Big p**y viva yuh na c u get lef. Y u a call down mi man phone a night him tired of Yu liikke girl n Yu freakiness n dutty lifestyle. U even a mek Yu big p**y Guyanese Fren a call him like fi har man na gi har bun. A mi natty wan from day 1 Til now u nuh c how uno look miserable


22 thoughts on “YUH EYE WANT DROPS

  1. Lady give it up now if the man did want you and you only their wouldn’t have been anyone else. The only one miserable its clearly YOU. Sick of seeing this, bitch get a life already and stop ride the girl clit. You know where to find har so stop hide behind the pink wall and handle ur business. Obviously the woman is a threat to you and ur tired hole if not he wouldn’t be grinding other “women” on you but clearly a only this girl you tired ass have strength for. I don’t know the girl but I’m sick of you warring over a man that nobody sses you with. Stay in ur lane and left the girl in hers

  2. I remember when Natty was a quiet guy until he started promoting parties with John Unruly LOL this funny bad. Natty, gyal a fight ova yu outta road nuff LOLLLLLLLLL

  3. She an are friend a get bun left right and center not to mention the Guyanese one fi r man nuh stop cheat pon she cause she fool nuh rass they all boo boo the clown

  4. Nooo senda mi can hear di hate inna yuh post smh… Stop it man n learn how fi share yuh nuh di di viva girl naah stress

  5. Both dem bitches is wack I wish they would just stop it both ah dem ah sum waste gyal… Dem need fi guh drink bleach

  6. They all wack yes viva just turn 22 an look like 50 are ugly Guyanese friend a 28 n look like 60 move out that nasty projects u live in unnu wear all these name brand n live in projects go pay rent for an apartment before y’all talk about people a set a dumb bitches

  7. He don’t love viva pussy get the f**k out a here yuh need fi mek ur man love ur pussy cause a other gal own him always inna

    1. Yuh sound hurt bad Even if him no love it or like it him did top inna har front fi years now m. Yuh a talk like yuh a tek natty fi Yuh Fren Dwl wi Seh cocky n pussy must share every man love dis yah pussy

  8. Big pussy tt stop come up yah come comment a defend yuh whoring friend viva she f**k everything weh walk move yuh bloodclaat projects rat bout u a wife an don’t own a ring much less marriage certificate with ur fat f***g self

  9. Y’all bitches is pussy I bet All y’all hating ass bitches would never see da Guyanese girl n tell her none of dis to her face dwl because y’all straight pussy hiding behind computer get y’all life n step ur cookies up sad lowlife bitches

  10. Who wearing name brand? Lmfao…Mi never see viva Inna nothing wa Mi woulda wear a WA DAT she have on at her party Mi tired a DA material deh now

  11. Viva always stay bad n look cheap all wen she fix are body she still stay bad inna clothes a di Guyanese friend weh she ave always a wear the name brand shoes dem weh a squeeze are big bc foot dem

  12. My man nuh wah viva him seh she a whore they all know she a Ny mattrass young gal n f**k more man than are f**g age she cah walk wid are head held high never so get the f**k out of here

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