Foreign changes people to a degree but when you go to the rural parts of Morant Bay St. Thomas and how Keyshia’s mother’s picture the elders will tell you for sure that they remember the Watson family.
The age that is mentioned on Wikipedia conflicts with those who knew the family but knowing the turn of events it is understandable why the family moves in secrecy.

Keyshia’s mother, Joy, was a well known ”hot girl” in Morant Bay and her husband, Keyshia’s father was also well known because he provided well for his family, lets call her father Winston for now ~.

Jamaican men are notorious for living double lives and money makes it easier for them to pay the side-chicks for their silence. Keyshia’s mother was friendly and outgoing but her father was ripe with ambition. He wanted a certain life for his family and set out to get it by any means. Many of the water bodies in St. Thomas are ports for drugs, the drug-lord would send a description of whatever was sent and it would pop-up. The handler picks it up, does what he is ordered to do and everyone gets paid. Easy right?
A few times packages were stolen but for the most part people knew they were not to touch that which did not belong to them because they could easily be traced. Jamaica is a small island!

Keyshia’s father people say was a second in command handler who had a few men working for him and life was really good for Keyshia’s family. They built a nice home, had a good life, traveled . Money was good even though the side-chick/matie lived in the same parish, everything was flowing pretty good so there were no complaints.
Word on the streets of St. Thomas is that Keyshia’s father (Will go in depth part 2) no longer did pick ups, there were two ”fishermen” who picked up for him and then he would take the package to the second boss in Kingston. These were Colombian connections.

A big package turned up missing, the ”fishermen” did said they didnt see it, no delivery was made to Kingston. Keyshia’s father appeared to be living normally as he was before, the only thing that changed was that their house was now grilled outside and in.
According to the side-chick, no one could get inside their house without being let in. The windows were double grilled and so were the doors. His new security precaution triggered an alarm to those who were set to watch him and he was approached by the big boss as to why all of a sudden his house was ”grilled down” , he told them no reason. To be fair, he did not buy anything new , nor did anyone see him with the contents of the missing package. But…people kept talking about the new grills the house had.

Keyshia, her mother and brother were busy living their lives traveling while the dad stayed back and carried out his plans of becoming mega rich.

When Keyshia says people say how much she is like her dad, they are referring to his ambition which was to get rich by any means necessary.

Months seeing that the bosses has accepted the story about him not knowing about the package. Winston, secretly began to by cases of Craven A and began selling them. The cigarettes sold well and was used for a cover to sell some of the contents that was in the ”missing package” that he knew ”nothing ” about some months before.

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  1. Ok then. But they said that things were going good and that they were living well….which means he was making money ….so why was an extra set of grill on his house deemed as suspicious for a man with money. Unless after the package went missing…..he stopped working and no more drug money was coming in. Also he was “named” 2nd to the Boss…. which means he must have had enough money to do what he wanted. If I were living that life …..I too ….would probably have opted for a second set of grills…. considering that whenever things go “missing” in the drug world …..everybody becomes a suspect and everybody starts looking at each other side ways…. which means ….at any time ….any baddie head can get lick off. Anxiously awaiting part dos.

  2. He double grilled his home because he knew what he was doing and the dangers lurking near him sanctuary. I presumed he was stealing under the table but was very intelligent in staying below the radar and not attracting attention. Yet extra precautions were necessary for his home despite no external evidence of living lavishly. Smart man indeed. True hustler. Reminds me of a family friend. I’ll say NO MORE.

    Metty big up uself..

  3. The father think him slick, him hold off with the spending, thinking he got away. But with that much drugs missing, it’s gonna be hard to hide the profit

  4. I figured something was shady about her father’s past when she got cagey about it on the Breakfast Club. I like her still & at one point Jamaica was just like that – with many people family wrapped up in one way or another or to some level in drug dealings. The way I see it when you get celebrity status you just have to dash the dirt before anyone else does.

  5. He was smart, he stole the shipment, stayed low key for a while; not forgetting to secure his home and family the best way he could have. This juicy. Did they discover his doings and later retaliated? Hmmm… Juicy stuff.

