Good day met why Toya don’t go find a man that wants her she always take up man that always f**k on her Toya you still stayed with Wall Street Beverly nasty son Lavar look on him and always a f**k and duck you live for you kids Londyn father don’t do nothing for her its time you wise up and live for your 3 kids Lavar is ur fourth kid he only want you around cause no other girl want him you running after a boy every gal chat after them f**k him he has to spend money cause met if you see what he have in his underwear him need to reborn and Toya he’s no one he don’t live no we’re he’s not up he still live with his son mom n sleep at Beverly crib met the boy don’t do sh*t for Toya but disrespect her Toya all run up n down to court the other day Lavar why Karen or your baby mother never make sure you got to court no Toya the fool took you and Beverly it’s time now you tell your son leave the girl alone cause when she run him he come back crying and fighting the girl Toya start worry about yourself and leave that waste boy alone from you come home from jail you change up all got a little job don’t make this waste boy bring you down


  1. She so sad and ugly kmt girl go fix your teeth all your life you make man mad you.stop stalk the boy and come off welfare. You full up the boy mother house with groceries and he still dont want you. Stop making fake page and go look a job

  2. Lmaoooooo you Toya u gotta chill b, you be putting up yourself on these pages looking like a clown nobody likes your dumb ass do no one is going to defend you fool !!!! Nobody knows you put groceries in bev house only you know that you frigging idiot nobody knows but a selected few that your dumbass went to jail for being a careless mumma! Likeyou want to be in the hype and b relevant so bad that you left your good good husband to f**k a scammer now you tight cause everybody know that nigga don’t want you !y’all could married today and niggas wouldn’t be like wow he love niggas would be like she’s a f**king idiot same way ! The only thing I hear you say that make sense is that you need to focus on your kids ! Which we all know you don’t give a f**k about because you put lava on your page the nigh who almost had the world dissing you and ready to call acs pon your bloodclaut nastiness you still looking to be in the hype or beg Fren and try to act like your know bitch you known yes but your known to be a man clown from ny to Maryland to Atlanta !

  3. But wait which part of u put food in a Beverly house ??? Wen u barely have good inna yuh house fi feed your Pinckney dem ahahahahahah toya u putting urself on pink wall like a clown Thera nobody in this world that would defend ur honor ppl ah wait fi yuh kill urself worthless gal first off Lavar live somewhere who u think pay the rent where his bm live surely not her lmfao my girl wen Lavar sleep by his mother that’s the lie him tell u to hold yuh over cu u is a bloodclot fool fi di man , he never stop living with his bm EVER !!!!! Ah him pay all of his bills in his house so wat u really saying only yuh naw get piece ah di pie cuz for real who really woulda trick pon you ?? Like for real tho yuh need fi live fi yuh children n stop stalk out di ppl dem business n Lavar madda house fi di man wen nuh stop use yuh out cuz yuh love mind n buy out man idiot gal don’t mek we pull di receipts of yuh bout to kill your self wen u stalk lavar n Jodi go to di hotel you is a disgrace to your family god not even like yuh , yuh nuh embarras yourself pon social media just die already WE ARE WAITING UGLY GAL !!!!! Di bleach naw work fi yuh , yuh still favor 1 donkey from shrek Idk how man look pon yuh ,

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