US Prosecutors have charged Kryzie King, 27, born in Jamaica as Christopher King, with first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and unlawful imprisonment in the death of Myls Dobson, who was found dead, last Wednesday in the bathroom of an apartment on Manhattan’s West Side. Prosecutors said paramedics said they found Myls unconscious and slumped over in the bathtub. His broken body was covered with scores of whip marks, burns and bruises, and his testicles had abrasions on them. Police say the boy’s father, Okee Wade, 37, who is currently in a New Jersey jail serving time on a fraud charge, had turned over the care of his son to King. However, Wade told The New York Daily in a jailhouse interview on Sunday that he was a “loving father” to his son. “I don’t know anyone named Kryzie King,” he told the paper, adding “They put in the paper that I was dating a transsexual. That’s just wrong! I like women. I don’t date men, and I don’t date transsexuals.” King was ordered held on US$500,000 bail. The medical examiner is yet to determine how the boy died.


  1. Before the man seh him aho miss him son or King was a malicious fool for doing this to his son… Him ah worry bout weh di media seh bout him sexual preference!!! Di two ah dem sick inna dem head!! RIP to that little boy and may his family find peace

  2. yuh worried bout dem calling yuh a batyman wen dis pussyhole tortured yuh bloodclaat son yah luu tuh all me mi run inna dat bloodclaat death pussyclaat penalty wi a seek yuh batty phucking germs unno

  3. sorry fe de clean up yuh aguh duh lata admin but de fada jus as damn bad him worried bout him sexuality preference wen him son went chue hell b4 him last breath sick a dem germs yah

    1. I see nothing mentioned about ACS, they were not aware of the child being mistreated. After all they did not place the child in the home, I don’t see this affecting them unless they were notified in this case about abuse prior to the child dying.

  4. this motherf**ker is a man for real holy shit!!!my intuition didn’t fail me da first time poor kid didnt stand a chance in life wit a battyman fi a daddy

  5. This entire case makes no sense. Seems that ACS took the child out of the Mother’s custody because the Mother was living in a shelter and placed the child with the Father. The father knew this person for only 2 mths! What blows my mind is how he can leave his child with this person. The next thing that I can’t understand is how the Mother who had supervised visits suddenly not know the whereabouts of her child since November? The father sounds like an idiot denouncing the man that he was dating. What I am worried about is if the little boy was also sexually abused at the hands of this monster? I hope they f&%l him up in prison!

    1. I Don’t tink he was sexually abused because the tranny thinks he is a woman. I don’t tink him fling cock, I tink him tek it. Den again di fawda like batty. Well I don’t even want to tink about it . I sure hope he wasn;t molested.

  6. RIP little one..I feel ACS case was still open however the father and this he/she is to blame.. They need to rape both in Jail!

  7. They said the mother had mental problems but the father had 16 prior arrest u would think acs would give the child to a family member………… The news said the mother smacked the child………rip …..:'(

  8. God just saved the little angel bc it could have been so nuh worse for him as he grew older. What a young age fi all these things to have happened to him Many women live in shelters with their kids so we all know part of that story is missing. The father had famy but chose not to leave the child with them but instead go pon a scam and lef the Pitney with a sexual deviant? Now the father who was on suicide
    Watch in jail is now concerned about his image in the media? When judgement reach the two a dem not a tear fi fall or a cry fi utter . Them sick bad

  9. ACS is responsible. Did the jail nord father even live any where to tek this Pitney. Babymother get a good lawyer and sue the city for wrongful death

    1. So I saying too. She has a case. Acs is known for taking children from women I’m shelters citing inadequate guardianship and neglect so it is possible that that was the reason.

  10. …tears really fill my eyes with this case, cus when i look at the picture of the boy an mother for a little baby he did look depressed..kid never had a chance in life, real sad

  11. look at that big ape playing pussy that s a man in wig, look ai it built, i hope they put he in the man prison

  12. So the ape looking creature is really a man. Well now that this has come to light I truly believe that there was some type of sexual abuse that occurred. Because, from the get-go I was wondering why the hell it was of such value to burn his private parts. Just thought this asshole was a sick bastard anyway….but now that this is out that in fact the Chubaka look alike is indeed a man…only God knows what that little boy went through. Well me really believe in the re-encarnation of the soul. So I know that young man will return to a way better life. Big foot and her man will keep coming back to suck one another and dead again like the dutty dog them is. The heights of wickedness- your pickney dead and you a try deny you is a homo….maybe that is all why him did want commit suicide. Cause come to think of it is only a selfish rasshole would leave their kid with someone that they met for only two months. My God man…. mi can’t even leave my pickney with best of friend….just because me know my youth will gallang bad and tear down them yard and I don’t want a soul lay hands on my child much less have excuse to do it. Dutty Drankow them….The Big foot look-alike a just 27 is a whole heap a years lef fi face it judgement. God naw sleep.

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