17 thoughts on “TOYA REACH BACK A FLORIDA??

  1. You know say me see Neisha and ice put her up on Snap and am like why she still here and why she ain’t by her best nikki blacks?

  2. Unu memeba di baby fadda dead few months now enuh. She gwine affi rebill cause Foxc neva meck no prpearation fi she and di kids. She always in di club and neva meck sure har priorites str888. see it deh now is a next money man she affi go look fi batta fi di ress a har life. sadd.Di man woman seh all di mates dem nah get jack squat cause dem meck har have sleepless nights.

  3. A that’s why she always on Neisha snap plus the twins and Neisha daughter…if a move she move back wish her all the best still and hope she get her priorities straight…ain’t nth wrong with staying with a friend until you get back on you’re feet

  4. She needs to go back to jamaica to her 3 kids them that she leaves down there donkey years now
    Toya has never mention anything about them around me is people i hear from
    Worthless bitch

  5. But neisha shouldn’t tek er inn back cause shi did war neisha fi Marsha!!!! And a she Toya mi did hear sey shi nah move come back a Florida cause shi cyan tek Florida ppl Dem!!! Toya u are so sad!!!! Wat is DAT u really have on? If a come back u come back, tek a brake man and go sort out ur self!!! U Inna dance!!! It’s not a good look man!!! And wah happen to ur big Fren nickii blackks? Why she Neva put u up and a fi er party u did come fa

  6. Worthless is an understatement Fi this ol hag. The daughter a Jamaica a call har bout 3 months wid har book list and all a nowwww. Dutty suck pussy Toya yuh is a disgrace to mankind. Guh jump off a building and stop tek up space pon earth ol nastiness. School start a NY todeh and yuh still deh a FL a try sell pussy and tongue. Fi once in a yuh life try be somebody NUH. Because a yuh the twin dem fadda dead and gone and NUH look pon dem. Yuh is a wicked mumma. But yuh haffi wicked cause from before yuh born every fadda crystal choose Fi yuh tell har Fi guh dash yuh Weh. She shoulda listen. From yuh gi birth to the last gal ajamaica yuh run Weh none a dem 3 pickney deh never see yuh back. 1 barrel yuh send all the yrs yuh Deh yah. Thank god Fi crystal and the pickney dem puppa. Yuh is walking dead.

  7. @Anon 12:13
    But wah Neisha need Fi know is how Toya chat out har bloodclaat seh how she a grow har daughter like she a big ooman and one bag a tings. And how man send Fi Neisha a ny and NUH pick har up from airport she deh a train station a call off har phone and she NUH look pon Neisha. She was staying wid Nikki and she fling har out cause she too wutliss.

  8. @mi have the file
    Truth yu a talk aunty
    If a nu crystal the kids them dead fi hungry and walk naked
    Crystal talk it out her own mouth sey nu care how she going to Jamaica big head toya never give her not even a icemint to bring fi them
    One gal can worthless su
    Karma is really a bitch
    That is why shi a suffer

  9. @poor kids
    She nah stop suffer cause everybody Weh try help har she shit pon dem. All she do is use the twins dem Fi people sorry Fi har. Better she gi up dem two likkle girls deh cause dem innocent and whole heap a people heart a bleed Fi see seh she a Mek dem grow that way. To how she wicked she left the children hungry guh a dance Weh night and dem call har dung till she left the dance carry McDonald’s guh gi dem bout 3:00 the mawning and as dem done Nyam she head right back to dance. FTR a she post it pon har snap Suh nobody nah tell lie pon har that a the sad part. She put up post pon FB since day seh her work here is done Suh hopefully she a guh back a ny now Suh the children can guh school. Although mi nae know seh f***g and sucking Fi dance pass was a job

  10. Toya without the British cuz you is no rass British kmft yuh Nuh Tiad fi guh a these parties a gwan bad pon the ppl them floor but then again u use to ppl floor so I guess. Yuh sick stomach fi a big woman yuh fi gwan better!!! When u grow up? Yuh have 5 kids & yuh still Nuh get it yet bwoy mi Nuh know when u will smfh… You is a disgrace to society yuh cum fi Nikki party and all now yuh cah guh back a NY look how tickets cheap!!!!! Yuh Nuh Tiad fi guh party inna neisha clothes? Pls to go back to NY we don’t want you here too much wookllliiissss pppl here Alrdy we cah tek on another one so pls to go…. Vinni know seh yuh a f**k BLESH? Yuh stop f** off the dutty gal them over the cave? Yuh need fi guh rebirth again inna yuh mumma sad hole. Good night P.S. School start mek sure the kids them go to school and mek sure yuh send for the kids in Ja too pls m thonxxx.

  11. Wockless Toya a who lable u as Queen kmft u r more like a peasant.. It’s 2016 n everybody bettering they life especially female who have kids n u r on the same shit from ten years ago u fi gwaan rass better being notice r popular doesn’t count ambition count. Gay legal now go married a bloodcloth gyal n sort out u self. Bout British the queen don’t know u n Uncle Sam no know u either, ur identity dwn a Jamaica wockless big woman. Cnt believe u come a Florida look so it’s a god dam shame. So to tell me u go in a d ppl dem shelter a newyork fi get d likkle housing just fi siddown in de a stroll pon Internet inna ppl business a day time before u go look wuck!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Toya your time is dun , go sidung you ah chat everybody…yu ah nobody frien ! mi ah see yu try hype up on Marsha da odda Sunday , stop go look for people who don’t have a wibe with Marsha to start beef with the Gyal … Weak bitch if them Gyal them know how your name ah stay bad they won’t even be seen in the dark talking to you …go take care of your 4/5 kids who nah go to school . Dutty Gyal

  13. No one miss you ! So carry ya RASS & stop skiin out your hole fi free drink …. Come see har ah dance and man a fling money pon she and she nah take it like she a boss Dwl BITCH your kids need school books them ah send list Fi you to get it and you nah get it all now ! wuthless bleach out dutty Gyal ,no one want you here not even ghetto dutty ugly Nikki blacks Dwl mi ah see you look friend fi fight Marsha poor ppl nah no what you ah do ….that’s why Marsha left style lounge she na have time fi you ,Dutty toya

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