The accused Abbey-Gaye Thompson the young woman who is said to have stolen 12 million dollars from entertainer Georger Nooks account. Thompson was employed to the Half-Way-Tree branch of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, sources allege that Thompson has used the money to finance her relationship.


  1. Morning Met and all! She deserve two kick inna her voice box. One fi tief George Nooks money. The second one fi take it mind man. Frigging idiot.

    1. Tweet, yuh mean tree kick str8 to the juggular..the 3rd one for wearing that ill fitting hot ass mess of an outfit :hoax2

        1. Is your site? Who is you fi a tell people what not to post?? Maybe if she sell di car and stop mek di dutty boy rev it out,,,,,maybe can get a good lawya fee bout keep dance fi bail money,,,,by di way since u is har defenda how much money you put up???

  2. cuh pon di clothes and man weh 12 million get yuh. Lawks di economy rough and cost ah people and tings high.

  3. Lie dem a tell pon di girl. A dance she keep fi make up har lawyer money. Mus a badmind Gyal send dat in tru the man lef dem. My friend is no tief.

    1. Look like erry body have lawyah now, lawyah anuh big summn aggin…errybody want errybody sue JMG to..a wat a gwan pan wat a gwan pupper lawd?

  4. so a the man dat weh she a mine wid the teefing money? 😀 :table: :tv: but it’s none of my business thou.. inna me Kermit voice

  5. Everybody know Abby been a f*cking thief from long time… Let’s see how loyal the man ago be when she deh a ja.

  6. Really a wha she tief fi yuh. Nooks gi di gyal him money a him woman how long but tru him woman find out and how him a bring in the drugs man dem money him a sell out di gyal. Dis bigger than all a unuh. The girl progressive and a dat nuff a dem in a har community nuh like. Hated by many. Me nah sellout my friend dem wen trouble take dem. The crosses weh go pon her profile and send it deserve fi get shoot wid shit. Nooks paydown pon it and never get it so him vex. As far as me kno and me kno nuff the guy in the pic and her jus start talk after all a this start and me sure him bah lef har side. So badmind gyal weh him lef and park weh u a pray fi see u nah go see deadas. One ting u nuffi do is rejoice over a next man downfall the worl spin memba dat. And further more if she did have the 12 mill y keep a dance ? TBT dummy

    1. Yo know but how yo dont talk say dat dutty boy was har fren man weh she go f**k ,,,,,your fren is ambitious inna har community and look pon dat cruff weh she go tek up,,,deportee scamma corna boy,,,,move yo rass and get da f**k outta here

  7. u a carry cocky feeling. Fi go see all ur man too. She bless and she mud make it. Go bathe u smell like riverton.

      1. Maybe if it was a progressive cocky,,,but mi no f**k gully monkey,,, second thing mi fraid a germs and me no f***k crossess,,,,even if me smell like riverton,,dem ave soap and water fi cleanse mi,,,but u is riverton weh cannot get rid of,,yo fren man could neva sniff my draws krotchiz not even inna him dreams,,,bye felecia!!!

        1. Tell har she ave nuff more dance fi keep fi bail money,,,and fr di poor support weh she get fi da dance yah it coulda stay,,,as mi walk in mi jus walk right back out go dung di rd,,,har man a stagnant inna di community so a waste dem a waste dem time keep dat dance buhahahaaaaa guweh onnu ano nobody ole teef dem

  8. Dad u deserve this,u choose not to kno ur grand kids but u also chose to kno hoe that stole ur money

  9. Y mr.nooks do that to abbs, she was good to him so y tru nasty gyal sheryl find out him a flip. Ole crosses him fi lowe di girl now man. She nuh waan him. Lie dat f**ka a tell. Dats y me nuh like ole man dem a crosses. Tief which money? Man wicked eeh. Hkm a try comeback hard tho. Anyting him gi har him shouldnt demands it back this way not bcuz man. Me a woman too. And pon a real met me love ur blog but anuh everyting di dutty people dem send u, u fi post. Dem wicked and corrupt and badmind nuh rasta.

  10. no sah then a so abby wutlis fi deh with dutty richie girl if u theif it dont spend it on bullshit i know u u r progressive yet careless.

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