1. Oh wow. My dear God. This is horrible. He needs to be brought to justice. The FBI needs to add him as #511 an ketch him as fast as dem ketch Junior.

  2. I hope when it happened, she called the police right away and tell them were she think he might be and the police should of check hotels and his family and friends house… They need to surely put a stop on him boarding and flag his name at the airport, how dare him do that to her, he needs to move on with his life and leave the girl alone… Damn woman beater, God is going to fix him… Lord help this woman and help the police catch him before he leave Jamaica… Girl make it a point to report him and do all you can for the authorities catch him before he think bout leaving on any plane…

  3. a suh dutty oral stay mi sister did deh wud him and him wudda kill her wid beating glad she wised up because jah kno da yute deh did a walk pon eggshell…him a woman beater but nuh have nuh strenght for men…couple yrs ago i saw him beating my sister all i heard was everytime him hand connect her bone mek noise, i tried to stop him he wouldnt me grab piece a board lick him 2 times him nuh stop so i use all my strenght and swing and it connect in him head , i swore wen he turned he came at me wid rage , my likkle bro jus step in lift him up and told him not dis one not dis one and fling him…he didnt do ish to my bro but cuss like gal bout it nuh done… sender i feel your pain but god soon deal wid dis careless johncrow either prison and him grave him ago end up

  4. Den a wah lead to dis? Because if she lef him 6 years ago, and him live a Boston, and she dey a yard, and she 4 months pregnant, where are de missing pieces of this puzzle? Come on Sender, please fill us in.

  5. Them ppl ya is a set of liar!!!!s him wrong to hit her n thats where him f**k up… But the half of the story has never been told.. Plus the man dont want her them lef long time … Is only him child him business bout is her nasty behavior n her careless livity mek she n the man ketch up cause him reach him limit…. Fact still remain him shouldnt put him hands on her. Im close to the situation so a a nuh hear say a facts… That girl is the devil from hell.. Just sorry seh him mek she draw him out..

  6. Liard gal come clean with the full story and stop build up shit on ppl.. I bet there’s way lot more to this piece of story!!
    Clowns !!!!! Smh

  7. Need fact you guys need to stop post false shit, Sandy trying hard to set up Oral thealth man move on long time Sandy was the side girl, she mad because Oral just take care of his Lil girl and not paying her no mind… smh… it’s sad the way she put out false information smh…

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