Ok, now… I would hope females know the risks of keeping their vaginas restricted. Tight pants, tight tights, tights during OFFICIAL HEAT WAVE WEATHER. I need her to do better… What is the continuous need for these nude tights? Is she soaking them and hands washing them, machine washing…. Purchasing packs of nude tights? Wtf is going on… Draws, tights, shorts, bathing suits… Under EVERY F****NG OUTFIT…fi ar p*** nah sweat…





Three examples is too much but at this point there is WEEKS OF EVIDENCE SEH DI P*** NEED AIR

41 thoughts on “TIGHTS DISPUTE

  1. lol caan please people. unoo cuss di woman say har legs dem ugly an shribble up so she wear the tights fi mask it DWLLLL me did a wonda if is a part a har everyday wear now cuz me notice every dance. gosh! maybe she have a barrage a dem a har yawd

  2. It’s like a100% outside what is she doing with the stocking on every night ? Philly hold this L

  3. A buss er leg buss up man! And even if is a new one shi put on every time unnu still ago sey a di same one cause a suh unnu tan, me feel sey a beta shi cover up di buss Dem Dan show it

  4. She’s one on Philadelphia biggest whores so I suppose the stockings is to protect her knees because she can be call to work at anytime, even tho one man have it to say that her rotten teeth infected his buddy

  5. K you guys are haters there’s nothing wrong with her wearing the tights… Obviously it’s what makes her comfortable so cut that BS bout the pussy needs air like.. I’m pretty sure she’s not wearing it all day. #Annoying

  6. Tia you need to stop bleach look how you destroy your skin that wasn’t nice to begin with , tell me this when the bleach bus up your face are you going to put tights over your head also? Bitch you think ppl didn’t notice ha lol you send away your child so you can continue the credit card scamming with twin white, what you get out the deal because I have never seen you look half decent and you always in dance begging 20 dollars to put towards your rent . You keep talking that you have Dave on video eating your pussy but yet to release the video

  7. Tia have da tights in mon threes unsay in the summer unno see many pics from sun threw min she go a dance

  8. I want someone to post the pics of her true skin color, that’s when she going to run in and say take it down CTFU. you can talk about the pussy all day she don’t care. call her darkskin and you got a probelm

  9. She have nice feet that’s all for now lace fronts horrible da girl Barbie wha have the twins her hair always looks nasty

  10. Kmt my first job I had to wear a specific uniform which consisted of; pencil skirt, blazer, tie and of course stockings. All of which I wore five days a wk, spring summer and winter. Leave the people them alone. I can’t understand why women hate on each other’s so much?

  11. Ah must be Maine and her dirty sisters send this in. After no body don’t want f***g Omar. How come you never attack the woman he have in Tucson. But you always on Tia name. Get a damn life my girl.

  12. Maine, Omar still f***n Tia and he goes to look for the little girl over the lady who Tia gave her to. So all that shit u carrying on with how u didn’t know that but u love gwan like say u nuh fass ina people business and u a one a di biggest mix up a philly. He gives her money all the time but u claim that he can’t give the little girl anything as long as u and him are together. U need to sort out ur man and ur life and stay out a people business

  13. Lowe di gal mek she cova har buss an gwaan truuu..as smaddy say ef she show di buss unnu same one ago criticize but a which Dave she have video wid short David??

  14. Maine u are the biggest laugh Inna Philly!!!!! Anytime mi see u and ur man mi buss out a laugh!!!! Gal ur self-esteem dead and u is a sad case!!!! Mi know u must hate him!!! U cyan happy a bloodclat!!!! U must miserable!!!!! Tia a GI u a run fi ur money all when a di one tights or one lace wig shi have or er pussy dash all bout!!!!! Maine go kill ur rass self!!!!! Ur Sista Dem need fi tell u!!! But man done pan u suh u affi stay wid him cause no more man naa go dey suh!!!!

  15. @6:27 pm tia y yu a comment an a gwan like a ppl a comment bitch yu sad nuh bloodclat get yu life together none r yu SoCal friend dem nuh like yu dat much fi pick up fi yu dirty big ole bitch loool an mi nah ask Christ philly ppl dem hate yu bloodclat suh stop comment like a nuh ocean ole

  16. Lol fi true every good comment weh Mek pan de bloodclat pose a de man looking bitch Tia a comment yes Dwl

  17. Leave her alone so the f**k what if she wanna wear stockings the f**k is that to u guys get a fu***g life and stop watch people u f***g negative insecure asshole who feel good bashing others what is that doing for u make sure when ur pointing ur finger ur hands are clean f**k outta here the human race make me sick we should up life eachother not come on gossip site and belittle eachother

  18. Tia f**k weh do f**ka dem affi say, u look good Inna you tights goodie mamma u lick dem fi six don’t stop wear u tights that them sell Inna store for mek dem f**k off no goodas no deah a Philly everybody fu**g and sucking on the same dick so no feel bad when them chat god nah give u more than u can bear

  19. U people are sick she wear tights s problem she don’t s problem unnuh need fi mine unnuh business too f**g nuff that’s our problem as Jamaicans

  20. Nothing wrong with it I rather see a woman in her tights to look neat in her clothes than some shaky or sloppy body some a uno parade around. Uno late to the thing look closely at any of BeyoncĂ© pics and you will see anytime she have on her bodysuits or short up shorts she has on tights. As sitter of fact she have on fishnet over tights to add texture. Look it up that’s years ago she drop that tip.

