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  1. So like how everybody deh pon di Road to Road….she pack up and gone to…along with bout 50 more “best friends/girlfriend/matey?

  2. I could careless bout her MEMORABILIA f%&k and photo…the man moved on many times over. Obsession is a damn sickness, worst when you’re an EX many times removed.

    Sad that her position was one time, long long time ago. I wonder whey Bob Marley “day one deh” or Obama…all Hitler own :hammer I can’t stand “crowd”.

    1. Shi and her defender sick mi! Like why the provication?? She’s no better than the spot light thirsty first and second runner ups in Bolt’s life! Past is the past!

    2. :thanks2 Exactly. Is how many years that now? Women need to have sense enuh man. Let’s say he’s still messing with her, how does she feel about him messing with all those other women? Look here, I left it alone when it happened, but I wonder if all these rat racers know that if Lubica didn’t get put off by the public critism of their relationship she would’ve locked him down good & proper long time – ring on finger & all that. I mean she wasn’t just a red skinned Jamaican she was actually white = black man’s kryptonite.

      1. I hear they not messing around but him have respect fi har totally. Him know di behavior him have roun di res a woman him cant do it with her

        1. Why? Cause she bond wid him mother? :hammer

          Bless any union that a mother forces their sons into 😀 😀 😀

          1. No, I wouldnt be foolish enough to make such a baseless assumption. It has nothing to do with his mother.

        2. This innuendo is unnecessary then Met & makes her look desperate. I get having a good relationship with an ex, but as long as he has moved on she needs to resist the urge to keep upfronting herself as if there’s more to it than his respect.

          1. Mi nuh think she a upfront herself as people have said here they are good friends and mi hear he is very respectful to her and towards her

      2. See why me respect yuh?! :shakehand2

        All a gwan people a pretend like Lubica wasn’t his second skin at one time… we no see har a claim no days :ngakak

        A lesson of a well rounded woman is knowing when and how to surrender with grace.

  3. She posted the picture August 5 and has not said or posted anything after that re Bolt so nuh too cuss her

    1. Shi fi get reminded that is more than a 1000 days since “day one” 😀 😀

      Me 1,000,000,000% CERTAIN wives here on pinkwall would a bringle like mad dog if husband FIRST come up in a dem spotlight in the same manner as Madame “day one”… hail up G! We just nhame another GOLD !

  4. You know what, I’m going to take back all I previously said. Mitsy is not putting out any innuendos, it’s the people responding to her status that’s making references to related to Usain. Smh. That’s why I can’t like this social media business.

  5. Mitsy would still be there if she was willing to suck off all bolts various pussy juices off his cock like Kasi. Pride is a hell of a thing. Some people put up with anything to be seen . Get some class Kasi. Where is your self respect or you just love the taste of yanique Sam and all the rest

  6. I must say as one with pride of my own I could not would be doing what Mitsy is doing. She seem confused and like Phantom said the spotlight isn’t worth and I predict that Bolt will NOT marry any of these women and they will be a part of Bolts long list of groupies. Even though she was his girlfriend if yuh lef the the man move on and don’t look desperate like the other girls be the one that respect her self enough to walk away from it all and this so call “friendship” I don’t know if its worth it. Many of these women are in their late 20s pushing 30 and yet they are acting like school girls. I

  7. Seriously? Why are persons reading into things that much though, is it because she’s an ex? A lot of persons where putting up things with bolt why she cant do it? Dam uno harsh..

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