TITLE-Racism in America…. Caribbean Nationals just don’t get it?..AGREE OR DISAGREE?

But here is what will be done, because for me, removing this means absolutely nothing.Pettifogging is not my forte, there is too little time. So, as you said remove it right? Will be done. But please study what dishonest and copyright infringement means especially without proof of ownership etc. Have a wonderful evening and thank you for such an enlightening article. Stay cool or warm

0 thoughts on “TITLE-Racism in America…. Caribbean Nationals just don’t get it?..AGREE OR DISAGREE?

  1. Agreed 100% I have lived here 20 years and I have never experienced racism not one time…or maybe as my American friend say I am blind to it…I forwarded this article to her early this morning. African Americans cry racism for everything, and I dont see no one racist like them

    1. Hotstepper many americans have had the experiences we havent had sometimes they cry foul but I dont believe that they do overdo it all the time. If you check their history , what they we went through wasnt half of what they had to go through..Remember blacks couldnt even look at whites here………and this was less than 60 years ago..Those people who experienced segregation had children they raised to be cautious of whites so I believe it will take time to go away but we should not diminish what they have claimed..To me 9/10 white people racist..They all smile with you but do not like you because of your color

      1. What I do believe is that they have not made anything of what the law has allowed them. Nuff black Americans if you give them a certain sum of money, as payment for slavery dem still nah go use it mek nothing a dem life. Their mind set is all the way messed up but racism is alive and well. I put up a documentary I think about a town downsouth where the whites went in and destroyed everything the blacks had and until today they cannot be compensated..All dat Obama shoulda mek possible

  2. The white race is truly the inferior race, that is why they had to rob, kill and rape all the other nations to survive. Met check this.. where did they come from? What was their culture? Their art, their music? All they did was rape the African, Caribbean and other non European nations to make something of themselves. They will always hate us because they came and saw us living in Africa in wealth and as kings an queens with all the God given splendor that nature could provide, when they came and saw that they were filled with hate, rage and pure “badmind” 😀 Its just black people don’t understand where they came from and who they were, but white people know that’s why dem hate wi suh, They know we are Gods first fruits.

    1. They robbed Africa blind. Knowing what I know now I dont know if I could say they are inferior because they too came from black but I agree on Africa’s richness in culture music…dance..We are truly a great people..

  3. Met it appears that SOME improvershed African-American’s mindsets are tainted. But in today’s time we are able to teach them to do better by setting good examples. And when I was residing in May Pen, I fondly remember the term “white woman” or “chiney man” so racism did exist in Jamaica…it was plenty! It seem as if I got through anything I set out to do in Jamaica becuase of my fair color skin.

    1. That is what I was saying..we have it too and the same mentality most black Americans have is the same mentality some low life ghetto Jamaicans have..they think they are owed but they cannot tell for what…When u give them something they cant make anything of it and will blame u who gave them. So you are quite correct. Most black americans are very leery of whites and I understand why.

      1. Met ah me response dat… but it bad in da ghetto ah yaad…But one thing I learned is that we don’t have to fear the unknown. GOD goes before us and makes a way. All we have to do is walk right thru!

  4. I live here for over 13 years and I’m in customer service and I have encounter racism on several occasion, from white,African American and the dirty Spanish dem. I always fix them though. I remember I went to an interview after applying for a position on a career website and called in for an interview. After the interview was about yo rap up this white bitch said to me, do you have any question for me and I asked what make the position becomes available. The shithouse said there is no position available and immeadiately I stood and walked out on her sitting at the table. I found out later that bitch was fired in less that a week. I could write a book in things I have see other people also go the through. One Yankee tolde to go back to where I came from and I had to beat his ass once.

  5. Why would you want to beat some-one and maybe get convicted, just because they told you to go back to where you come from? please! you country no nice and beautiful? not saying I would not of murder him with mi mouth lol

  6. I know of class segregation in Jamaica..The more money u have, the higher u can climb. I became more aware of racism here in America, but what i experienced for a fact is that African Americans have a warped mindset in r/t racism. Yes dem fore-parents suffa in all kinds of ways just because dem black, but most of the younger generation blames the “WHITE MAN” fi everyting and that kind of mindset is disturbing. Many African Americans themselves DO NOT like Caribbean pple, much more and di wholla a we black: does that make any sense at all?.

