This little cocky mouth gal from portmore name jodi no come ofc me b******* friend name ova man if the boy did want u him would a breed u he didn’t stop swollow discharge every time u suck me dj hood a me friend p** yah taste all yah bring mischie it not working he not leaving stop stress over man weh no want u gal him breed gal what eles u waiting on gal me hate idiot gal go look a 9 to 5 u suck hood like dog u to how u live on me friend name u soon start suck p*** nasty gal u stay bad no r** anybody want some head call her xxxxxx

A did your man first an him get take way wah the r** problem gwan suck cause a u that fit jodi with the wide ole an deep throat any time u have a man an him get a baby an its not yours hes telling u therd is no respect so no love can’t come

5 thoughts on “LOVE DELIVERY

  1. well sender it sound like Jodi is the smarter of you two fools. at least she did us all a favor by swallowing this waste man’s sperm instead of deciding to procreate with it. I hope when he breeds the next woman you take it as your cue to retire from the relationship as well, oh mi figet dats not how it works, you ago be babymother numba wah again?. One small question or two, did this man want you before or after you became pregnant? and will the next baby mother not be without child before he breeds her?

    1. Same so. Sender a sound like she a tek de hood wid har “friend” but Stacy a cut har time short :ngakak

      Senda, lo de gal and run out in a traffic mek truck lick you. Sad phuck!

  2. suck hood is no crime so whats the big deal sen in u self make we be the judge a who the man want u sound unhappy kmt next please

  3. kmt one thing the gal look good so if your baby father no want she u must look better..sen in u self baby mother can bet u stay bad so how the baby an the rash lol the herpes gone all 3 a unu carless cause if u bBy father tell u back what she did to him hes a waste man

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