1. where is the real message that didn’t edit.. Reading and alot of conversation has being deleted so it don’t make sense.. Like the fact he ask her why she sending him a heart..where is that heart and conversation.. Don’t kno both of them but this was make to make the person name tommylee look bad..

  2. True Charlotte because even the part about suck pussy that he mentioned I didn’t see it… But Tommy lee really sound like him sick.

  3. Girl a look fame off tommylee, the man dont even business with her him just want a fck, I see why police always looking for him, him sound sick, psycho like a killer

  4. A person cannot DM u unless u allow it. If u nuh want him why follow up the conversation, u jus did wah we know the man a look u girl

  5. Lol y’all really don’t know who’s Tommy lee not one message got deleted . That’s Tommy lee walk and dm everybody so how it must edit ?

  6. And plus the heart part was a mistake if you have ig u will know the heart in the dm means to like the message between u and the person and the message was like by mistake so it got unlinked so there for it wasn’t a heart out of the emoji pack got send . Tommy u is pure germs and u need to go sit down with u thirsty annoying self yuh sick stomach and look everything Weh have pussy

    1. But how yuh carry on a convo wid a sick dunce person like Tommy. Di only way to cross it…is to undastann it…..An if yuh undastann di bullshit weh him write …. till yuh can all a communicate back wid him …. then yuh nuh far from sick or dunce either. Mi couldn’t have any written dialogue or conversation wid dat Tommy person ….. suh more power to you hun. Cause mi cyaan “DEALID” idiot fi long.

      1. yes and the message dem span a three hour time frame from12: 35 to 3:38 dats a long time to be on the phone wid a man that annoys yuh. also nuff tings edit out fi tru cuz the message dem nuh have a sensible flow or continuity to dem. but mi a deal wid mad ppl suh mi nuh know weh mi did expect

  7. Him really say if she know who she a “dealid”. Dwlllll. Yes iyahhhh. I weak. Patwa on point tho Tommy although yuh dunce nuh bloodclarttttttt but mi like dat word. “DEALID”. Yes. Gonna put it ina mi patwa dictionary.

    “Hey pooseyhole ediat bwoy…yuh know who yah DEALID”.

  8. She continued it because she wanted to send in him with him thirsty self. And him wouldn’t stop text and send threat . Wonuh just love chat and don’t know who’s Tommy lee nasty Tommy sick stomach Tommy

  9. If mi no want talk to somebody and them annoying me I block them or ignore them. Why she following up the dunce convos? Smh. Thought Keona was managing him. Tommy Lee JAMAL a look fi yu

  10. Are u guys stupid ? Are u Just don’t know about ig I didn’t send him a heart I like the message by mistake & then I unlike it okay there is a heart in the conversation when u talking on ig u can like the conversation if u want & I wasn’t trying to prove anything okay but did bored & he’s texting me so I answered that doesn’t means I wanted to f**k him are I was interested in him kmt please tommy lee broke I have no time to edit anything for fame I ask met if she like she can hack my page & look at the convention it’s the way I send in the pictures I didn’t send it In orders okay & if u can’t understand the conversation it’s not my fault it’s just that anybody that comes from mobay just chat damn bad & the reason why I sent in the conversation it’s because him start tell me what & what he’s gonna do anyways I care less what yall wanna say mi nuh give a damn

  11. lol, sender mi waan know how unu start follow each other on insta? if a man annoying and a text me, a mek threat to me, a hurt mi head fi mi undastand weh him a try spell, then instant block and delete. the fact that u went back an forth so long is proof that u love the phuckery, or u feel big that him a beg u some pums and u waan style him.

