Di last time we see Tifa ina panty pan stage she seh it was a wardrobe malfunction suh dis one is what? Not to mention dat di boot and di socks nuh have NUH KINDA stage appearance. Tifa memba when yuh tek di mic a bay noise yuh mek suh yuh clothes nuh fi loud. Yuh doe have on leggings yuh doe have on stocking and di whole a di panty itch up ina yuh battum. Suh yuh mean fi tell mi not even di likkle holiday cudda mek yuh come out half way decent?

9 thoughts on “TIFA INA PANTY……….. AGEN

  1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others….

    Tifa should have worn a flesh stocking or stick take to end of her shorts she knows damn well her legs rub and cause her garments to not stay in place

  2. Tiffa yuh mus coulda duh likkle betta :hoax2 Dem deh curdle legs deh and di anti-embolism socks nah bingo ah blertbart. Mi not even ah guh touch di bomber jacket, booty shorts and 60s big heel boot….:travel

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