1. It’s surprising to me how utterly disgusting a lot of Jamaican restaurants are here in the island, especially in the country. You never see gloves worn, hair nets worn, or clean clothes worn by the food prep handlers. Jamaica has to do better with the restaurant sanitation especially in the country.

  2. Dats why mi nuh yam a road!!! When mi see dem out a dem pretty expensive restaurant and a drink dem wine, mi nuh badmind dem!!! Mi jus go inn a my kitchen

  3. Back in the days Aunt I’s restaurant was the place to go for Jamaican food in FortLauderdale Maybe it’s time they closed it, cause nobody no want no roach infested food and it is a dorn shame.

  4. dwlll YARDI mi think the same thing lord help us, weh uu think the headline applies to both topics, yes years ago I sat in a Jamaican restaurant in Toronto OAKWOOD AND Vaughn having a cup a soup, a man I knew from back home saw me and ask me wa u a do in ya, Come mi carry u home, an tell mi don’t go back there its then I heard regular run up and dung shooting drug dealings in deh, that time I had no papers, back to aunt Is reataurant a decent people eat in deh her food is good its unfortunate cleanliness is important, look at that roach never do us nutten nor cause police to question us dwlll

  5. Yes Aunt I’s was the spot back in the early 2000. Once the original cooked gone everything went down hill. I went there to purchase IGLOO tickets and the smell that roamed in that place was atrocious. Ewwww mi belly.

  6. Soldiers restaurant in bk is the same thing rat shit pile up downstairs hear loretta office when the meat man come in the 12pm daniel n the workers dont put the meat in the freezer they wait until evening shift come the salad is overnight salad not to mwntion the rat dem whey live inna downstairs round the plate them lorwtta have stack up fi customer eat from. All loretta do is walk n chat har worker them n fire people fi no reason n talk bout god. Soldiers restaurant on tompkins its nasty careful how u eat there.loretta god not sleeping

  7. Yardy Dilly yard did full of Roach to, him never get enough time to clean that place daily! As sunlight the bums would start going over there.I wonder if the roaches were strapped.

  8. donnas pon oakland park 441 wah lock dung as well!! Go deh and see roach from that mi nuh eat meat or nyam a road!! Im vegan,eating this way does a body good!!!

  9. Mi say mi meet up wid one a mi school fren dem ova dah side deh an him bring mi in deh say dem food nice, but Chu mi read mi Bible god naw Mek mi nyam dutty pot or any unclean tings go dung inna mi belly… cause dutty pot nice dem day… Right when we a go up to di door mi see someone dat we know and say yow Mek we eat a wah diff place. Now look yah.

  10. Jeezam peeeeeeeeeeeeees. I cant beleive this. I just had lunch their today. Now mi belly a haaaaaaaaaaaaaat mi. Never again. Thanks for the info

  11. Me know me house is dutty ..butttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    come on man

    cocky roachy???? biting flying in sects??? dust & grease

    me man me no play dem game dere

    ***clean clean clean..everyday me clean**..popcaan Voice

    not even ”bush life” dutty so

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