Good day Met,Metters and Peepers,

It took a few days but base on what I’ve gather thus far there wasn’t any shootout.The young man Tevin was allegedly killed by the cops after being awoken in his room.Met I’ve attached videos and pics outlining aspects of what happened that fateful day.
Firstly the Deceased is well connected as is Father is a top ranking man in England and Tivoli.The police are alleging he was a member of the young generation gang as he is said to be related to the Cokes.‎ The police were chasing several young men who fled throughout several apartments,at that time no shots were fired. One of the youth ran in the direction of Tevin’s apt so the police entered then mayhem ensued.Residents reported being chased away prior to the cops going in the house,several shots were fired and after a lil while it became apparent Tevin was killed.

Secondly tempers began to flare when ppl found out it was the working youth Tevin who was killed.Several pictures and videos outline the mood and reaction to take it to the cops.These audio-visual expressions depicts violent thoughts,views and actions i‎ncluding a young teen with a Carbine MILITARY grade Rifle and the mobolization of men to go get guns to kill them p***y deh(cops presumely).Thirdly there is a widely shared view that something went wrong with this police operation and Indecom has been call in to investigate.Met there is one key factor that signals this is clearly evident and I’ve attached the quote from Senior Superintendent McGregor as proof.

Even before any proper investigations have been done this Snr top cop is alreay signalling culpability on the part of the cops by reassuring the ppl he will by informing them WHO(cops) will be charged an‎d who will be (Cops) transferred!!Met this is unheard of in JCF’s history even when cops are guilty the public is never typically told that ,just that the matter is and will be investigated. This also corroborates the report that even the cops by their own admission were allegedly saying the wrong person was killed in a case of mistaken identity!

When one analyzes the phenomenum of the reality of Jamaica’s Tivoli situation it reflects a snapchat of what is wrong/right in Jamaica depending on Who and what Lens it is being looked through!Tivoli was a noble well intentioned socio-economic experiment that somehow has been botched and hijacked by politicians and criminal elements.An entire set of ppl has been DEMONIZED and held hostage by the actions of a few.Did you know there are many civil servants(cops,soldiers,teachers,doctors,lawyers etc..) hailing from and some living in Tivoli?Do you know Tivoli is the epi-centre of Jamaica’s pre-eminent strides and success stories in Culture i.e music, their dance troupe,sports,Marching bands…there is sooo much positivity there!The media and political hacks constantly ignore or downplay the good and ramp up anything that puts Tivoli in a bad light.

Comparatively let’s analyze the negativity which indeed does exist as in other places but what sets TG apart is to the extent that Badmanism is indoctrinated in the mindsets of the Residents.Tivoli ppl has a penchant to proving they the baddest so that even simpletons use the saying a “Tivoli mi come from”‎ to chuck badness.How can I forget being on the bus and when it reach the vicinity of Tivoli,men,women n children would constantly disembark without paying and the conductors Dare not ask for fare smh!They have this victim complex as in everybody is out to get them and their responce is to bond in violence to Defend against and attack others they percieve as giving them a fight!
Another example was a child clearly ran in front of a jutc bus and got hit Down in the vicinity of Tivoli and Met the driver had to run leave the bus and barely make it to the denham town station alive.They burnt the bus and jutc wanted to fire the driver for not securing their property but can u imagine if Tivoli ppl did ketch him? Can you imagine an entire community dependent on and thriving off the proceeds of crime?

In closing we must seek to balance the thing and put our prejudices aside re Tivoli.It was allegedly reported that during an interview in tears Hon Eddie Seaga declared the ppl have a right to defend their lives regardless if it meant using an illegal weapon.Think abt such a profound statement,whether it is the cops or badman or whoever…smaddie come fi kill u off,anything u can draw for, wouldn’t u use it to defend you and yours?

To Tivoli ppl….STOP being fearful,RISE UP against the few bad eggs tarnishing your community and holding your FREEDOM at ransom‎.
To the general public…STOP condemning the Ghetto to HELL.Many of Jamaica’s well reknowned ppl who put us on the map came from humble beginnings so a nuh rich ppl do that.


