1. had to watch this more than once,what is some ppl excuse again for not achieving life goals..well doone to all of them my word them bad

  2. I know MY GOD will forgive me for laughing when the announcer said the guy lost one eye when him bredda shot it out with bow n arrow…then him lose the othe cuz donkey kick it out!No sah!!!Puppa Jesus YOU see n kno mi heart n YOU know I’ve never wilfully laugh at anyone’s misfortune but but but…this one ya…..

  3. I sincerely apologize to anyone who may find it offensive me finding an aspect of the video funny.I assure u it wasn’t base off laughing at anyone’s disability.In being true to myself though I won’t ever apologize for sharing my thoughts.Nor do I intend to stop …subject to the Admin banning me.

    I can only imagine what’s it like in north Korea n China but if anyone lived in communist Cuba as I did then you will appreciate n yearn for freedom of thought n freedom of expression.This forum more than anywhere else I know of allows for ppl to express themselves even if it is not other’s cup of tea.U can even play hyprocrite,pretty up things n be political correct as u feel like.The admin in her wisdom will apply censorship where it is appropriate n warrented,of that I’m sure.

    I watched it three times it is indeed inspirational so maybe is how the announcer said it i found funny but I won’t be wrong n strong so sorry again no offense was meant.

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