A white tiger killed a young man who climbed over a fence at the New Delhi zoo and jumped into the animal’s enclosure Tuesday, a spokesman said.
Despite repeated warnings that he shouldn’t get too close to the outdoor enclosure, the man eventually climbed over a knee-high fence, through some small hedges, then jumped down 18 feet into a protective moat, said National Zoological Park spokesman Riyaz Ahmed Khan.
The male tiger, which lives on a grassy tree-filled island, grabbed the man from the moat. Footage broadcast on NDTV showed the tiger carrying the man around the island.
Authorities eventually frightened the tiger into a small cage inside the enclosure. The man, whose body remained in the outdoor enclosure two hours after the attack, was dead by the time help reached him, Khan said.
“The tiger was just being a tiger,” said Belinda Wright, who has spent years working to protect India’s dwindling numbers of wild tigers. “An unusual object fell into his domain. … He’s a wild animal in captivity. It is certainly not the tiger’s fault.”
It’s not unusual for visitors to a zoo in India to taunt animals or toss bits of food through cages even though zoo rules forbid it. Groups of visitors may sometimes throw used plastic water bottles or stones into animal enclosures to get the animal to react.
Deputy Commissioner of Police M.S. Randhawa identified the man only as Maqsood and said he was thought to be about 20 years old.
Further details about him and the tiger were not immediately available.
The zoo remained open Tuesday afternoon, though authorities eventually roped off the tiger enclosure.


    1. Brutal indeed, but wah mi nuh undastand is how comes no body ah di Zoo could’t do anything fi help him, caz di tiger was there with him for almost a good 2 minutes from wah wi si. RIP, only God know a wah did wrang wid him why him decide do such a crazy thing. smh

      1. Tinan, like di tiger neva suh sure weh fi do wid him and probably ah tink bout it. But him inate skills jus tek oba an him duh weh him duh. Di zoo officials musi tired fi warn di people deh an jus tek dem time fi reach. Sad story :sorry

        1. Yeh, Yardie,it mi a seh, caz di tigah really look like it did a feel him out fuss. Kindah did a guh at him like cat wid yarn and deh im just pounce..it did look like anada person did wahn try guh fi help but people advice im nuffi do it..it sad fi true..tiger just tek up di man lakka piece a rag doll and gone to hell.

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