    1. Mi totally agree wid yuh. Weh mi liv dem same African Americans call we Caribbean folks foreigner wen not even Caucasians call we suh! Mi Stan ah betta chance wen a white man interview mi. Di AA dem busy ah wait fi dem forty acres an ah mule and still caan utilize di free college ride weh dem get. Mi tek fi mi hard earn money guh college, an plenti ah dem cut dem yeye pass Financial Aid cah dem dus too lazy! Mi nuh really trust dem.

      1. @yawdy4Life it dont’ matta how one pays for their education….so long as they obtain one. And when one obtains a “good” education, they don’t have time to waste on “racism and prejudices”…
        Your mindset should change as you become more educated. Stop watch what the other person do and focus on you. That’s nuff people problem…ah worry bout de next man. it’s an old Uncle Tom mentality believe it or not!

  7. I was at work at he said he meet me in the parking lot, so when I was ready to go home he attack me so I had to defend myself .im not stupid ,The security for my job was there and saw everything , I what my right are he first hit at me so I beat his ass. I’m not stupid that is why I go to my beautiful country every year to party and hang out my own kind.

  8. this country full of white racist I encounter racism driving thru a white town n police stop me to ask where am I going or coming from Yes that happened to me once if I know what I know now I should’ve take da pussyhole badge# and as for black americans I learned to keep stay far from the low class ghetto ones are so very lost its a pity just a group of lost souls with no culture

  9. 100% spot on. That was exactly my experience in the 10 plus years studying n working in Totonto. I have the same observation on my visits in NY. Half di time mi just don’t get it. I do how re recognize that these folks perhaps understand or see things that we who don’t grow up there see. But yea, they live looking for discrepancies and wherever u looking for problems, they will be there

  10. Ms Met me na sey it no deh enuh, I personally have not experienced it, and as u sey, maybe dem experience so much, that every thing look and sound racist to them. Just my opinion still

    1. Hotstepper…, You can feel it when you are a professiona working in “Corporate America”. I have seen people been asked to train persons to be there boss. No need to guess the color of the trainer an the trainee. My last couple of years at Grace Kennedy I met a returning resident..’qualified as hell”, made the same remark about the treatment of qualified West Indian, thought it strange then. Until I saw it and felt it first hand. I made sure to remind management that I did not come to the company in a training capacity, just in case I was asked.

      1. Jackson mi work inna corporate America and mi never feel or experience it, things do happen, i am not going to deny it, however, I have never felt it was because of my race, that has never crossed my mind…but maybe I am not the one to ask still because my friends accuse me of trying to see the good in everyone. I tell my kids the same thing, not everything that happen is because of your race, some people just fail to look into dem self, and see why things really happen to dem…again mi na sey racism dont exist but i have never experienced it

        1. Yea, I can appreciate you working in Corporate America ….as a Certified Professional? I am not talking about having one foot or two up the ladder. I am talking about almost there. You need to experience it. I would like for you to train your successor, then tell me how it feels. Never experience it, but it can be good….I’ll invoke the old adage..a better yu dan mi…

  11. There’s no denying that racism is still alive and well. However I’ve experienced way more hostility from black americans than their white counterparts. As fior the writer, I can truly relate to some of the things said esp. the description of the man really being black. I recall describing someone too and used the adjective fat. Everyone around were taken aback and I was baffled at their reaction. Well, I found out that fat was a mean-spirited word and that I should have used euphemised descriptions such as heavy-set big-bone etc. Yes some white ppl jealous of our progress and so on prime example is di dutty Boehner him who a sue President Obama dem still caan wrap dem head around it seh a black man is THE leader on the other hand nuff a dem black ppl yah whe me encounter dem wicked and trifling wussa dan di white one dem. I just take ppl now on an individual basis as oppose to lumping dem in a group because good and bad exist in ALL races.
    white ppl dem jealous

  12. I have experience it live and direct. Lived in Buffalo Ny for 2 years.And lived in Toronto for another 2 yrs. 2 years too long. Also worked in corporate america and experienced it .But I tell u this much those experience have helped me to understand the world I live in much better. And I now how to handle such situations when I encounter them.

    1. Hey No Joke…I also lived in Canada for 2 years. I was told blatantly by my white recruiter, why I did not get a particular Job. So like youself..yea who feels it knows it. Walk good.

