Tifa we get that you making a comeback and want to reinventing urself so that’s fine.Try wheel and reinvent again because the goth and demonic image has worn thin with dancehall fans,just ask Tommy lee ok


  1. These bumboclaat bitches dnt have ntn better fi do,, the girl at her video shoot,, Guh suck yuh momma sender,, look a job a or supm

    1. Shut the f$$k up, with your non-sensical rambling. How low of a human being can you be to speak on someone’s disability. You naav ntn pon you weh big? Ole germz

      1. Moooove u blood claat n gwey, u can tell mi whe fi see?!?!! I see some big ugly orthopedic looking round mouth boots. She could have used a pointy toe stilleto heel boots even just to pose in. The boots BIG & UGLYYYYYY
        Come bite me now.
        Who was talking about her disability, her stylist should have taken that into consideration when trying to do sexy for the video shoot….AGAIN DI BOOTS UGLYYYYY

  2. foot dem look big nuh bloodcleet. She look like she have elephantitis. Slim pointy boots with a little heel would have worked better. Why she haffi wrap up har head like she have cold so?

  3. We picking on people with disabilities now?? But have a problem with me calling somebody a dumb bitch. Anybody can born with a disability suh jus watch urself in this life and who u laugh at.
    And i must say Jamaicans may not be in the goth thing but other places in the world are, hence why Tommy Lee is still making money. Although thats not what Tifa doing, I think she jus going with that theme for the video.

  4. Has nothing to do with disabilities…d ppl dem neva seh anything about her foot bend up or ntn like dat I think people are just stating the obvious. Anyone could have taken a picture like that albeit someone without disabilities could also choose to wear something that doesn’t complement them. Picture was taken from a bad angle which makes her knees look big plus d shoes dem fat and ugly.

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