  6. come on Jamaicans stop tearing down each other ,this no call for omg let the girl live ..that have nothin to do with her ,bad mind people

  7. All of a sudden this girl have more hater that bees in honey, Jamaicans are the worst,why must you all go there, she is wealthy now, cause before she was rich, niwahe graduate, her life and her husband life is happy, people make mistakes in the past and move on after they suffer the consequences. Is this called for, lie or truth, this is why people lose their lives because of haters, and badmind people like you all.

      1. Morning! Met OUI this is a great summer read. Kior may as well write a auautobiography.

        As usual we can coun on seeing the words “tear down” “badmind” and “haters” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        Run it same speed Mumma :kiss

  8. Why bringing up all these shit about the girl family past.SMH Let her live man. Jamaican love to tear down each other…

    1. Yaa collect the “past” info a store in ur data tho! Cuz u read every last bit of info weh dash out weh me, u and Jon public Neva kno! A betta u did read and nuh comment cuz u read bout the gyal half “past” yes half cuz r whole “past”lef fi dash out fi u read :Peace:

      1. Mi nuh understand…….as mi put up this short thing dem a bawl out and mi not even seh anything bad bout the girl…dem lucky mi cyah find di video whey di person carry har go court fi dem money mi nah look pan dem. Her success is always congratulated here so mi nuh know what dem a tek offence to

        1. Dem lacking comprehension skills! Nobody naa drag the gold digger! She ain’t goals to me just to IG thots and lazy ass bitches, vixens and strippers!

    2. If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen- Thanks!

  9. Her baby daddy name is cooper him and nanko paul and doza and busy weh get dip from portmore use to be all over Miami Cooper is in the FEDs doing time she been a goo getter she all ways f**k money mon she’s a savage frm long time…

  10. Boy y’all jamaicans wen another Jamaican step up in life unu afi find something fi tear dem down an wah unu no find unu mek up smdh an mi head so big

  11. I cannot tell Met how to run her site, but this is the past, you never know how it make affect her future, I would not air this out, because it is no longer relevant to the life she now has, and you never know what this could cause, and i would never want someone death or revenge to be taken because of something I did to resuscitate the action, some people don’t wait on God to execute vengeance, they will do it themselves, if they know who to take revenge on, so with that saying, I would not do this how many years ago article, on some one who as been trying to turn their life around in a positive way. So in my opinion I would never go there.

    1. What’s negative about what’s being said? I feel that you people are under the assumption that everything posted here is negative. I’ve not even said a thing about keyshia yet so how does what she has done that I’ve not mentioned has anything to do with what’s written. Please allow me to write what I’m writing n dont assume anything. She herself mentioned that her father was killed In front of her and I’m expounding on that to say why. Please don’t write the story for me because I’ve said not one thing that would warrant anyone here saying I’m tearing this woman down. After she got big she herself cleaned up a lot of stuff online and people who know her in real life do not speak bad of her so please don’t tell the story for me.

      1. And please dont think Im being disrespectful..Im just annoyed that I havent said anything and people a assume :kiss

  12. I dont see how this is tearing her down tho. If Keysha decided to do a movie about her life story would she be tearing herself down?? Because all of this would have to be added into the story line, unless she would fake it. Or mabe there is something she is hiding and everybody fraid it buss out, I dont get it.

    1. All that mi a wonder because the info that I have is nothing shady or bad …mi a talk bout how her father died people a run in? At least allow me to get to her brother’s story dem too good

  13. it doesn’t matter her father died ,so telling her father life story now ,why ? what if somebody was trying to get to the family you all talking about the story because she step up in life what if Gucci mane don’t know about her family back ground come on u notice she don’t have her family up in everything , I think that girl kfab have something to do with this story

  14. @anon 2;02pm, that’s a good question..Makes me wonder if she wasnt successful if ICE would attempt to deport her since they trying to dip even legal greencard holders with minor offences.


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