      1. Hey Jackson…a mi fi tell u. Showed up for a job…they thought that I would be white because of my name. Stepped in the place told my then supervisor my name…he straight said I thought u would be white… My response.. No ..but would u rather someone white. He baffled with the answer and turned red.

  13. Hi this is the author.
    While I am very open to reblogging and more than pleased when a debate is initiated about any topic that may benefit from discussion. I have not granted any permissions for MY article to appear on your site.
    Furthermore as author, I have not been credited. As it has been published here is a copyright infringement and I am asking that this be taken down immediately.
    If not done so I will report the screen shot I have already taken of this poor practice to the appropriate authorities

    1. Please do with date, time and your own blog link that was included at the beginning of the post. I would be the very last person to repost an article as such without the source so please report with link

      1. I do not know why you people like to come here and show up yourselves for nothing. Would you rather be introduced? Because as quick as you logged on here obviously looking for a show and tell you have made yourself look stupid because I even posted the link to the article before the article so I would love to know how infringement came in when your url was included?

      2. There is no author mention or hyperlink at the beginning of the post. You have a link at the bottom that is not hyperlinked and does not delineate where the original source of the document is found.
        It is not an honest means of expression

        1. There was no author name under the article and this is how people reference back to their source. It could never be a dishonest means where an article is found online that is where it is found. Unless the author posts their name under it and someone deliberately removes it then you could deem it as dishonest.

          1. But here is what will be done, because for me, removing this means absolutely nothing.Pettifogging is not my forte, there is too little time. So, as you said remove it right? Will be done. But please study what dishonest and copyright infringement means especially without proof of ownership etc. Have a wonderful evening and thank you for such an enlightening article. Stay cool or warm

          1. Wow!!! Are we not talking about crab inna barrel then this mess. Smh at the Author.

          2. One always think dem better dan di other..We love to show up and show off a nuh nothing fi mi move but clearly she did not see that the link was there before she spoke and a talk bout not hyperlinked

          3. That is why the person whey write it think Americans over dramatize racism and they should pretend its not there. We cannot even try to downplay what Americans went through because slavery lasted a longer time here..the brainwashing went on for generations. What we should try is come together and encourage blacks from all over to be cultured. Teach about where we are from and use the little opportunity we have to make bigger strides. Mi talk good to white people so good till mi hear one a dem say dem nuh racist but blacks and whites should never be a couple. And I was not offended mi jus laugh because I know how she feel a so nuff a dem feel and at the end a di day a we still haffi know ourselves and we dont know nothing same way

        2. Get over yourself, an nuh look nuh hype yasso. Quick fi run oba yah, bout nuh see yuh owna link. If yuh feel yuh within yuh rights den duh yuh next best an gweh from yah. Bout infringement, no credit, copyright, whatever, whatever. Like nobody impressed wid yuh diarrhea of words. No need to respond as I am about to have dinner at the Caribbean all-inclusive resort with my family, and will not be available to tell you about yuh bumbo.

          1. People very heated for here.. And I made sure the link was there before I even posted the content , then put it below. U see pastor ewing post every morning…where u see his name n blog? Under it and he has never came over here and say 0 because his own article has his name under it. but people love fi run in pan yah and show up demself. Like mi stupid

          2. Metty mek di smady gweh. Ah frighten dem frighten seh Pink Wall acknowledge dem likkle attempt at journalism. Ah musi one ah dem bad mind yankie deh :ngakak

          3. No oo a caribbean smaddy but u know howwwwwwww dem feel bout we Jamaicans di adda ”HILANT” people dem *ghetto voice*

          4. A one Trini bet u if is not a Trini I nyam my sneakers dem whey mi me just done work out inna
            But tell me something did the article win a Pulitzer or something but a whey di rawseeeee this kiss mi motherfuxximg teeth , damn wide open arsehole

          5. __________________________________________________________________________
            di smaddy seh screen shoot yadda yadda yadda dem badda dan a diabetic sore oo

          6. Isn’t it ironic how a black person is another black persons biggest enemy now instead of coming n introduce ur self as the author of the piece which I found to be repetitive anyway this person goes straight into fight mode is ur mind so small that u couldn’t see that a compliment was actually being paid to u ppl baffle me all the time mi NAHHHH lie

          7. Not only repetitive but speaking for americans when she isnt is careless das why mi doe write because mi have too much to say. She say screen shot n authorities :nohope:

          8. Afta dat decent dress down from Metty di frighten Friday gyal crawl back tuh peepin mode. Ah feel seh ah oba yah shi get har ideas from eno. Cah ah nuh like she original. Pink Wall tuh di wrerl cah all di Pulitzer Prize journalist dem ah secretly teef lessons oba yah. Mek sure yuh give credit tuh di wall miss neva-see-come-see.

