Met yuh see the one Kerry Ann she, TWINNY, Miss Lou & shanna at Gina spectacular birthday party at rooftop. She need to go home and take care of her responsibilities. Gina she bout work hard & Miss Lou ah which part ah the bottom ah the barrel she crawl out of tho.

30 thoughts on “GINA SPEC PARTY

  1. Yo the brand bags look busted and Cush up. Them all in competition with each other over shoes great friends. Bobbet a lead them Everytime she’s them BOSS & got the hook up Bobbet star girl.

  2. Great and blessed morning MET I did not know say cape and drape had a party last night…. are foot them stay bad..saw her Sunday acting like she cute. ..

  3. People really spend their money on black people really stupid. I would rather take an exotic vacation

  4. Sue them stuck ya & can’t go no where :hammer :sorry only state to state or store to store :salahkamar dance to dance :ngakak

  5. please who are they fooling..right after them bitches go party they have to go to the food bank and stand up next to the same elderly ppl they scam cards from jus so they don’t starve. Foh

  6. You wearing 10g+ to a rinkadink “club” free before 1 and $20 after and think you the hottest shit foh!

  7. But a countless times dem say Twinny hole nuh good… how she a dance to “Needle eye pum pum “.

  8. Ughhhh I like Gina. She’s about her money that she actually works for. I love the shoes & bag, it made the statement she wanted it to make.

    1. Puddle darling, you think Gina little home goods deistic not pay for those designer wares? And how ms Kerry reach outta jail and in party so fast?

  9. I dont think Gina should be low classed with the others…She seems about her business and money..and cool with her two feet on the ground…The one with the plastic i-robot face – I dont know her – but I hear she is actually very nice

  10. Those shoes are all the designer shoes that Gina Have because sh e took them out of are closet and video it, shame the that people do to get a hype… NEW ON TOP AND OLD ON BOTTOM. …

  11. Homeless, miss Lou always a seek attention a hope them allow miss Lou to sleep on the roof top after the party end.miss Lou teck time dance remember you and KerryAnn of to return the clothes back to the store.and miss Lou a wonder a who fa shoes yuh, have on because mi hear sey yuh wear fr size 7 to 12 a you name lizard twinny always a try so hard to fit in .I’m sorry for her .twinny it’s clear to all of us you nuh have no needle eye pum pum because no man nuh stay with you. Shauna with the ugly body go take yuh pampers off your butt look shit up and nasty. Gina those bags and boxes are not new they old, crush up and dusty you wack. Gina we all know you broke. KerryAnn laugh now and try to enjoy the little freedom you having because mi hear Sey you going to prison soon for stabbing, up the woman . Mi hear sey u got 1 felony for the stabbing a 1 felony for stealing Rochelle bag you and yuh thieving friends them teck away the girl bag and her phone .yuh ass under fire and the girl nah teck no money from you and mi hear sey she will be at every court date because she not taking the beat up she a punish you and your evil friend wey, love jump people .uno set of shit .twinny why can’t you stop buying so much fake stuff you are already expose mis lou,and Sally already blow your spot up and tell everybody who would listen and yet still you twinny keep hanging with them. I feel bad for you Opal trendsetter.

  12. @real chat so where is this spot for Twinny link i keep asking but nobody seems to have the info i want to place an order myself lol no shame..

  13. @15 you dont see that they couldnt move their lips. Its the lip singing of uncertainty. Them know dem pums nuh tight. All dem battie injections and cant own their own man.

    All of those bags are clear indications of a scammer. Scammers can only buy all of those luxury items and pose up on social media.

  14. Some a dese bitches are going to be sitting in jail regretting the f***d up choices they made. Scamming is not a job it’s the devil’s way of capturing weak minds and red eye individuals.

  15. Twinny hole big & sloppy plucko plucko like mud every man always say suh mi mean every man anything nuh f**k opal yet a reptile cah animal f**k she tuh den complain everything twinny kerryann ms lou sally apple wear a fraud not everything robas wear a fraud har link game tun up.kerryann cah laugh to hard cah har false teeth dem will drop suh she affi mine it drop out a grung but kerryann all wid teeth yuh mouth mash sally still ugly tan bad sally ms lou always a cotch a people yard til dem tired har dutty body guh learn fi bathe yuh funky smell yuh dutty fren dem a chat yuh no ambition twinny sidung wid yuh beat out body from yuh face to foot crawny wibble up fava sible orange inna sun tank god fi body spray paint all photo editing hoo yuh fava cookie monster suh ms lou fava donkey inna cheap clothes claim say she mussi look good guh bring back di people dem clothes yuh kerryann opal yuh fren next to yuh cah move cah one good move di whole har batty explode shitty batty


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