There is a fight in the spirit realm attempting to prevent or delay your breakthrough!
Time is advancing many of you to the greatest breakthrough of your life. The intense opposition against you even as you’re reading this is evidence of that.
Have you noticed that things that seem so simple for others, turns out to be most difficult or prolonged for you? Does it seem as if everyone else is getting ahead or being promoted except you? Are you frustrated and confused, because folks who wants nothing to do with God, don’t pay tithes, work overtime for the devil, seem to be the ones being blessed?
Well my friends this is the reality of Christianity, IT ALWAYS SEEMINGLY GETS WORST BEFORE CHANGE SHOWS UP. As a matter of fact do you recall Daniel’s record of how The Angel that God had sent to him, with the answers to Daniel’s prayers was hindered due to the prince of Persia (A high ranking demonic spirit) resisting him, Daniel 10:11-13?
The Angel said that Daniel’s prayers were heard from day one, which was 21 days prior to the Angel showing up but the prince of persia (Demonic high ranking spirit) that ruled over the physical kingdom of Persia kept the Angel held up in the spirit realm along with Daniel’s breakthrough, but Michael one of the chief prince (a more powerful Angel of God) challenged the prince of Persia so that the Angel could bring change for Daniel. Who or whatever is oppressing you right now are only agents of a higher order, BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO COME TO AN END BECAUSE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH IS DUE FOR RELEASE!!!!!
What I found to be even more interesting in Daniel 10:20, the Angel Said to Daniel when it was time for him to leave he said, “Now I will return to FIGHT with the prince of Persia” However when he leaves the prince of Grecia (a prince is the highest order of Satan’s kingdom) shall come. Daniel’s prayer to God was so powerful that Satan had to send reinforcement after the angel. So what does this mean? EXPECT HATERS WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR BREAKTHROUGH THIS IS A PART OF THE DEAL. HOWEVER THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEY CAN DO, BECAUSE IT’S A DONE DEAL!!!!!!!!!
So as you can see, all hell is breaking loose around you because there is a spiritual battle between Angels and demons of the highest order IN THE SPIRIT REALM, with the demons attempting to prevent what God has already decided, and just like in Daniel’s case THEY WILL FAIL!
However no devil in hell can stop what God has already assigned for you, in fact like I said in my opening statement TIME IS ADVANCING YOU TO IT, THE DEVIL KNOWS THIS AND THIS IS WHY THE FIGHT HAS BECOME SO VICIOUS.
PLEASE I BEG YOU, I KNOW IT HAS BEEN HARD, TOUGH, EMBARRASSING, but again these are only the red flags or signs that your time of breakthrough is drawing close.
Heavenly father I pray for all that will read this re-assurance from you, I do not pray for a breakthrough for them because I am certain time is advancing them to it. What I do pray for is patience and endurance on their part. I now come in agreement with your word for them, and your word says that they ought to not grow weary in well doing for they SHALL reap if they faint now. I ask these things in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]


  1. Good Morning Metty & JMG fambily. Another POWERFUL message from God’s messenger! Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Let the church say Amen!

          1. The candles represent the light of God, even at night it good to light one and pray..

          2. My candles are burnt throughout for 7 days and are replaced weekly until God answers…..Novena… When I receive a “Thnksgiving” is given.

          1. So Met no meat no diary n how do u do it no food until when cause I can’t imagine u go without food fi 21 days Metsy tell me how u do it meck mi see if I can shadow u I have some walls to tear down need to do it

          2. not that kind…I go without meat, dairy,processed white is the daniel fast

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