Hi Met, hope all is well. Just wanted to get your readers opinion on this emerging “waist training” trend. I know everyone wants to get this hourglass figure but does it come with “side effects”. I recently came across Paris’ IG page and saw where she is training her waist.
Guys what do you think about this trend?

photo 1

photo 3

0 thoughts on “TRAINING THE TRIPE?

  1. Senda, know yu health issues before hand. Blood pressure most definitely, and you can create problems for your internal organs due to the compression. Paris may look like “barbie” but from the look of things…barbie going to have issues if she don’t stop just about now.

  2. Tawkchuet they say its corset that does it but wudnt your internal organs get readjusted in the process?

  3. The waist trainer is a corset, Paris is skinny very slim at that and doesnt need waist training her belly very flat. She and Sanchia ah two follow fashion bullfrog!!!

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