People this a more than drama
This is a saga
Ishawna leff foota
and good deh with skatta
Foota go on onstage and say
Winfred me can’t bother bz ishawna
A labba labba a dis me up in a song
Like she Wah mash up me brand
Like how dem mash up me hand
But the reason we leff a bz she Wah
Me fi nahm but man a badman
Him tell the interviewer say he was in the dark now everything comes to light
That’s when he found out skatta and joe both got a slice
This no nice it nuh nice it nuh nice
So let’s take it little further when she
Take the interview with ragga
At first he was gentle like she a him daughter
She tell him about the abuse and the trauma
That’s when somebody inbox him and say step up the pressure
So him drop the big boom
Like down a Hiroshima
Did you leg get skatta
Then me hear a long pause like the
Phone disconnect me think a me net
Then me hear hello hello and me say YESS
And she admit her things only get skatta joe never get no grind
This nuh nice it nuh nice it nuh nice


  1. Such a pretty girl with such ugly characters. An go see she ah hype now like ah sittn good she do. An de wutless family dem not even a try discipline/correct ar…dem ah big har up like she ah hottest ting ah road. Ishawna, YU RIGHT YU LEGENDARY CAAWS YU BRAND FE LIFE AS A PRETTY, WUTLESS, NO CLASS, WASTE OF SPERM!!! An yes ma’am dat ah go live on and on and on….

  2. Studio mattress and media whore Ishawna……..go away!!!!! This materialistic hoe has no talent…..nudity and fawking is her claim to fame.

  3. Uhmm…Ishawna nuh do nuttin weh sumbody inna the situation wouldn’t do. Foota came on tv bragging proudly about him cheating. After a nuh him fawda she phukc. Society too double standard. Ishawna a big ooman. She gi har “good good” to whoever she want. It is not for foota or any of us to decide. So judgmental.

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