Met cow foot tina go a Jamaica tacky n broke she down there a barrow shelly Gucci bag tina u se a Neva a plan trip suh how Shelly ready the ppl dem a portmore se tina nuh ready the white curtain dem wey u wear tina dem tired the gucci slippers wey u heel back a bruk down tired the nude red bottom a bawl fi murder from u tuff foot back give dem a rest border line fat tina. Tina u go a Jamaica n figet u closet or u lost u luggage pon the flight cause u Neva ready fi jamaica.. Shelly I give u Yuh credit u closet up but dont lend Tina nuh shoes thou remember she have elephantitis she mash up shoes fast the red bottoms den wey she post look old n mash up but what more to expect wid tina wide cow foot




  1. This is what happen when yuh live a certain life and instead of going home to enjoy the fresh air,see family friends and even yuh foe dem deh deh a watch weh yuh look like,how much time yuh change,etc etc as for me anytime mi guh a yard mi out a road barefoot,a play ball,river nd wen road a duh it duh i don’t have no kind a time fi put on community fashion show,straight vacation mood mi in,farina to phuck’n hard fi me guh home a try mek it look it it easy ..phuck dat

  2. Mi sah simplicity same so. Mi go country go look fi the old ppl dem eat fruits cane and drink jelly and wait pan the pot fi dun cook. Who have time fi go ja go show pan ppl. These fake ass ppl wid dem fake ass like. N I knw for a fact they haven’t accomplished wat I have the short stay I got here in America. Mama thought me well. Poor n humble.

  3. Sender u sound mad like u don’t have no papers to go JA. Who really cares about Tina n her water retaining foot! N how u know they both don’t have the same bag! tiina look fine to me! What happen to the days when ppl take vacation to actually get away! Now a days vacation is like a fashion show! For what!? U people priorities is so **ked up!

  4. U kno whenever mi go back a jamaica dem always ask Mi how comes Mi nuh change….change fi wah? Change to who? I’m the same girl from day 1 and that’s how Mi a go stay Mi never try to please nobody yet only God alone. Nuff ppl go back home just to show off an pity Dem a yard nuh kno seh a pure tei f Dem teif Dem wears Dem Mi can to inna any store a NYC an nuh haffi worry because Mi picture nuh the pon display she Mi a shop lifta .. U kno how much hot gal deh pon white plains road a gwaany gwaany an all a to hair store Dem have up Dem picture pon bulletin board fi teif Dem hair.

  5. But me see Tina mek video fi Lando… of har shoes dem dat she bring to JA. And is more dan one pair of red bottom mi see. So the person who send in di post….when yuh go on her IG an look on her JA pics… di video miss yuh. Or she tek it dung before yuh reach. Cause all Lando keep talking about is Tina red bottom like him really hurtttttssss. Lando mi never know say a so yuh have bitch tendencies. As for JA vacation. …. mi stop pack 20 pair a shoes and 30 outfit fi 2 weeks because half a dem don’t get wear. One suit a day unless mi a go out in the night then mi go bathe and dress up but half di time mi leave mi house ina di morning I don’t come back till night….an den mi bathe and go sleep an do it again the next day. Lol.

  6. Yup…Jamaica nice. Dress up for: party, adda’ Dan dat’, casual, light, and clean. Bade’ all 3 time a day fi’ keep fresh, den’ pose aff’ inna me sundress and dawk’ glasses, dem’ luddy!!!!

  7. Senda the badmind tun up inna yuh thou lol all if the gal wear har red bottom over and over nuh fi har business good things nuh fi wear 1 or 2 time lol no man sender yuh fi gwaan better and Shelly things dem can’t fit har no man lol cah believe a badmind yuh pick

  8. A bet a one a tough Shelly nasty friend dem send that in, cause Shelly look boring too. She tek the informing money and gone pon vacation go f**k the next man. Mousse mine yuh ketch AIDS although yuh probably have it already. Cause dem f**k yuh Inna jail til yuh get sick. Tina batty look like them roast it Inna wood fire. The two a dem boring. Not cause a brand that mean it look good. It’s a shame y’all wear red bottoms and Gucci bag and y’all owe rent, cable bill and light bill. That’s why white people laugh affa unuh, but I sorry fi unuh when trump tun president all the dunce bat them shall go back in the banana boat. Go spend the red bottom money pon unuh education n unuh kids future cause unuh ago need it. One bag a ole fart them#sickmistomach

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