31 thoughts on “TROUBLE IN PARADISE ?

  1. Morning Met, I guess personal stylist is the name for scam artists a caay manage to raas but it seems to me that because them name nuh come up over here for a while dem a try give we something to talk about them probably still deh n just a try fool people but who cares a later fi to go work my ass off for my legal money not the personal stylist type a money

  2. Personal stylist for all the Gay dancehall Men I guess? Cuh pon him to? Who would pay this man to style them? When you are money hungry and don’t want to work a 9-5 so you TRY to come up with every tricks in the book to get people money. GO GET AN EDUCATION IDIOT BWOY.

  3. Gm ..met and metters :peluk :peluk it is too early :ngakak :ngakak every thief and low life on ig is a stylist :ngakak :ngakak

  4. “Without the MULA there is no enjoyment in life”………Dolly yuh bruk or ah the Sunday Dinner ting sink yuh…..which one???

    Might I suggest couple things that may real back in your fish…..Get Couple cards from Mrs. Happle Ikahn or fren Ven fi di Cook Book!!!

    1. We are trying….to mek’ dem: “leave”!!!! Hello…spelling before Shelling, dunce bloodclaaat oonu!!!!

    2. Yes dem fi “LEAVE”! Ratbat mind YOUR business and go back a school.

      Too early fi captain save a battyman and him handbag gal pon the internet, so come back in 2030.

  5. Unu love rejoice over ppl problem to much! Like u n your spouse don’t get into arguments n do petty things! These pple r very broke n regula!! Dolly still live with mama bear! N Kwesi look n dress like a born battymon! What happen to the days men actually look like men n women in their 20s actually looked there age ?

  6. I live near by him He’s a very humble individual trust me. Very calm, u would think he would act hype but nope. Don’t think he’s gay either always see him hanging with a one browning. I think he’s more like a jigalo if a so it spell..nothing no funny bout him, no true a bredda dress a particular way n love fashion u think he’s gay.

  7. @real who is this 1 brownin u always see misterman wit??? MNL someone cum dashout dolly pic wen she did well black b4 da bleachin

  8. They all live in denial because they have nothing going for them. Kwesi, passion, map pie, Damion let’s not even talk about Paul R cause he’s washed up n not even relevant no more. Set a jackass dem!

  9. Dolly please tell kwesi fi tek out what ever him use stuff up him pants front in that first pic, it so obvious say it fake

    1. Yooo when I say u nearly kill mi off dis mawin. I damn near choke tu shit. U know I’m here wondering what is dat inna him pants front all go pon Instagram to get a better look to see what am I really seeing. All a turn my phone every which way n still nothing so I gave up.

  10. no sah of all the things a man could be he choose to be a Personal Stylist a man body him waa get close to suh? what about getting a real trade such as mechanics, carpentry, brick laying, painting, even a chef? batty man dat. @Real so you saying because you live near this dude and see him a couple times with a one browning, that means he’s not gay? you have the reasoning ability of a two years old, come out a big ppl argument. kmt

  11. But the other day dolly put quote she maybe a head case, but at least she care, then took it down hours after, people already see

  12. Met I swear….. Kwesi buddy look like a 10yr old boy and its hard for him to get hard. Mi fren run him whey wid dat whey day. A bare laaf we see him and laaf

    1. Hoooold onnnn, den it neva post up sey Kwesi buddy BIGggg and him can fcuk. Dats y woman mind him, stop it ya, no sah, a wha dis? Kwesi exes come confirm fi wi

  13. Ven come talk to the things them him dick big ven I think you is attracted to batty men Mario your ex husband is a battyman,bow tie look like him hide and f**k men,kwesi is a batty man and last but least your new man u a f**k in Jamaica look like batty man ven u is one freak you a f**k Kady on the low and a talk bout uno a friend move from here u went to JamaicaJamaica for kady bday and had a three some with her space out teeth woman u f**k dike and batty men no man your pussy salt bad

  14. Dolly kewsi and you Sista sweetscouture all of unnuh need to go somewhere.
    1. You and you Sista suppose to be grown but still live your mother’s and tek man in har house..
    2.Your pikney no have a room of his own.
    3. Unnuh where knock off things and try to Pon it off as the real shit
    4.Unnuh both suck woman and man fi likes
    5.Dolly face it your man Is a homosexual and wants to f$&k cocks. He must be from mo bay. both are scammers with no out plan.
    Get some ambition get out of your mother’s house.
    Get a life and just stop you both are tired now

  15. Dolly luv gwan like she nuh do har body when u clearly can tell in the b4 and afta pictures. Dolly wide har capital K knee dem. Dolly need a reality check. Both kwesi and dolly are bums that do it for the gram. What a loo when scamming done. Kwesi nit even good looking. D bwoy did a look mi hard pon fb. Mi tun him dung and him start trace mi like gyal. Mi haffi mek mi husband deal wide him. Kwesi u r a batty man inna real life…..

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