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  1. At a time when dengue deaths including mostly children are up nearly 400% from last year…when the wrong figure of 7 deaths were officially bandied about by his ministry of health ,when the true figure is upwards of 18deaths…when more evidence is being released daily of how he mismanaged the approach to averting dengue outbreak… when calls are mounting for his resignation…this buffoon is beating his true colors as a dancing klutz!!

    At least when Roger Clarke was daggering di lady, Agriculture sector was growing well!! Jamaica land we love is on the brink , that’s all this almshouse is showing.

  2. While poor kids dying from dengue. I think the outbreak could have been better managed. Since 2017 people have been dying from dengue and they kept it hushed. Almost everyday in the summer UWI hospital and campus grounds were being fogged so it seems they knew and was preventing it from spreading there

  3. Honestly, this looks like one of those five minutes get up and exercise thing they want ppl who sit at desks all day to do. I see nothing wrong with this.

  4. So wait d man can’t have time to release and have some fun? The 2 minutes he’s here dancing is gonna cause an increase in the dengue fever outbreak. In Jamaica there are service announcements on TV and radio explaining how to prevent mosquito breeding and what symptoms to look for and what to do. People also receive text messages alerts on they phone. I believe he’s doing his job. Low him!

  5. So what if the man is releasing a little stress. Him still cant stop dengue related deaths. What about the parents who take too long to go doctor wid dem pickney or the hospitals who fail to diagnose the illness correctly. Lowe di man and gweh

    1. Sometimes it is due to financial reasons that parents delay taking the child to hospital, then sadly, the condition has worsened so much that the care costs increase even further. This is major factor behind the calls for universal health care.

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