6 thoughts on “TINA YUH TOO DRY EYE

  1. Den Con Coulda really be smaddy MCM? kmt gal deh a loooooooments attention she a look.

  2. So you can’t crush pon who you want no more? His wife know why she only laugh while you a shit urself. You can crush on someone that doesn’t mean anything. People too damn nosy and ignorant for no reason, while you watching the cocky for apple who watching ur man own? Smh

  3. apple a f**k tina ,argument dun ,rotten a f**k tina ,met 3 sum dem do , met jay no icon can never answer the people dem, him and dutty rotton a f**k skittles.

  4. if a woman have crush pon mi and mi woman/wife/girlfriend know and she secure inna di relationship because mi mek sure she dont have no insecurities as far as im concerned….all mi woman need fi do is laugh and fling up deuces pon di next gyal…..

    1. So. Tru.. only his scammin make him look good.. not for love nor money he couldn’t brush against me.. if he didn’t have any coins this wouldn’t b a topic right now..NEXT.. YALL ALL BORING AND DRY.. FLY OUT THE COUNTRY AND GIVE PPL SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT..AMH

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