1. Di battam teeth dem brown and soon drap out..Elephant man was on the money!!! sorry Ms. Met, a u hussi but him condition waan shampoo and “IT DONT LUK GOOD”…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Met really put up this pichue? so I guess this is conformation that dry Skin Ele was right. A beenie man sah “dreads” all when he hair done drop out and have one piece a hair him go still a sah “dreads” LOL. Met You husband dontttttt look good. LOL

  3. Metty dawlin, Beenie bottom teet dem fava ole rotten board house…mummy, if yuh love him fix him up man…this is unacceptable Metty..oh no MA”AM!! :hoax2 :hoax2

  4. no man, the bottom brown teeth in a competition wid fe matterhorn brown top teeth…watch the picky picky dread…

    1. mi guffy ask dem how dem a come fi Beenie teet when Matterhorn have di brown on a top weh look like di nerves dead and it a heng from piece a tring..unoo dow play wid me an Metty boooooooo
      But Been di teeth boo..yuh too young fi have dem wooden brown teeth dem..look like smaddy varnish it oh gosh

  5. :ngaka :ngakak :ngakak
    de aging nah chee luk rite yah suh papa mi neck bloodclat bone :ngakak
    yuh know beenie affi guh call 1-800-fix-a-grin..d’angel yuh juice change out nd rotten out de docotr teeth ….i am weakkkk

    1. Simpli suh yuh see seh ele neva a loiee bwoy mi cyah manage ms Meth, yuh really put up Peely pichuh drap a grung ____________________________ teeth dem need to go him a king a dancehall suh im can pay fi implants nung?

  6. admin cum ere man…is wah really a gwaan wid de sink in teeth a bottom a spit a hold it in place or wah leff a de gum____________________________________________ :tkp


  8. all a nung mi a dead ..den Mr.Davis nah get nuh gud sleep luk pon de edges,inside de edges,above de edges even unda it around him eyes how dem wrinkle out mite affi guh steam press dem out a hope anuh elephantman obeah man a wuk pon yuh enuh beenie cuz yuh nah bingo a bloodclaat yah suh…terrible

  9. Aye sa, mek unnu bad so? I want to believe that brown teeth have suffered some trauma and the nerves have left it, hence the color, I can stay here and see that he has healthy gums…as fi di hair, i have nothing to say

  10. Wid dem deh war-torn hedges deh, wah Beenie a put him dread inna dem style deh fah? met mi si a which shelf di crackery dem a fall from now lolll

  11. mi seh anybody weh give beenie dat hairstyle does r not like him :ngakak :ngakak
    mi seh!!!! in dat picho, beenie luk like di head smurf…….papa
    no to claat mi juss affi strip off all a mi clothes, mi laugh so till mi get very very hot, like mi a hav hot flashes inna mi young gal days :ngakak
    good day metters
    good day beenie man wife

  12. Lundun it comin like wen Beenie look inna him mirro him a si a head Fulla hair cuz mi nuh know why else him wud want dat peacock hair style loll

  13. Admin dead tideh woieeeeeeeeeee u have all kinds a hair restoration products please buy some and send guh gi yuh husband maam I dead todeh a d ppl dem trade show all a now ele mek mi day a sec day

  14. A who gi him da hair style deh him look like dem put hair in a di middle before dem wrap oooookkkkkk a wrap style mi raas watch di eye glass to hahahahahaha mi baddi

  15. met come bk no leave met………………………….hehehehehehehehe…………………………………………………………….hush met

  16. Moses wah mek u wicked to u self suh.U deh a Jamaica weh di good up good up castor oil deh.Me deh a farin a ask ppl fi smuggle it bring come gi mi

  17. Ele nuh tell a lie pan him! Ele on point wid d description, dung to teeeeeeth a mean T, lol. Bwoy Metty mi wish mi could tek up fi yuh hussy, but I gots to go wid d masses on dis ere 1. Den tell mi something him a d king of d dancehall and him teeth dutty and bad colour and scatter scatter and chaka chacka suh! If a fi my mouth tan suh mi would an live a dentist, likkle teeth whitening and invisible braces would an duh wonders fi him. Mi not even a comment pan d head cauz that deh dread nuh serve 1 damn purpose, dat dis fi trim off. But d mouth is in a deplorable condition, fi d discoloration, tooth paste and tooth brush, not even colgate factory cant help him a baxide, but fi d tooth loss……. bwoy ole age a ketch up pan yuh sah, yuh nuh deh far from yuh rocking chair a tall Mr. Sar.

