Unnu wicked fi compare mi Fren to dis suck hood Gyal. Viva ugly Enuh BBC mi wan know who a fool Har bout shi cute. Even down to bobby’s pon church ave sell Betta Clothes dan dat yuh need fi level up . Dats y natty tell teika seh wen him f**k him bag yuh face with di pillow case. Dats y shi n Olivia start link dwl Olivia yuh same 1 c wi inna posh posh party neva do nothin. Olivia mek mi tell yuh Lee Lee man don’t wan yuh him Addi same1 seh yuh was jus a careless f***k dats all. Olivia u neva tell Viva seh Yu was f***n natty dats y u n teika inna war 2.

9 thoughts on “THE RACE FOR A FACE

  1. SUKU big stinking water mouth SUKU yuh get papers yet ? Met hire yuh fi post ppl yuh PINKWALL bad Gyal if yuh see did see di girl too and you promise us box stinking yzma looking ass . You know olivia nah f**k natty Bitch she give Dre 2 f**k a that a stir up grinch looking Lisa head , lisa u retired whore yuh stop f**k the ppl dem married man and tek up young boy Weh yuh haffi a mind ? A u alone tek community cocky Dre blunt serous and go breed fi him it’s bloodclaat 2016 wat ova man stop wear . Why u DNT tell the world Seh Dre blunt kick yuh INNA yuh belly when yuh come a di window and see him with the girl and run yuh out and call police ? Dirty SUKU BCK to you now go look good man FI give yuh papers bitch viva clothes NUH look cheaper than the leopard print frock u wear to Wayne party tho cuz mi nuh know a which thrift shop u find that with yuh f*k up wig …. Lisa back to u now yuh claim you working this bag job and is $20 wig u did have on and a frock Weh u wear how much time Wah do dem old retired sell pussh Gyal yah man ease up the young Gyal dem uno have pickney fi tek care of go be a mother to uno kids …. Mo hate all a uno especially SUKU a u first mi Wah trump send back yuh crawny NUH bloodclaat

  2. But ugly grazmite looking suku u think by sending mi friend it would a get a forward bitch bye ..hear wah come kiss out mi fren expensive batty.. U coming like BC toilet paper viva viva every BC day suh let she live omfg and u think natty a left a poison mi want poison em cuz why would he go n pick up an ugly Grinch looking thing like u

  3. Neva Kno Sucking Dick Is Ah Crime. Suh Miss Yu Dont Suck Natty Hood or Dreblunt Own? Nuh Wonder Why The Young Girl Them Taking unuh Man Cause Unuh Not Doing it. Lol Its 2016 Every Gyal Ah Sucking Hood. This Story Dry Next

  4. So chumpup a look fi suku????lmfao, to me met suku look like she get caught Inna natty dirty games.the poor old woman look like she confused bout viva and natty
    Why Natty nuh keep him community cocky quiet

  5. So Ms Lisa Whats The Problem? You Having With The Brown Girl
    Are You Mad About The Girl Being Younger Than You? Are Cause She Supposedly Take Dreblunt Away. I Dont Understand You At All,Hes Not Your Man He Is Just Your Baby Daddy. Wasnt You Taking Somebody Else’s Man Last Year. Whats Her Name Again Michelle Taking The Big Woman Man And Now That A Younger Girl Than You Taking Yours You Feel Hurt. Ms Olivia Look Like She 22-23 Years Old. Shes A Child Its Not Worth It.whatever The Situation Is You Should Go Blame The Man. Man Is Wicked Hes Probably Lieing To Both Of You Guys.Really And Truly Dreblunt You Waring Over lol. No Ambition. Natty Is Another Thing Teika Come On You Not Good Looking Either So Stop it. You Just Looking Unnecessary Wars The Girl and Natty Not Into Nothing You Jus Love Mixup

  6. Move unu bloodclaat and low tika a she a the ugliest? Viva and frenchy did a war over community cocky natty when dem become friends but then again that’s a 3 some for natty viva nuh like girls

  7. Tieka u and olivia inna war cuz big pussy ugly Lisa sent you to tag her inna post stalker Lisa gun ole Lisa tell yuh fi go tag the girl in a post SUKU we know a u and map head Lisa send in this . At the end of the day viva looks better olivia look better . Natty have no ambition fi a f**k u if him bag viva head Weh him do with u ? Cut it off and put it under the bed cause nothing nuh nice bout u , yuh ugly yuh shape bad yuh tuff yuh just offfffffffffff like offffffff mi can’t find nothing on bout you all a yuh light switch turn off . Yuh broke cuz u can’t work good job no papers that’s why u haffi war gal fi big done ole long time big woman leelee fi some food stamps LOL ! Lisa babes yuh see di 18 yr old Weh Dre a f**k now ? Olivia move on with her nice clean man stop involve her with yuh BRUCK dirty man she nuh wantssss him she never did he asked her to breed for him and she said NOOOOOOOO! Boooo yuh loose Lisa Tieka u lost too viva and olivia win with the young good ole

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