Hiya Met,Metters n Peepers,

Yesterday a Ting reach me n it got me thinking about that a bigger sort of injustice. I visited my mom and noticed she cook some stew chicken. Most Jamaicans chop up dem stew chicken into fine pieces so no big breasts or legs. I accept that I was wrong to go Inna her pot but there was like dozens of pieces a meat so I figured it did harmless to tek 1 deggey deggey piece.Apparently it did salty so me go Inna di fridge (wrong again) n throw out some water from a bottle that nearly empty.I catch some water Inna di filter jug to fill back the bottle but had to go ova mi yard fi mi phone charger so neva get fi refill it.
My brother come link me at my yard shortly after and a tell me dat mi mother pon di warpath sey me eat out di WHOLE a her food n drink off ALL her consecrated water from Brazil‎ that her pastor bless n give har!Met likkle most mi blood pressure buss mi blood vessel dem Inna mi head wid rage.So it got me thinking u know is nuff nuff time criminals do tings and get blame fi what dem doan do just becuz dem mix up Inna wrongdoing. Nuff time police kill a bad man and all 3-4 murders dem a pin pon him n just write off dem murders deh as being cleared up.This is wrong cuz justice is not served since the real murderer out there at large…

Late last year this Pastor did tell bare lies bout the value and amount of stuff burglars broke in and took out the church.Small community so ppl talk and it reach bk the burglars who never do a better thing than call di police and tell dem a lie di pastor a tell pon di stolen items n their values.Ongle Inna Jamaica I swear cuz a Farrin him woulda charge wid defrauding insurance company.All i’m saying even if is ur own mom a do it,nobody no want anybody wrongfully accuse dem of whatever.Lazy Police stop wrongfully accuse certain criminals and go do unno work properly n stop di shortcut ting.


  1. Woieeeeeee mi weak no sah u si wah 1 deggeh deggeh piece a chicken can duh to you though …an to top it off u guh drink off mama concecrated wata mi sure kno seh mama have u up big time yah now. Jamaicans wi a di bestest.

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    Understand the point yah try mek but where yuh mother concern being a Jamaican myself a suh mi talk when my kids them tek sum chips mi exaggerate and seh mi, mi seh tek out some and unno empty the damn bag nd dem wi laff nd seh mom you something else no wi didn’t there is more chips in the bag,den mi wi seh cum tek de whole bag and done cuz mi nuh know a wah dis unno leff back. suh yuh mother meant no harm where the chicken concern but as tuh her holy wata I caan cross that one :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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