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Have you ever Wondered, why is it that whenever you are given a prophetic word it seems as if all hell breaks loose? Better yet, whatever it is that was prophesied to you it would appear as if you’re currently experiencing the opposite.
I want to share with you this evening the understanding as to why this happens and to further educate you that this is not happening by chance, accident or even coincidence. However, it is indeed a confirmation that the word spoken to you prophetically is not only true, but the beginning of the process of the manifestation of that prophetic word
The bible says to us in Genesis 37:8, that Joseph’s brothers hated him yet the more for his dreams, AND FOR HIS WORDS”
Please, I want to pull your attention to the phrase “his words”. “His words” would be the dream that Joseph shared with his brothers, which they interpreted that spoke about his future, and because it was revealed via the dream it can now be labeled a prophetic word.
Now, the spiritual implication behind the manifestation of a prophetic word is revealed in the following scripture. “Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him”, Psalm 105:19. In this passage of scripture king David whom I believe is the author of this scripture is speaking about Joseph. Yes! This same Joseph whom his brother hated him for his dreams and HIS WORDS.
Here is the revelation; according to this scripture it is clearly telling us that UNTIL THE APPOINTED TIME OF THAT PROPHETIC WORD TO BE MANIFESTED INTO JOSEPHS’ LIFE, THE WORD OF GOD TRIED HIM! The word tried means to test or challenge, BUT AS YOU WOULD HAVE READ IT WAS GOD DOING THIS!
So, for those of you that are frustrated and confused about the prophetic word that has been spoken over your life. Make no mistake, from the time that word was spoken until the reality of that word comes to pass. It is God himself, not the Devil that is testing, trying and conditioning you via your adversities all in an attempt to prepare you for the manifestation.
As I mentioned earlier, the evidence of the reality of that word, is everything in your life is traveling in the opposite direction of that spoken word or your whole world has turned upside down.
Heavenly father my prayer is simple this evening and that is LET THERE BE LIGHT UNTO YOUR PEOPLE in Jesus name. Amen!
Written by: Kevin LA Ewing
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