The root behind our Financial limitations
While I would readily agree with you that you may have a financial problem, whereby you do not have sufficient funds to meet your needs. I can not altogether agree with you in saying you need a financial miracle from God.
You see my friend, the issue isn’t monies being released to you; the root of your problem is what and who has been delaying or consuming your funds that were not only put in place for you but were released to you.
The spirit realm is saturated with spirits (good & bad). What is most interesting about these spirits is the fact that they have specific functions on the human race. For example a spirit of kindness is assigned to influence humans to be kind to others, however their influence is performed from a spiritual perspective. So the reality is a spirit’s job is to influence your human spirit which will eventually coerce your soul (mind and will) to perform its will. This understanding highlights the fact that very little of what we do is what we want to do, instead it’s what we’re influenced to do by unseen forces.
In regards to our tattered and embarrassing financial state, it is the spirit of poverty that is heavily influencing our repetitious non-progressive financial state. It is this spirit that influences us to make poor financial decisions, spend foolishly, insist that we don’t save our monies and always causing us to fund heavily those things that cater to our pleasures, with the end result of depriving us of our monies. Scripture clearly says to us, “He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man” Proverbs 21:17.
So, in the above scripture’s case we can conclude that the spirit of pleasure works in concert with the spirit of poverty to secure a repetitious cycle of poverty for their victims. The point I am attempting to get to this morning is the fact that very few if any religious leaders ever tell us to take our fight from the angle of recognizing and attacking these spirits through prayer as opposed to sowing seeds for financial miracles. While the seed sowing will generate a return or increase, it really doesn’t matter because the spiritual harvest that the seed will produce is being consumed or hijack before it could ever be released to you.
Think about it for a second, if you were to pray and ask God to bind and destroy the spirit of poverty and every other spirit that has been attacking your finances which is the root of your problem, then you won’t have to pray for miracle money and the like. Why you may ask? Well, simply because God has already blessed you with “ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS” in heavenly (spiritual) places according to Ephesians 1:3. Yes! You always had the raw material to meet all your needs which were spiritual blessings, however these spirits assigned to your life such as poverty, lack, delay, setback, insufficiency and the like were consuming, hijacking, misplacing and robbing you SPIRITUALLY so that PHYSICAL manifestation will never ever take place.
So rather than giving another penny to those deceiving dishonest religious leaders who themselves are lost as it relates to this understand, why not take this spiritual battle to the Enemy’s gate and begin praying against the spirits of poverty and all associating spirits working against and stealing your spiritual blessings and demand a seven-fold return on all they have stolen from you thus far according to Proverbs 6:31.
Please! From this day forward do not fund the spirit of poverty by sowing unnecessary seed. Instead fight the spirit through prayer and I promise you, you will see a difference.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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  1. AMEN….I pray for this man of God to be blessed, and continue feeding us with this spiritual food.

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