13 thoughts on “TIGHTS AFFAIR

  1. @G – No sure Y this surprises anyone anymore. The youth dem a follow up Kanye and Young Thug.

    Similar thing to the JEANS-A-DROP-OFF f***y.

    Anyone in them 30’s-40’s in Jamaica know that the moral values thing get fcked up.

    BUT onnu also need to say something about the women who dress with no class as well, and a typical thing for the dancehall that – like y show u ass n breasts and u not in the bedroom?

    Is a culture thing and ours is now one pot of mix-up.

  2. Boy mi yaardie people dem tek everything for fashion. the pro athletes wear tights warn up there muscles.. Note These boys and the China tights in heated jamaica..it going to brew another type of germs on those balls bredrens

  3. No unnu see partly why the woman dem affi a share man as enuff straight, mature minded man nuh deh again. A unnu woman cause it bcuz unnu eva a defend the fishes and a say leave dem til now dem start tek unnu man unnu a bawl. Nuh fren no fish naah say fi attack dem but the bosom budd biz fi stop.

    1. I agree to disagree. It depends on the types u r attracted to and the environment you are in, for many mature men are still around. These sets are undesirables that flocks undesirable parties.

  4. So man really a tek time now fi put on tights. When did they start getting so feminine.. Right now Mi not even want mi man dem put on all too much lotion

  5. Someone please explain why so many Jamaican niggas never look into the camera when taking a photo, are the watching the male photographers nutts? Or are they daydreaming about male cocky? It’s always some fruity looking, bleached faced wannabe tough guy always striking that pose….

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