Met, the manager of a popular store in the corporate area posted these pics of these two young ladies who were allegedly caught stealing. The funny thing is that many store owners in and around the area commented saying that these ladies had also stole from them. The one in the blue top is even dating a doctor/ party promoter so she is well known. Ladies, let me tell you something. Do not allow social media to cause you to lose yourself. Some of us get envious when we see people living a certain lifestyle. Do not put yourselves in precarious situations just for “likes” & show. Act your wage! Live within your means.
Shame on them!


  1. Lock dem up mi worse tiad a dem bcuz a dem I can’t shop in peace most stores all a luk fi ba n strollers from coming in bcuz of dese phuck’n germs.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Lawd godddddd!!! Kmt dem nuh know bout work man!!??!! Ah boy mi shame and I don’t even know them,ppl like dem give us Jamaicans bad name.

  3. But nuh Annabelliza fren store dis wah dem seh deh wid SCAMMA so y she nuh call d police pon him tooo cuz a tief him a tief as well#ijs

    1. Sender nice quote “Act your wage!” lol

      Stealing clothes from stores in Jamaica is rare and may have become a phenomenon now that Social Media became more rampant. Time gone, door lock and beating tek place, lol

  4. @Phantom Phoenix, Ah weh yuh ah talk seh man, nooooo man, maybe yuh nuh really know or hear of it, but ah LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time kyattapatry ah gwaan man….Uptown, Downtown, Undaneet jeezas! But deh dem dweet wid much fear and caution dung ah town, passa passa rebound, cawzen SEHHHHHHHHHH! Di Higgla dem nuh FU@KKKKKKKKKKKK fi BBBBBBBBEAT out all weh dem nuh HAVE! Mama! Man, ooman, boy, school girl, rat, puss and grasshopper inna Arcade ah look it fi crook it! But fi SOME reason, dem AAAAAAALWAYS ah get ketch followed by di INEVITABLE MMMMMURDERATION by di ENTIRE Dung Town and Parade….ALL WHO NAW SELL AH PUT IT ON PON DEM, FROM DEM HEAR RUP RUP, AH CRAAAAAAAZY RUPPINZ! Those were the DAYS ah tell ya!

  5. this story was fake when investigated. all the store remove it. I wld sue if I was any of the girls in the pic….. one a dem is a known socialite uptown, engaged to doctor and own her own clothing line.

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