Hello Met,Metters and Peepers,

Thanks to the tips your bloggers gave me last year about minding my own Bizness,i’m pleased to report I’ve stayed out of the office politics since then.The main thing is when I’m in the lunchroom I just buck the music and even though I have on earphones,you can hear it way outta Negril point.

So there I was minding my own biz and Ms.B and Mrs.S‎ waltz in them tek one look at me and figured I was bopping my head to music and proceeded to labrish.Met of course me turn dung the volume but gwaan nod mi head same way.In a nutshell I will present to you the most amazing mixup I’ve ever heard and will probably ever hear inna mi life!

1)Mrs.S sey her policeman cousin reach out to her for help but she nuh know how him get inna such a Mess.Instantly Ms.B sey a woman trouble and Mrs.S sey more like Women plural.The policeman had married ‎this Canadian policewoman and they built a home in rural Jamaica.They had problems after 7yrs and the man returned to Jamaica and file for divorce.He met an American policewomen and they got married and things a gwaan the wife get promoted to FBI agent and she add on couple rooms to the country home.

2)The Canadian lady out of the blue get a mail inna toronto saying she divorce but as far as she knew they were separated.She run come a Jamaica and get lawyer only to find out her hubby forge her signature on the relevant Documents them but for all intent and purpose indeed she was divorced.She went to HER house‎ and the locks change and things. The FbI wifey step out and tell her to leave the property.Pure threats and war of words ensued cuz the Canadian a say she still legally wife plus her name on the housepapers.


3)The FBI wifey run har and tell Canadian wifey she nuh have no juristiction ya so .She tell her this a Jamaica and not Canada and she will make she come pon CNN missing person list!The Canadian cop sey she a guh report her and she tell her she is the F#*king Feds and she will put a cap in her ass and nutten nuh come outta it cuz again This is JAMAICA!She had to beat a hasty retreat but as since filed bout 3lawsuits!

4)Met so Mrs.S policeman cousin a face bigamy charges,forgery charge‎ etc…him all transfer the woman house inna him new FbI wife name!When me see Mrs.S start get emotional and Ms.B a look pon me as if she suspect me,me just get up and start
Whistle a tune and walk out the Door.‎ I passed the accountant chick a lick the computer screen and a scream “but this no make any sense,what is this crap?” Granted I was soooo tempted to say “Garbage in,garbage out what u expect?”But nooo I just minded my own biz and kept it whistling to the restroom!

3 thoughts on “TRI-NATION MIXUP

  1. Love that mix up.. Woo please keep eavesdropping. would love to hear the out come.. police is the most currupted of them all..

  2. Ah dis you call lol

    Yow ah nuh Canada dis enoh….mi whi meck yuh come pan CNN missin person list!!! ah weak!

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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