Some woman need to humble themself when them know them a mate like myself at that point. She old the man old its al about the money with the married man. All when mi leave the man give her she still n my back.

********This man name fatty whey up ina him age have 4 women it seems, a wife, a baby mother and two matie…di matie dem a war who di man want********

5:46pm, Apr 12 – tiffany: Alot of you bitches a act like someone when u ppl are no one man use dem like door mat n holding n to them because dem gal


  1. It look to me like sey some gal a throw cocky pardna, but dem nah get no draw. De ting look sticky !!

  2. DWL… Met mi naw lie… Big big man and woman like dis… Mi nuh see dem as no mate…. Just some old ppl ah have fun. lol… Mi can just imagine how di man happy and feel young seh him have bare woman. DWL!!! Lawd mi cyah tek di big ppl mixup

  3. orning MET,mi nuh like wen some big ole man gwaan like some idle jubbie enuh. When a man reach certain age some ting fi puh dung, di bag a gal ting im shuda retire long time.

  4. Good morning Tawkchuet, jus laugh man, caw da situation ya is one soap opera dat’s all washed up. Tek care.

    1. Mi a laff man mi no mean nothing by it mi did just a wonder if u know the inner workings of the elders club so mi ask hope I didn’t come across harsh

  5. Yow me know da bredda yah from me a likkle yute . Fatty nuh dat old innuh .Fatty a bout 55 or so .Looking way too old to be dem age deh and a live the good life so long . I knew him as a business man who had a contract company .Look like fatty mek the woman dem strain him out…lol

  6. What’s crazy to me is that STD cases in this man age group is at an all time high. Anyways if him tek sick tomorrow morning guess who dem a go call fi burden down dem self.

    1. dem probably figga say dem soon reach the end of them lifeline so anything goes…look how poppie a lick the ooman face no sah lol

        1. Dem need fi have a age requirement fi real tho cause this don’t make no damn sense lol, Met I just link you

  7. Met, whe mi comment bout dese ole people? Anyhoo him mussi have a lifetime supply a viagra n have him doctor n cardiologist pon speed dial. At fi dem age dem a put up selfie n tek pic of fod fi put pon social media. A him sey ole but not cole

  8. @Tawkchuet, You never come across as harsh, so don’t beat upon yourself. Mi read your comments all de time, and mi like how you respond. As fe me, me nuh know dem people ya, and no waan know dem needa. One ting mi like wid Met is that she have a variety of tings pon har website, so yu see when she post someting funny, mi haffe laugh. Yu nuh see all Met and Yep! a laff affa da one ya, and you mek mi laff to when yu ask if me know “de inner workings of de elders club ” Bloodcleet, dat funny. So, if dem senior citizens here still waan play dollyhouse, which is a likkle pickney ting, den let dem be, and laff affa dem. Big up yourself, one love, and God’s blessings every time !!!!

  9. who eva say 55 is not old is obviously ole demself n still livin a careless life n tink dem still young bcuz 55 is old!!!!!!

  10. what a ting when u licky licky u tek any form a disrespect in the name of money. People can really fight ova dat deh old man weh cocky probably cyaa stand up

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