Met morning I been with this man for 6 years and him is a tattoo artist from Brooklyn name Kevin Ice but any how him have this girl that him have 2 kids with and him told me him not with her but that girl keep calling his phone like 35 missed calls plus watsapp messages so me ask him wats up with his babyma and him say she lazy and don’t want work an him tired of her so I give her a call and she say they with each other in don’t care about them because him help me pay a lot my buy lots of tings for me
Met this is her and him she keep party at his tattoo business and he say I must attended so I go and everywhere him turn home girl was there watching him I was there for sometimes and then left and him follow me outside an all she is just looking lol I call her an she tell me all her business on the phone and she don’t know me and her man was right there saying how she insecure


Everyday bout she crying go look wuk Terry Ann woman must wuk yu Sey mi don’t have papers lying bitch I have 2 job and your baby daddy of to help me and model with me house duppy gal thank God for bleaching cream lol


    1. She need a proper, proper ass whooping!

      Senda! Who you fi a call next gal phone? Worst the man baby mother! 35 calls could be him pickney calling or that Pickney dying or need help. You dirt bags live tek on what don’t concern onu!

      The man jus a phuck you no matter how you feeling special 😀 😀

      Him baby mother keeping an event at her baby daddy establishment and you walking outside with him don’t prove a thing…clown. She valuable to him fi get that bly which benefit is kids….yu bout to breed fi catch a goalpost don’t bitch? :ngakak

      :ngakak GO SIT YU ASS DUNG an lo de girl.

      1. exactly considering the baby boy has asthma so sender lowe the gyal and go tek it up inn aprayer sey yuh get tricked.

      1. Mi dead! Not di pussc bridge though!
        But yuh right…one kick wid steel toe boot right up in har hole….sound like a disgruntled cocky cooler weh nuh get no knowing a an vex

        1. The post got me when gal bout she tek up phone call next oman,. Then the bitch a ‘lol’ cause man walk outside AT the event HIM baby mother kept at HIS establishment that HE invited her to. It Obvious that the Baby mother not even a trouble the bitch. She and her baby daddy a host the event so she have alrights to be seen close to him.

          Walking outside a medal? 😀 dibby, dibby gal want 2 lick.

  1. Sender, run weh! You stupid ole crosses. Why did you send this in? To prove what point? Man go siddung.

  2. Bwoy, Met she have some caption weh woulda kill one whole nation :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak But really and truly, we kaint manij dis morning ya bwoy :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Sender yuh too dam lie, the lady have up her job and her brand new car, yuh is a shit starter leave the gyal and her man alone clown, weh yuh think all men are dogshit just tek the free sex and lies and stop try tarnish the girl cah she is a wonderful mother to her kids and a smart girl.
    Twiggy big up yuhself and pray harder cah the devil is a liar, just as things start gwaan fi yuh and God open yuh flood gates here comes the hater, filled with venomous poisons and lie.

  4. 1st off sender I couldn’t understand a word you were trying to put across to all the readers… What I could make out that you say you with this man and he has a baby mother who wants him but don’t want to work etc… Well she’s doing something right to be able to have a party at her baby daddy place of work, so to me he still messing with her or and take care of her needs and whatever else his doing… Just like one of the readers said play your part and sit down some where and wait your turn… If he felt the way you say he feels about her why is he posing with her in a picture… Girl just play your role and call it a day… This man is no good anyways..

    1. You got the drift :D. But to nail it home… This bitch trying to create friction with her and her children’s father, slaughter the girl character, ensure more dick time and energy fi har duty pussc.

      Yu nasty BITCHES leave the man dem children’s mothers alone if dem nah phuck wid onu! Kids are forever while onu pussc temporary.

  5. He say u must attended? You were there for sometimes? An di man of to model wid you?

    :cool :cool

    Crowd ah people yuh muss read dem sumin an know seh yuh good…tings might ruff yes but yuh gooooood by farrrrr!

    Meck mi guh attended to some work yah.. :travel

    1. A so yu know the girl was no problem to madam ratbat. Dog have tail, but all it good fah a fi wag…so gal pon tattoo man arm is just a gal pon him arm :hammer

      Him fi step in a yu chest fi a out him affairs.

  6. sender yuh tink yuh a go win him cuz u send him and di bbymomz, sender him gooda ignorant fi yuh so til him stop help yuh, weh gone inna man life fah? Also tell tattoo artiste dat him fi tattoo on a bleach out hand pon him hand fi match him face.

  7. Senda mi ignorant fi yuh baddd… why unnuh refuse to put likkle class to unnuh yuhself and stop walk and dash out unnuh pussy pon ppl man with d intention to keep d man and when it a guh bad fi yuh u want get bitter against d man baby madda weh not even know seh yuh exist.Move yuh sad miserable self and lowe d girl weh busy a mek life fi she and har kids,man will forever tell lies idiot control unnuh pussy and stop run it like eight bus and coasta u look like u get a free tattoo and u run d pussy d baby madda a beat yuh bad terry big up yuh damn self

  8. Big up Kevin a him do my Tatttoo dem. A so him trick unnu and f**k unnu give unnu discounted prices and have all 2 and 3 a unnu sidung inna deh shop a smoke Afta hours pon hover boards. Get em Kev. Cah blame yuh cuz these hoes ain’t loyal. LOL

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