1. I wasn’t going to comment but this surely will be my last comment about anything that has to do with Trinidad nd I know others feel de same cuz I’ve seen other post go up about things dat happen other there and none one gave one much less two phucks to even comment on it,so wid dat sed anything that happens over there or has to do with Trinidad; I SIMPLICITY THE BLOGGER CARE PHUCK’N ZERO WHETHER IT HAS TO DO WITH MAN,WOMAN,CHILD,ANIMAL,INSECT AND THE VERY UNKOWN.

    1. Sorry if im too damn fass I’m always curious as to if this is the same simplicity that use to be on JSB?

  2. Women and men can be fools, when it come to certain thing in a relationship. But no sir, not to this level of foolishness. See what he said,”til death”. That right there is a declaration of his intent and yet she is still with him. So if she love it then I like it. When she get the next beating, (I hope he don’t kill her) but not even the police will help. It sad, but shi betta mine and nuh play. Caws onglii de untaker will look pan har, becaws him get pay tuh dweet I for one won’t even look at di story when de next unstallment come out.

    P.s I know women of all race deal with domestic abuse because it is about power and control. But Indian women will stay and take the beating, rape and the whole nines. Their reasons for staying always boiled down to money and lack of basic education, as a former domestic abuse counsellor this was what I observed. Not even fear for their lives or their children’s life will make them leave.

  3. Simplicity I respected you for a long time, until you said you cared NOTHING about
    ” … Any CHILD” even from Trinidad and anything in general what happens there pertaining to social issues etc. You hit a RAW nerve with me when u showed your distaste about INNOCENT children… So let me get this straight… Only children and issues in JAMAICA we should care about as BLACK and CARIBBEAN PEOPLE ?

    Total jackass and ignorant comment. I love and care about the issues of every single child in Jamaica. i care about the issues of every single child in Haiti, BArbados, Trinidad… Every single child and issues that’ affects us as human beings in the entire Caribbean and all over the world.

    You are as SIMPLE as your name and in your thoughts.
    When we speak broad hateful statements like this, we hurt humanity. Domestic violence Affects EVERYONE, EVERY WHERE … Cuz guess what? If u not already barren, your same PICKNEY can meet a Trinidadian and end up living dey like d rest of 22,000 illegal Jamaiacans there and the next thousands of legal ones living in Trinidad.
    So think bout all ” your people,” living there, before u give zero f**s

    1. awww yuh big hurt or nah,don’t come generalize mi simple ass,small minded,uncouth,giving zero phuck ass statement mi seh weh mi seh bout TRINIDAD nd mi stand backa it full hundred…when a child becomes an adult it’s solely responsible for his/her way of life/living no matter how much you have instill in them while growing,no one knows the road they will take or stay on the best of the best parent have kids out here failing and acting as if the don’t know better,will I be teaching minds to feel the way I NOW feel about Trinidad? NO,because my feelings is just that MINES…..have yuh self a bless day.

  4. Miss MET, you is a next one starting to censor comments. Wrote a post on Monday about the video of the Jmaican woman who robbed a Trinidadian man with scam and false love of over 60,000 US dollars ( one hundred and something thousand TT dollars )… Comment was NEVER posted.

    Responded in that SAME post about Dancehall music band in Trinidad club was false and misleading journalism , because on EVERY block in Trinidad u can hear Jmaican music…
    (((((Bun censorship for 2017)))

    Love all d time miss metty. Bless

    1. Anon that’s a straight up lies,the comments were posted.i even went looking for the video n found it with the whatsapp voicenotes. The comment was also posted abt reggae playing on every corner. Go back and look at the post and you will see the time stamp on ur post.

      Met yuh good and have time cuz me nah post nobody comment that a tell blatant lie pon mi!no sah,mi sey mi nah dweet.

  5. Ahhh boy smh I admire the administrator strength u my dear u is kind u is patient u is a star smh ahhh boy

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