  18. Suh a suh Ele a pree d man mouth mek him know seh corner teeth all a drap out??!! Mi nuh trust dem deh preements deh at all, lol.

  19. Bwoy met if ele tink you a teck dis suh him make a saddn mistake….mi know yuh a guh kuff him enuh lol

    1. A dat him fi dumplin and butta ele whey if u gi him knife and fork him tink a kill u want him fi kill u because a only spoon him nyam wid..craven sweaty sweaty ele whey look like all him eyeball sweat him cyah talk to beenie no time ..ele fi memba a whey day him ina ysl sweat/tights whey neva heard of ina di history of ysl. It funny how him a talk say beenie hair pick out and a so so braid him wear..him mus really tink a fi him hair..ele whey haffi cook di snapper dem outa him water fountain and nyam cyah talk to beenie..him fi go grow a lawn mek him mongrel dog dem nyam grass because dat betta dan plastic. Ele will mek mi talk out di whole a him business …him a watch beenie teet fi see when di last teet drop out because di smaddy whey ele used to carry ova pegasus doe have no teet him a pre beenie mout wickedly but a beenie say strickly vajjie no buddy to him ting

  20. bwoy moses should a fix him teeth when money a run, now him cant pay the mortgage soh me noh think them they crackery as cc say a goh get fix, cause that dey whole mouth needs to be refurbish….
    you know say him woman dem noh mean him no good, cause when them a buy him expensive clothes them need fe carry him goh to a dentist.
    Moses me know u a come a ny for labor day weekend, please mek somone carry goh down a kings county dental, a there soh sis charmaine get fe har dentures.

  21. Metty, I dodge dis post whole day tideh wrerser dan how Carolyn Gomes ah dodge accountability. But Metty…..I kaint dodge it no more. Di prognosis luk grave mum…di pitcho uppa top ah scream NERVE PRABLEMS! Yuh affi bring him een fi mi figure out ah which nerve start it…..follicle nerve or teet nerve….. :ngakak :ngacir2

  22. Yow mi always wonder how come nobody never say nuttin bout matterhorn teeth. mi used to think ppl blind and wonder if a mi alone see how dutty the piece a one is. Mi glad now dat mi hear ppl say it. because di way how di man move yu wouldn’t think say him have a dutty dead tooth in him mouth.

  23. Peel head jancrow sit upon a tree top, come mek mi hold u hand boy, come mek mi hold u hand boy, Metters day tidey? Beenie a get it :nerd left, right, and especially ina the middle bottom section , wwwooooiiiii every baddie a duh teeth whiting Beenie man a duh teeth browning :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  24. U know caan tek from him that he’s a great performer but mety him too lie man a pure lie him tell bout which artist him buss and how much house him own him too lie man

  25. Me a u alone hush metty but u fi tlk to u babes, ,,,,,lol poor met hush yaw puttus, ,,ele dun u babes, ,,,,,,…dwbrcl

  26. Me nah bash him eno met but him fi do betta man, a mi DJ still eno but him can go fix up him mout, de hair now , is when dem a lock de hair and it draw tite, it tends to peel out mi nah bash him pan dat a just the discoloration of his teeth and and de braces…… and fi big pussy ele weh did deh wid HE-SHe a swallowfield, ele weh him batty a leak, ele weh f**k grasmite, go suck yuh mada and lowe de man wid yuh ice cream shop house…..gweh bumbo hole

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