28 thoughts on “THREE DI TEKIESHA WAY

  1. Kim love tek tek tek ppl man
    Shereen how much baby daddy u have due to how u looks u can never keep a man
    Bianca how two PAC leave u and ya tek ppl man now. Yes met the whole a them love tek ppl man what’s classy in that

  2. Shereen is married to a idiot man where don’t even know what she keeps up with forever in a dance and a sleep with this this that man. Don’t follow kim she has the worst reputation in dance hall I never met a girl wherre love change man. Kim u still a tek stash milli Bianca ustill a try f**k big stitch shereen u don’t want me to go there man. But shereen u still a thief and sell drugs

  3. 3 miserable stinking whoreing gal

    Bianca is ah secret informer, PC752 is her badge number long time she ah work work with polic & Trident.

    Most of the bags and clothes are fake

  4. Jealousy bottom line. Sender so what if them a f**k a next gal man have nuff baby father and a prostitute themselves. They all look good. Nuff of oonu gal a go a dance and are worst than dat. Allow di gal dem. Dem nuh miserable like your bucket pussy. F**king stupid bitch how is this effecting you.

  5. lawd man! leave the gal dem pickney out a unnu thing, they may be old enough to be labelled as adults but they are in now way responsible for the actions of their mothers neither are they the cause of any bitter feelings towards these girls.

  6. Self-hatred (also called self-loathing) refers to an extreme dislike or hatred of oneself, or being angry at or even prejudiced against oneself. The term is also used to designate a dislike or hatred of a group, family, social class, or stereotype to which one belongs and/or has. For instance, “ethnic self-hatred” is the extreme dislike of one’s ethnic group or cultural classification. It may be associated with aspects of autophobia.

    The term “self-hatred” is used infrequently by psychologists and psychiatrists, who would usually describe people who hate themselves as “persons with low self-esteem”.[citation needed] Self-hatred and shame are important factors in some or many mental disorders, especially disorders that involve a perceived defect of oneself (e.g. body dysmorphic disorder). Self-hatred is also a symptom of many personality disorders, including borderline personality disorder,[1] as well as depression. It can also be linked to guilt for someone’s own actions that they view as wrongful, e.g. survivor guilt.[citation needed] these commenters are suffering they need to kill them selfs!!

  7. Met I went and look at this girl Shereen million on instagram I see why the people upset gal a live her life if her pickney dem pretty 1 more time working educated and well travelled I see y unno upset if she tek your man him not coming back progress… hush

  8. Marsha is Shereen ,shereen pickney dem don’t stay good them ever look dirty and untidy dem hair wah comb all shereen do a stunt for social media she is a escort private whore ,Bianca old and done out all all she do a stunt for social media ,Kim west is a next one walk and f**k and suck like dag her kids dem naked and full a rotten teeth Kim ever look sweaty and stink not to mention out a shape anybody can teef clothes sell Pussy and collect government funds that’s all these birches do them all for social media and none of them don’t own them own man sad cases for human beings they need to and learn how to hold a man and clean them dirty house and take care of dem kids because time them a big old woman now a lick 50 where will they be in 10 years ?

  9. Utter rubbish these girls are my friends . And all I have to say the hate is real . Shez and bee are good mums kids well kept the 2 big ones have jobs and are far from on drugs my friend has a job she work f**king hard every day long hours . And if you know her you would know this . I can’t even believe am on ere entertaining you people but as you brought the kids in Let me talk . Right what you need to do is get a job you have to much time on your hands . Or go f**k for some money and stop f**k for free how much Man you f**k this year for free don’t let the lens fool yo big league 1 2 3 baby daddy it don’t matter from a man f**k u and you done have a baby daddy him want the space so what does that tell you they all want a baby ca she’s a good right

  10. Bianca is a old prostitute who send her kids dem to Africa to her mumma who can’t come backs England as she is a wanted woman. So how Bianca a good mother? She send her kids dem to Africa for months while she a walk and suck off papi versatile who still a f**k and suck off all a do young gal dem a England. Bianca you chat Camille everyday say she a idiot and she a private escort too. Bianca how much man you did have to duck wah day over Monte Carlo with Shereen? Tupac nuh want you and him nah lef him wife and nah look pon yuh. Bianca still a do fraud after you get dash out pon uk tv a few years back. Just google bianca Guthrie and you will see her come up with her fraud shit. All dem gal do is duck a different hype man every other week for celeb boutique dress. Bianca you forget seh yuh did a done Fay legend with Kim weh night? Bianca a over 45 years old and gwan like seh she descent. Bianca member mi know your file and it long from Jamaica to Africa to England. As for Kim she always look like she stink bad she just swell up like one hog. And all she do a follow back a Bianca like a puppet pon a string. Mi hear seh you chat charlotte and lucky bout how chatlotte a run fi First Lady title and she a no sandy buckas. So she will never be First Lady cause lucky still a walk and f**k pon her and breed up nia London weh him a tek good good care of her and her newborn child.

  11. So Bianca u just a run dung di hype hard hard so much dat u send een pic of yourself wid no real story behind it an figet seh good bad an ugly a go come out! What a way u have nuff time pon your hands now tru seh u Baby fada lef u cause you batty done out cause your pussy lef your body long time. And all u a do a lef lef u Pinckney dem wid people an go dance a night time. A u Mek clean clothes look dirty no matta weh u put on it look borin an cheap pon u. U aim Ina life is to be like Camielle lee Neva gonna happen Bitch! U would haffi dead an born ova again.

  12. Bianca, shereen & Erica went for trial at the strip club. Erica wS the only one got called back & get the job.
    Kim please pleas spend time on your kids hygiene.
    How lied Bianca never deh ah Fay Legend party? Dag gal deh is the biggest trickster.

    Hey yuh wah hear when Shawn Sharp ah style up dem bruk gal yah. Him nuh trust none of them. Yet the dutty suck pussy jiggalo end up breed one of them. That is why f**k iut Michelle left him.
    Water pussy Tanya suppose to glad. What a sturr with rhese dirty dancehall ppl

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