Six shot, three fatally at alleged gambling shop

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Three men are now dead while three others are in hospital battling for life following a shooting incidnt at a shop on Lincoln Crescent in Kingston.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that about 4:30 pm, a motor vehicle drove up to a yard where the men were alleged to be gambling.

The occupants of the motor vehicle who were armed with firearms then reportedly alighted from the vehicle and opened fire.

More information later.


  1. Met dah one yah nuh look normal, word in the streets is Tivoli get shot up the other night and dem a Seh a Jungle man dem duh it,and that a di big talk a garden. But a di wrong yard dem run in pon, a di yard nxt door a bunch a gun man live inna an a dem d real target .The people weh dead innocent.

  2. Yup, wrong yard..i grew up about 3 houses from where this happened, the same yard weh get bun dung today, a deh suh mi grow..the yard next door to the yard weh dem run inna dem did want..the likkle youths dat died mi kno dem from dem a baby…one a dem is an only child, so sad.

  3. Puppa Jesus monday dem kill gang leader fi scare dem gang a Pembroke hall aligned to denham tn. How jungle get. Involved
    Dem say a it cause the shooting a tulip lane. The little man mek peace an gone
    A wa dis fada

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