24 thoughts on “THE REST!

  1. it luk like mos a di ppl dem whites dun framm summah time :nohope: mummah showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a wen yah guh tap mama :nerd

  2. GM Met.
    Showa mumma is just Showa Mumma.
    Gina not so spec. needs to find a new style of clothes
    Rocky WTF you are NOT scarlet o’hara

  3. gina your feet ugly !!!!!!!! yuh have sum not so spectacular toes dem deh need fi hide…. Mr & Mrs Hype couple of the year (you wish) di dog weh yuh a parade prettier than yuh

    1. Marlene aka sexy lip hype so call wife. Why yuh nah bring your daughter from Jamaica or take care of her? You are one sick bitch. You abandon your child for a man and him dog? You is one stay bad gal. All di tummy tuck hype duh him still ugly. On a real note him always clean that sexy lip. :2thumbup :2thumbup

  4. Opal Twinny yuh look decent in this picture, picture #2 unuh look nice and it look like him (love) her for real. Yakini again again you look very nice, Angella Jetset gwan tru mumma gwan tru.
    Good Morning Ms Met

  5. So this girl have a daughter ? And she don’t talk or post any pics of her but every day she a show out with the dog ? Dats a damn shame ! Girl yuh wicked. Yuh acting like you the first or only one with a dog… AX Shanna…Sweets….Wendy…. and plenty more dun showcase dem dog already yuh late falla fashion monkey.. if you really tek yuh money guh give doctor to fill yuh up a silicone and not taking care of yuh pickney is not a good look !

  6. Mi aguh beg Cita gi JJ a buss. Du supn fi him, please. Mi tiyad a siim -1 chromosome face pon di wall. From him man gone a prison him a mope. Di white man nah dweet fi JJ like Patrick can…….dwrcllllll…

    1. Willie….fi show u how him slow. Mi give him a buss right yasso an mi know Kizzy copy an paste it an give it to him. If him did smart dat song wudda hit billboard already. If mi Cita cyaan buss JJ den him is unbussable. Fi real. Lmaoooo. Sup Willie. Howdy.

    2. Oh gosh Willie yuh know mi see mi name an respond right away an neva dun read yuh comment ____________________________DRAP A RAAS GRUNG. Wha yuh say a Patrick alone can bring out di bess ina JJ. Yuh bad Willie….really bad. Lmaoooo

  7. Met mi hate yuh at times but mi love pink wall. Met pink wall mek Marlene aka sexy lip put up are daughter pictures she Abandoned for years. :kr :kr Mi nah laugh this pass Serious. Marlene stop love up di dog and love up yuh daughter fi god sake. :travel :travel

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