this normal progress from being achieved through hardship, depression, poverty, and confusion along with causing man to connect with what he has no business connecting with. These connections that are obviously not from God are designed by the adversary to continually BLOCK AND ULTIMATELY STOP MAN’S PROGRESS!

Written By Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin L A Ewing at 9:02 AM


  1. Wow !!! Great post !!! I have experienced all of the above and those evil bastards almost got the best of me because I was ready to give up … But!!! my Gid never leaves me of forsake me !!! He heard my prayers and delivered me !!! Glory to God !!! He is the greatest !!! No weapon formed against me shall prosper … Nope not at all … I am covered under the blood of Jesus !!!

  2. There witchcraft may work for a little time BUT WHEN ITS TIME TO PAY THE PIPER…you will have to answer to God for all the evil doings! When doing witchcraft on innocent people you will cause generational course on you family an kids… you have to pay for any evil done… ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD OVER EVIL EVERY TIME

  3. Pastor Ewing a gwan wid him service still. Pastor Ewing remind the workers of evil see dem deed won’t go unpunished cause di seed dem sow even dem generations will have to come and reap the harvest.

  4. I have experience all of this, this gal name Susan and her mother being obeahing me since high school, no matter how I run her or change my numbers or move she some how find me, is Like i can’t get this jealous ugly bitch out of my life, even one of her man find me and told me she took my picture to obeah man, this evil crosses bitch forever obsessed with me, she will fine out about my relationship and try to break it up. This gal black and ugly you can see the evil pon her.

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