    Philly girls and Jamaican girls slack with dressing anyway u have no room to chat the girl. U come out all the tone half of you big ugly beasts with your bad skin and cellulite a big holes in leg nuff a uno need them stocking more than Tia

  21. TIA , nobody nuh business bout yuh tights , wEAR whey yuh wan wear but u need fi go thief ah self esteem and some new frenS,and stop thief chlothes ,u Really dey pon pink wall a brag bout yah f**k back dat bwoy , whey deal wid yuh SOO last year ah comfort zone ova di likkle black mawga gal .And mi did feel so sorry fi YUH,,and glad seyy yuh lock him up . Tia yuh really mek him ah sneak And hide ah see yuh baby ,everybody know bout the baby , the bwoy dey all bout with him Oman Pitney that’s not him blood , and ur Pitney ah him blood ,why are u still allowing him to sneak with your daughter girl ,ur insecure Tia . U think what ur writing on here is cute , it’s embarrassing ,yuh fren dem a clown yuh fi ah mek yuh feel good bout dat man sneaking to see dis big nearly 2 year old baby ,whey everybody know bout . Tia him nuh rate yuh or him Pitney , when bwoy rate dem Pitney ,Pitney affi go inna house to Oman ,All when man done pon mi ,mi couldn’t f**k back him . Yuh sick Tia . Mi really ah see now say ah true people ah talk say yuh don’t even like yuhself or di baby .,AH REALLY DI BWOY YUH DID WAAN .tia yuh wicked to di baby ,fi even ah allow dem type ah treatment yah inna Har life ,afta whey yuh put har thru already ..Mi hope di gyal gi yuh round two when she hear this bout u and har man again …caahhh yah really a bloodchlothe big man clown in a foreign … Which bwoy coulda beat me cahhh dem gyal find out bout my Pitney inna public and do my face Suhhhh ,and me go f***k him back ? HIDE ANNA F**K HIM BACK AT DAT ,Da boy dey woulda affi beat him Oman back outta road mek me see ,before him woulda caan call back my phone . Tia all delete me delete yuh offa everything . F***g idiot gyal .. Ah so byad yuh really waan yuh fren sista man ,fi still make him ah sneak wid di baby doe , di innocent baby .

  22. GOODMORNING EVERYONE Tia , Gwaan wear yuh Half ah tights and big up YUHSELF , WE HAVE BIGGER STORY FI TELL ,DI people dem waan fi know when u and meesha ago tell her sister say yuh use to f**k Wendy , unno already tell har ??? Met .. Mi say mi have a story developing yuh see , me soon send it Ehhhnnn , mi waan DI rest ah di concrete evidence before me buss it . Tia yuh wicked byad , tia YAHHHH walk ah tell people bout how Rhonda wicked to Kerry .,yuh wicked more dan Rhonda .. Ugly Munchy yuh chat up to Kay and yuh did know ,CAhh people say yuh run joke wid Wendy bout DI argument already ..Likkle thiefing chattie chattie mouth Wendy yuh Nahhh NUH heart . TIA U need fi stop FREN DI people dem while ya sleep wid dem man ,.wendy go PON vacation wha day wid DI big head GYAL and u would think ah kay it bun , ah Tia dem say it nearly kill ,she NUH stop watch out DI BWOY snap annu BITE up har self ,like ah fi har man . Meesha dem say yuh did know and ask har and she deny it , but meesha ,yuh shoulda know betta ,dem say DI whole ah DI black SISTA DEM KNOW . Zulekha did know ..Maine Yuh wicked and yuh know why me sayyy SUHHH . Met check yuh email by thursday or Friday Muma .. Mi have some text message .. One thing bout dem man yah ah PHILLY ,dem NUH whole dem mouth . Unno enjoy unno day .mi gone

    1. Ebony. come right bak ova ya suh come talk to we . If Tia really a sleep wid Windy (another friend man under her nose) mi a go beat u myself. No to BBC. Tia mek u stay suh man. A must somebody obeah her mek she stay so. You couldn’t drop out a your madda well stay so.No Leon from Wild Bunch you a F my girl? No tell me that over already. All dem big strong sisters dem need a beating too cause all now Tia would a see road and fraid fi go out deh you hear mi. Oh

  23. Tia walk and beg bloodclat fren to much and a dem same one tun round and chat har, Tia if u nuh walk and thief clothes gi Kay and Meesha dem nuh waan u round dem, what type a low life shit is that but u stand up with dem a dance every night and dem hate yuh bloodclat. U think say Kay nuh kno say yuh f**k Windy? That’s why dem have u round dem as dem personal uber driver and clothes store weh dem nuh affi pay a dolla fi get. Kerry chat u and u chat har to. Nuh u same one a walk a tell people bout how twin nuh want har but she nah nuh shame fi leave him alone and how him nearly beat har off fi him new gyal weh him carry go beach. Mi nuh kno how u dweet honestly.

  24. Yo this is so sad. If you guys don’t know buy now that’s how tia is. She walk and f**k like duck she don’t care if a friend man or Wat she a go f**k him. You could ask her over and over and over again she’s going to lie like a million times that she didn’t do it. when deep down inside she did. Please listen to me she have no care in the world for herself so she don’t know loyalty to her friend. I bet when her friend asked her she cry probably shake her legs. but she wood never look you in the eye and tell the truth. I even overheard her talking about her friend and the crackhead man she married smfh. Someone saw her all dressed up ask her where she was coming from and then she start telling the story about the wedding. Tia is no friend to No One. Tia yuh need to go sit your ass down and take care of those two little girls. You can never be no friend of mine because of what I heard she was saying about that broke down wedding. Big disgrace when mi see her in pictures with the same girls mi just lol. Kay yuh have yuh sister. only reason why yuh friends with big pu**y tia is for ride fi go party and get things. y’all a bunch of lowlife. I’m done

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