1. Bwoy the justice system in America is a joke. The Bronx zoo/crew commi like say dem invincible. Look how much time Shushanna Toni kay and Bobbette get hold and then released? This is a big disrespect to the court. I hope she get dealt with properly bc i cannot stand her. Old theift.

  2. I was wondering how her court date went… Bobbette had one last month also… did she go??
    These chicks are crazy… They grew fuk up so her kid should also.

  3. She probably had her attorney appear on her behalf because it says her Ror is continued. If no one showed up then they will issue a warrant. Probably to far it’s in Suffolk County

  4. These days u can have a long criminal history and its all theft charges, n still walk around like u a bad bitch. If I laugh one more time,gal guh have several rass kotch. But keep doing u cus a u one a guh sidung ina di People dem manchan, that’s filled with steel doors. And this goes for every idiot that thinks a rich life dem a live, compared to unuh dupy crew people who work 9 to 5 are richer Dan unuh,cus dem sure a dem freedom. Girl bye, di whole a unuh a fuk alien.

  5. I dont get the concept of “people” thinking clothes and cars is an ambition. I dont see her bragging on “how” she got her stuff. So, people are suppose to envy her. So,she doesnt have papers, no valid skills, or an education. WOW, she really has ambition. I want to be like herrrrrrrrrrr (rolling eyes)

    I want to be like her stealing, scamming, having a record, no papers, selling myself(maybe on

    Why she couldnt make it to her court case? She doesn’t work? She didnt want to show up in her new BMW? She was busy with a client?

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