There is a connection between your life and your words
According to scripture it is said that the person that keeps (guard) his mouth is at the same time
keeping (guarding) his life, Proverbs 13:3.

Isn’t it amazing that the more we discover scripture that speaks about our mouth it reveals the connection with our lives? I am of the view that the more we focus on this simple principle, changing certain portions of our lives would not be as difficult as many of us are discovering it to be.

Scripture has overtly reveal to us that death and live is manufactured through the process of speaking according to Proverbs 18:21 & John 6:63. So with this understanding in mind it is safe to say that our lives are the sum total of what we have been speaking over ourselves and by default what we have allowed others to speak over us without challenging their negative statements.

Friends, my words of wisdom are quite simple this morning and they are; if you desire to see changes in your life then begin making changes in the words and statements that you allow to be release from your mouth. Secondly, because you have no control over what folks are saying about you, then you must ask God on a daily basis to destroy by fire all evil words that have been spoken and will be spoken over your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]

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