Zika unconfirmed cases in the thousands

THE Ministry of Health is reminding citizens that four of five persons infected with the zika virus will not show any symptoms of it and that only “high risk” cases are being confirmed by the Caribbean Public Health Agency.

A Ministry of Health High release said that high risk cases include pregnant women, children under five years, persons over 60 years, and hospitalised cases.

The confirmed cases stood at 254 with 78 being pregnant women as of August 12, the release said yesterday. Six of the cases confirmed are from Tobago.

Meanwhile acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Clive Tilluckdharry has confirmed that the number of people with the zika virus was in the thousands.

Doctors at private clinic have also told Newsday that many persons are visiting their clinics with rash, fever, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and headaches – all symptoms of the zika virus.

A breakdown of the confirmed cases shows St George West, 91; St George Central, 39; St George East, 30; St Andrew/ St David, four; Caroni, 20; Victoria, 45; St Patrick, 12; Tobago, 6; Unknown, eight; non-citizen, one.

The ministry said that it continues its efforts to monitor and manage the outbreak of the zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases.

It urges citizens to follow to continue taking steps to protect themselves and others by keeping their environment clean, using protective clothing and sleeping under mosquito nets.

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