Emily Crooks jus tweet this.. Police go shoot man pan ward??


  1. The Gleaner ran the story at 3 PM, the incident was from in the morning.
    Bruk foot man attempt to strangle patient wid 2 bruk foot (helpless), victim of robbery in which the wife was killed.
    Bruk foot man take the Ortho pins from him foot and stab 2 bruk foot patient after kicking and injuring a nurse.
    Pon second attempt to stab de 2 bruk foot man a police guarding a patient attempted to stop bruk foot from stabbing the man again, that didn’t work so him shot him inna him backside.
    Hi Met! dwln

          1. I would like to know is what triggered that melee. That only happen in movies lol or with Benny Hill trying to strangle the old man.

  2. omg they couldn’t have restraint the young man Jamaica do there thing very different this couldn’t have happen in U.S.A, Europe or Canada a human rights we seh

    1. Yes, it could have happen anywhere in the world. What human rights have to do with shooting a bastard intent on killing a helpless patient in an hospital? People tried to restrain him and the officer LEFT HIS POST (guarding someone) to restrain a man HELL BENT on killing the helpless patient…which part human rights come into play here?
      Human rights came to the defense of the woman who was dead for hours on a Kingston County, Brooklyn, New York, United States hopsital waiting area floor with nurse and security a step pass her?
      F**k human rights groups…we are our brothers keeper and don’t need a special interest group, infuse with foreign government agents to dictate to us.

  3. Dec 15, 2012
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Authorities in Alabama say a man opened fire in a hospital, wounding an officer and two employees before he was fatally shot by police.
    March 8, 2012—Two people were killed and seven wounded at a psychiatric hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when a gunman entered the hospital with two semiautomatic handguns and began firing.
    (Reuters Health) – Hospital shootings are rare events and very hard to predict, according to a new analysis of shootings over the past decade.
    Between 2000 and 2011, there were 154 hospital-related shootings in the United States, with 235 people getting injured or dying as a result.
    HOP OFF A JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I even dont like the tone of dat reporter, why wi haffi sound like wi ah di worse or that our police officers are the worse, all when dem a duh right. hope 2 bruk foot man will step up in defence of the cop who saved his life…

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