18 thoughts on “TIVOLI UPDATE

  1. I made a comment on pinkwall last week and people might read over it and see it as absurd! I’m gonna reiterate what I said again!,,,,,,, 1.THIS CURRENT GOVT. BEING FISCALLY SENSITIVE BY VIEWS & IDEOLOGY HAS NO INTENSIONS OF COMPENSATING THE PEOPLE OF TIVOLI FOR THE 2010 INCURSION, also how they interpret it from a legal and executive standpoint is that the incursion was legal, necessary and justified to ratify their international legal, binding obligation don’t let them deceive you, BG just put on a circus show, the tivoli inquiry(with the huge legal bill) was just another circus show to the masses to show that in a “democracy” people’s constitutional rights are a priority and thus due process takes its course, the fat-cat lawyers in the inquiry are 1.the priority 1. a higher priority so now that it comes down to compensating the people thats when you have a problem, by now everybody knows how the people in tivoli are dark & ignorant as in any case where you deprive innercity people of economics & education, those people know that tivoli is like powder keg that at anytime ready to explode! SO THE PLAN IS TO STIR UP SOMETHING IN THERE KNOWING THAT THE PEOPLE ARE STILL BITTER FROM 2010, LET IT GETS WORSE, ITS GONNA BE TIVOLI vs. JAMAICA’S SECURITY FORCES AGAIN, THEN ITS THE JAMAICAN PUBLIC vs. TIVOLI AGAIN AND THATS ALL THE GOVT. NEEDS! ONCE POPULAR OPINION IS AGAINST TIVOLI BECAUSE THEY’RE THE VILLAIN ONCE AGAIN, YOU TREAT THEM LIKE THE VILLAIN THEY ARE!,,,,,,, AND THATS WHERE THE COMPENSATION TOPIC COMES INTO PLAY!


  2. It’s very sad for someone to be kill innocent but at the same time these police in ja are going though hell policeman job in ja no easy ja need prayer only god can fix our country rip to the young man sad bad

  3. also the flaring up of tivoli again have its genesis to something else that is scheming beneath the surface(don’t care who vex), the handling of tivoli in the “post-prezie” era cones down squarely to a certain politician(never said any names, who the cap fit wear it), who is playing politics whithin politics itself because of where that politician is from! that same one that the people of tivoli lashed out against and accuse of being BIAS(once again said no name) how that particular individual is playing politics due to “personal sentiments” is also of significance on how things play out down the stretch in that area! I will leave it right there!



    1. well if its desmond ur talking…he’s not the only politicians with links in tivoli. Tavres finson comes to mind. No, you will not see TF down there hanging out but he’s there trust me. And if the youth that they killed(tevin) isnt in young generation himself then he is definitely tied.Its no coincidence that the lawyer daughter have a man that has high rank in young generation. Young generation is establishing themselves as a top gang in west kingston and August Town. They are smarter than a lot of the other gangs because they have a lot of political help and they are able to have business and hustlings that look legal

  4. Bash the police for the way they did it but that boy though working, as no saint. The only reason the flare up b residents is because as the sender allude to is a top man son. That was no mistaken identity it was a hit. Who waah bex ova the truth bex. A nuff truly innocent dead down there since year n mi neva see no road block.

  5. @ anonymous I didn’t said any names! there are many politicians that have to do with that constituency!
    BG,(BG),ES,TF, just to name a few! so once again! I SAID NO NAMES! thanks for the info though its good to know.

    1. I never really call any name niether.Isn’t Brotha Desmond a fictional roots play character? Maybe a Ninjaman name suh.

  6. Police u beta look fi di teff leave innocent youth n mek dem mada stop greef,tru wi no have no lawyer u tek advantage a wi,di simplest ting u quick fi blame wi, innocent youth visit jail house frequently who nu get condem help by dem family dem a di futurnet one who have some body.

    1. But ediat, most of the killing of ghetto yutes are by the same ghetto yutes, not the police. Yuh agree or yuh too dumb to realize what the realities are?

  7. Maybe it’s me, but if the police were chasing a guy, they would have an idea of what he was wearing. Secondly, if they kick off the door to get in, couldnt they tell that the guy who was killed was sleeping…You dont even have to be half-way sensible to see that something is not adding up.

  8. Shut u ras make the police them do their jobs and get rid a those crooks! You come a gwaan like them a angel kmt

  9. U won’t cry until one of Ur family member get kill by police innocently, most people won’t understand in di ghetto u do Ting’s dat u don’t want to do just to survive

  10. and up until now y’all still don’t get it! I read where some people said it was no mistaken identity but a direct hit! exactly my point! ,,,,,,, HIT the right target because if that guy’s father is a top man then YOU KNOW WHAT THE AFTERMATH IS GONNA BE(a flare up),,,,,,,, inflamed the situation, so tivoli is under the microscope again! once they’re under the microscope again!,,,,,,,, NO SYMPATHY FOR THEM!
    again! note the timing of this current fiasco! RIGHT AROUND THE MONENT WHEN/WHERE “COMPENSATION” TOPIC IS ON THE TABLE!
    our fellow jamaicans really need to educate themselves about the workings of our governments, notice I said governments, we are way too 1-track minded and thats why they take advantage and enriched themselves at poor people’s expense!


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