          1. big word yeppie big big word oo
            verb: delineate; 3rd person present: delineates; past tense: delineated; past participle: delineated; gerund or present participle: delineating
            describe or portray (something) precisely.
            “the law should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent”
            synonyms: describe, set forth/out, present, outline, sketch, depict, represent; More
            map out, define, specify, identify
            “the aims of the study as delineated by the boss”
            indicate the exact position of (a border or boundary).

  14. My parents migrated to this country and built a far better life than dem weh born and raise here. I work in lock-up and it grieve mi how some a dem youth yah ignorant. I believe it’s the tv and the lack of culture, family & many other aspects. I for one has experience such a great despair and hated from black Americans. They are by far the worst set of people I work with. All the JA, African & Trini’s stick together cause we just don’t understand them. I will work with a whole heap a white persons before me work wid black Americans dem are crab inna barrel fi true.

    1. Thanks for this post. I thought I was being crazy and prejudiced against African Americans but experience says they are mostly bad. I work in corporate american as a clinical scientist – RN /MSN working with clinical data. I went to a job last year and the company has a lot of AA there. When they saw me in that office, they went insane and tried to get me fired. Not sure if I could have stayed there if it weren’t’ for the support of caribbean folks and whites. The ring leader – ghetto trash went after me saying foreigner come take their jobs. Horrible experience!

  15. I have to ask if this article was posted on CNN, FOX, The New York Times if it would’ve gotten the response. I’m just wondering.

    1. __________________________ puddie u a look pan dem chuh :ngakak u know is nuff fool ina nice people clothes

  16. like wtf yahoo repost all stories from other search engines how me nuh see threat send out smfh

    1. if dat person know how copyright work she would never but :nohope: mi delete it because mi want har fi exit asap lol

  17. Aidan, could you not have used a bit of couth and sent a sidebar email instead of blasting out your commentary in the manner that you did? Approach is everything…

  18. Ms. Aidan you are a blubbering intellectual ASS. Why would you come to this site with that approach? Exposure is exposure. I STILL googled your article even though this site has deleted it. Why would you come on here stating you’re not credited etc and a link was posted to the article. KMFT. Come off your high horse and go take a dip in the Carribbean Sea. What a freaking disappointment. No wonder black people can’t get anywhere. I bet if this was posted on an Ivy League Blog or something of that nature you would have kept Ur friggin mouth shut. Move from yasso. Mi nah subscribe to your blog. ABAYYYYYYY. And you should really look up the legal definition of copyright infringement damn fool. Copyright Law does not apply in this instance and nonetheless does not grant authors absolute control over the use of their work. Bout screenshot. Go screenshot yuh big ….Hi MET, sorry in advance

    1. Woooooiiiiiieeeee this make me laff so till MsIndependent say “go screenshot u big hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Met ppl dem bad no peanut trash eno lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo mi side a hat me ya maiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeee

  19. Aiden u are an ass. This site gets so much traffic. Probably could open doors for ur dumbass. But a so ppl love bax food outta dem owns mouth when dem think dem reach and dem smart.

  20. Let me add my two sense, when I first started out (pre green card) I was working as a HHA, I used to take care a of a old lady. Whenever any white aid fill in at the house she wouldn’t make them do any duty (housework, like laundry and vacuum ) other than give her a little snack to eat. They would just conversate. Everything would be left for the black person on the other shift to do when they got to work. Even the dishes that was used in the day by the aide and client would be left in the sink unwashed. This went on for a while until I complained and the white aide was fired. So if that wasn’t racism I don’t know the meaning of it.

    1. I would an gi har outta d dutty plate fi nyam yuh see!!! damn brite, like dem shit can mek patty!!!!

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