  12. Tommy Lee sick dog stomach smh any woman weh lay down wid that crawny disgusting dunce head bwoy fi get one kick inna dem hole…young lady why you keep going back and forth with that germs just block di dog sh*t

  13. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    Vanessa Bling yuh song fi guh Viral fi dis yah cuz it serious

    Man fi have ambition
    And a pree elevation
    Look how much years you deh pon the land
    And yo medz it nuh reach grade one

    Mi nuh waan no dunce man, nuh dunce man
    Mi nuh waan no dunce man fi husband
    If you cyaa type you a nuh my type
    And if you cyaa write you a nuh Mister wright

    No voice note bout you waan sex
    When you go vex
    You nuh haffi be the smartest
    But you cant even send a short text

    (Verse 1)
    A could a wa kinda picture that you a beg mi?
    See, see, why sexy
    No da bwoy yah must be crazy
    If him feel like him a get mi

    Wid this one bag a lengthy voice note
    And the first two line him cant even write out
    You dunce, and mi naw hold down my mouth

    1. simpli, a you write dis? brap, brap, brap, puullll upppppppppp! simpli u bad nuh claat, u betta copywrite it before Spice or Ishallnot teef it. tun bad, rah, rah, rah.

  14. Yuh chat too much cause them nah follow each other The only reason why him Deh Ina her dm is because one of her friend use her ig to dm him ( please to note that the friend and him Deh ) when her phone wasn’t working and a so comes him start to dm the lady Knowning that the girl Weh him Deh with is the sender friend so that’s how he got in her dm if u notice him ask if a she him see the other day that was when the friend of the sender go link up with him

    1. ok mi nuh have ig,but him really deh wid u fren an a look yuh, what a dutty bwoy, plz tell mi she leave him. any boy who want get mi IGGY, just deh wid mi fren or used to deh wid har, dat a tell mi that u nuh rate mi fi tink mi wuda go desso. expose him rass, mumz nuh tek dem threat deh light enuh, nuh trust mad man

  15. U guys really don’t know who’s tommy lee lol I believe her because he did it to two of my friends it just that she don’t send in all the conversation smh him need Fi get a him life together that’s y police always a all n pull him and that message wasn’t edit & look at the screen shot the lady nah follow him he’s being rude and upset how she a get back rude bowy

  16. But if Tommy lee making threats JMG/met is not the police.. I see where you’re going my girl you’ll get what you want… Now you’re famous.

  17. But cuh pon d crawny alien looking Tommy Lee to nuh bout mi just a look a f**k, mi waan know how woman even say Hi to u… sick johncrow stomach

  18. Wow a suh dem bwoy yah look gal? Unnu really nuh rate woman! Young lady mi love how yuh deal wid Di germs. Bout him nuh suck pussy him mumma should a drown him inna har big hole when him a born. ole hygge

    1. Woman nuh rate demself if a suh dem hav man a look dem! And a jump a go

      No man can’t a come to me dem ways deh and mi a gi him time! Kmt!

  19. Di gyal careless…you can’t a talk to man weh a annoy u fi hours on end. If you never want to talk to him u woulda cut the conversation from long time! And after the cuss out and she get a one message she start talk to him again.

    Whoever did a talk to him and send this in ur a f**g idiot! And if you round certain crowd you automatically become pass round donkey! So if u a hitch up near him and di crew fi di likes u already kno what u a get urself inna!

  20. I can’t believe that more people read this over the Prince Buster story and leave 36 comments..bwoy it look like tommylee is more important than the history of Jamaica

    1. How do you know more people read this over the Prince Buster thread? More people might have commented here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more people read this topic. I read almost all topics on here, yet I don’t always comment. I read the RIP thread dedicated to the late, great Buster but I didn’t comment; very way I did not comment on D’Angel and Foota poor interview on OnStage – I watched the entire show though.

  21. Sender if u never want to run di pussy pin tommylee n want di man u wouldn’t send dis…a frighten yuh frighten say d man a dm u n waan everybody know.kmt

  22. Haha I remember when him message me on ig. Same foolishness bout suck him hood in mi mind. All send me vid of him and gal in a bed. I just told him straight I have mi man and am not interested. Crawniest ting him n di gal pon video

  23. I believe the sender.I’m a browning jus like wa Tommy seh him like. Everytime he saw me outta rd he wouldn’t leave me alone. A grab onto me n when u a try push him off is like him get more excited. Begging a f**k and sayin crazy shit like he luvs u is how him gwan fa real. Him have no game at all. Bottom line…no one nu thirsty like Tommy Lee and him nu tek no fi an answer. Annoying and thirsty AF!

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